Thursday, August 12, 2010


I almost bought another shelving unit for my Craft/Sewing room the other day.... but now... I am using the redundant TV Cabinet from the Family Room. It fits in there perfectly! Yaaaa!

Now that I have finished the 'special orders'.. I will get back into making the Kiwi Cards for the Whitianga shop. It's so much fun having something constructive (and slightly profitable) to do! LOL
No more being bored shitless!
Today is Griffin's Speld Lesson ... which means I go to Pukekohe for a mosey around again! Cool.

When I get home, it's blog reading time....

ONWARD... So, I'm sitting in the car waiting for Griffin's lesson to finish... having decided not to go to Pukekohe afterall... and out of my car window I can see beautiful countryside:
ABOVE: I am sure that's a daffodil... let's look closer...

It is, it really is... Spring is on it's way... Yaaaaa! Cute stance that blackbird took too eh? LOL
So, I was either going to read while waiting... or punch out stars!

ABOVE: the stars won... and now I have R.S.I... I'm bloody sure of it. My hands are aching from all the pressure required to use that punch! Oh well... some bugger has to do it... cos I use lots of stars on my cards.

I am going to read me some blogs now.... DONE!

AND I changed my Header again... I love the shell painting so much I just had to do it! *smiles*... off to get dinner ready now.. should do something healthy tonight! lol

End of Day: and I'm happy to say I have finished 13 cards in 2 days, so I'm 3 ahead of my self-imposed minimum per day of 5... yaaaa! Now.. I'm tired, got work at the Hospice Shop tomorrow... so off to bed for me.
nite nite.


  1. How is Griffin coming along with the speld lessons is he enjoying it? At least you get too mooch around in a crafty store and yak probably have a cuppa there too.

  2. Hi Chris!

    Love what you did with the tv shelf! It deserves much more than an ole tv and You have bestowed this honor on it! I love the natural color of wood anyday and the way you have organized it is fantastic!

    When you said "lightly profitable" I was so happy . I know you are not getting rich with money-but maybe with the "love of being creative"! Your new title should be "The Lady of the Cards"!Now you are getting into the Magic! :)

    I could not help but wonder how your weather was today because ours was 102.

  3. I don't believe you're bored and definitely not boring. You're far too busy and creative.

    I do think you're probably tired. Time to give yourself a complete day off, as much as you can with 2 children.

    Prepare an evening meal the day before or put Stew on Dinner duty, skip all but the most essential household chores and take a break. Seriously.

  4. Even your craft/sewing area is tidy! I am so jealous!

    My desk is a disaster area...

  5. well raise your prices a wee bit. your making fabulous stuff! and you are so organized!

  6. Very neat sewing area and good use of the shelf.
    That's a lot of stars. I'm predicting lots of cards in your future.

  7. love love love the new painting!!!

  8. Heyyy, you couldn't buy a better shelving system than the tv stand there. And bet you the wood is nicer wood than you'd get with one, or anyway it looks it from the pic.

  9. How cool that you got to use such a great piece of furniture and didn't have to buy anything else! It really works great in your craft room.

    Ooooh, I can commiserate with your achy hands. I've had carpel tunnel surgery on both of mine and they are much better now, although they still go numb sometimes! :o(



  10. It's cool, you talking about spring being on the way. I see Orion in the morning and know that winter is coming!

    Aren't you running out of floor space for shelves and stuff?

  11. PS:
    Nice new header!

  12. You certainly punched a lot of stars! They look so beautiful in that bin - all bright and cheerful!

  13. I love when things are organized and neat. It gives one such a good feeling. You bring back memories of me waiting for my kids. I always read or had some project that needed to be done. Enjoy your new space.

  14. Love your new header! Love too your craft room!!

  15. Love the shells as the header! That's a lot of freaking stars. It's weird seeing daffodils in bloom since of course we are on the opposite seasons.


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