Monday, August 23, 2010


Let's start with CUTE:

I am never alone... where I am... so are they. (these photos were taken last night in my sewing/craft room) I really should get another cushion so Coco has her own, but I know Teddy, he will claim it too. He's a shit like that.

Today is patchwork day, and I just can't make up my mind whether I will go or not. I didn't enjoy it much last week... and I so want to finish the card order!

Yet.... it's the only time I do any sewing right now. *sigh*

AND I could do some much needed housework too if I stayed home.

Decisions, decisions..... ARE MADE. I'm staying home! It's really cold and wet out there, and as the Patchwork Room is BLOODY COLD... I will wimp out and stay home! Phew, that was easy afterall. lol

I will continue working on the last 39 cards I think.... and take 'housework' breaks.... gawd what fun. (NOT)

ABOVE: Coco now has her own blankie to sleep on... let's see how long it takes for Teddy to get on it!

ABOVE: I decided to stay home... and SEW! I have all the bits lined up ready to iron on for the Giraffe Block, then I'm going to blanket stitch it....

MARY H: you are a TWIT... a nice twit... but still a twit! It would take way more than your innocent comment to OFFEND me girl! Pffffft... as if. lol

I am thoroughly enjoying sewing today... I am watching E! on the telly.... so entertaining I'm sure.

I must have gone nuts... cos I've cut out another block for the Baby's Quilt! I'm working on a Zebra now... will have to stop soon and get dinner ready... family is having Pork Chops and veges. Sewing and concentrating on staying on the line is causing me to see double! AND get a headache! Might have to resort to taking a pill soon... I want to get more done before the cards start nagging at me again....

My neighbour called in this afternoon... so I had to drag myself out of my room to have a natter with her... which was rather nice. I only see her about once ever 3 months or so... she's a busy lady... training to be a secondary school teacher and she's in her early 50's...BRAVE woman! Or mad. You choose!

So.. now I'm twiddling my fingers until it's time to put the veges and chops on...

HEY.. how the hell do you women sit on your butts every day at an office job without getting a rash between ya thighs? Just asking.... obvious reasons. AND don't go telling me it's cos I got fat thighs either... I KNOW THAT ALREADY! *sniff*

End of Day: Pork chops were delicious! Going to chill out tonight, may not even make any cards today after all that! Feeling tired. nite nite.


  1. go to class Chris I often find that is when I enjoy my time this most when I realy didnt want to go...and it is your day and also adult company and hey after all you might come back from Patchwork with some more 'nothing' to put on ya blog hahhaha

  2. You definitely need to get a cushion for Coco! They both are the cutest little pups!

    Would you please send some of your cold weather our way?

    Have a great week!

  3. LOL I was going to say that the flowers on the side didn't quite go but now I see you have that on another sheet for background. :)

    The blanket is pretty safe for a boy or girl... any idea on the border?

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Hope my comments didn't upset Not meant to.
    Who am I Just a newbie no blog yet just learning really enjoy reading your blog esp about little Coco.
    I reside in Palmy my email is
    Anyhow if I have offended then I will stop reading Sorry
    Mary H

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Ooooh Coco got her a little blankey!! yea!! Your quilt is going to be so cute. You are quite the talented one! ...debbie

  6. It may be miserable up your way BUT we have 2 days in a row SUNSHINE (not warm though!) the dogs look funny as world war 3 over blankies who'd have thought.

  7. Definately a day to stay inside in the warm. Those wee dogs are so cute :-)

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Chris, I love your furry babies, We had to put an end to our baby boy Raffertys life, he was so sick.
    He was a ginger moggy and gave us 20 years of joy.

    Maggie (magpie) Aust

  9. Talcum powder for the thighs (on oldie but a goodie).

  10. That blanket is going to be so cute! Hope your headache didn't come to much. Have a lovely week. Kel xxx

  11. Feel free not to publish this one, but I gotta tell ya, I had to give up wearing underwear if I wear trousers. Cause I will always get a rash from the leg elastic! I sit on my fat arse all day, and that's the side effect I get!

    Only suggestion is to move around often, and ventilate the room. It's sweat, that's all.

    Find a good rash powder, too, like Curash or something. Works a treat! :-)

    Geez us women suffer, don't we? LOL!


  12. My two kitties play that "It's Mine!" game. It seems like the younger one always wants what the older one has . . . and usually gets it by force!

  13. ah you have an endless supply of cuteness goin on over there! love all the baby stuff.and the cards. If shipping wasn't so high I'd be shopping. A woman at the pet store went nuts over my bag and I told her bout your blog. You jes might be having to squeeze in making some more purses too!
    I ain't even goin anywhere near the fat thigh thing..fuggettabout it.

  14. coco likes her blankie..I bet it is no time before they are sharing or stealing each others blankies. I love that giraffe blanket.

    Have you ever considered going into the quilting business? I would totally pay you to do a quilt for me...think about it.. :)

  15. those dogs are so stinking cute! love the wall hanging!


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