Sunday, December 27, 2009

WORDLESS...well almost!

TEDDY CAN SWIM!!! His first ever swim.

We going kayaking now....

We have had the most GORGEOUS DAY at the beach... we kayak'd, we swam, we played cricket with some of the other people on the beachfront... we had hotdogs and chips for lunch... it's been just the most fantastic day again! I will put some photos and short videos on tomorrow's blog post, there's is quite enough on for today!

Steve and the kids are now in the splash pool... and I am going to join them! It's soooo hot!

End of Day: We are all SUNBURNT.. hot and bothered.. and going to bed ... nite nite.


  1. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  2. So funny!!! Here we are with the heat going full blast and you posting pics of the pool party!!!
    Sometimes it's just hard to wrap your head around :)
    Christmas was a fabulous day with wishes fullfilled and family together. This morning I hit the stores with Tamara to pick up a few "must haves" - mission accomplished with a few extras thrown in the mix. I have now officially started my Christmas shopping for next year, 3 down, a million to go!

  3. I'm not sure who got thrown in, but I bet he was not wordless. Look at Teddy cute.

  4. oh that looks like so much fun. I'm sure TEddy felt great cooling off. We have a foot of snow outside..can I come live with you? Never mind, I"m just going to pack a there in a minute..what house is yours? hahahaha..xoxo

  5. I just popped in to make sure you "survived" the holiday!
    I agree with Daniela - maybe I could trade you snow for your pool??
    I am so happy for you and Yours! It is such a gift to have a family and be able to enjoy them.

  6. Chris, looks like you are all having a great time together inspite of stolen cars (how sad is that) and sunburn!! We have a kayak too, just a little one as we live right on the beach and the kids can carry it down. It's heaps of fun, isn't it? I'm glad to see the small people are enjoying their pressies . . . and how cute is Rena?!

    Our Charlie gets thrown in the water sometimes too, but I don't think he really enjoys it. Do you think Teddy will be a water doggy now that he's had a taste of swimming?

    Love, Lesley

  7. It is so cold here, that I can't imagine going swimming in a pool. What fun!
    Loved the pics of the family and pet!


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