Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Two small people in this house said the 'BORED' word....

So.... being the bestest Mother EVER... I found something for them to do! Oh yeah... they were not BORED after that! lol

Later on today we will go into town and get some more 'Last Minute Things'.... crikey, every time I turn around there is something else I JUST HAVE TO GET! pffffft.

There is this really COOL DUDE in America who is doing an amazing GIVEAWAY right now... so pop on over to DADDY FOREVER'S blog to be in to win a HP Computer!

Been ... done... home again! The shopping mall wasn't quite so CROWED this morning... ran into my cousin Theresa and her partner.. they were off to have their 20 week scan... and invited us along! So off we trotted to Radiology... and they are having their second wee SON! Dominick is to be his name... DOM for short! It was lovely to see him all happy and squirming on the screen... a perfect wee baby. That is what Christmas is all about... FAMILY.

ABOVE: our tree... already looking cluttered.. and SANTA has not even been yet! I hate to think what SANTA has spent this year! Luckily 'SHE' has been gathering presents ALL YEAR eh?

End of Day: another nice day... didn't get that much done really... just hung out withthe kids this afternoon. Stew late home... silly dinner of toasted sandwiches! Watching "The United States of Tara".... totally LOVE IT! nite nite.


  1. Love allyour entries on Daddy Forevers blog, if you win I am sure they will ship them here as I saw one of these in Christchurch when I was down there.

  2. Thanks for the laugh nice and early in the morning! I'm just sorry they're not in Wellington - we could do with dusters!

  3. Ha ha, my mother used to do that to us too :) we quickly learnt to amuse ourselves!

  4. Well done Chris . . . no better cure for bored children than room cleaning!

  5. Love your tree! You should see how tiny mine is! LOL. How are things? Hope you are having a fun Christmas holiday so far. :D

  6. OMG Chris, how good is The United States of Tara? Love It!

  7. What a very smart mum your are. I bet they don't get bored again. I hope all your "last minute" shopping is done, but does it ever really get done. Sometimes I feel like I'm always going out for just one more thing.

  8. Wow, I'm cool. I better go tell my wife. If only she was here instead of at her parents.

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    what is your husbands name? i feel as if i may have gone to school with him in the past!!!


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