Sunday, December 13, 2009


ABOVE AND BELOW: Where Stew's work 'Do' was held, a winery in west Auckland. It was gorgeous there too.After that function we went home and got ready for the family BBQ... ended up with about 13 adults and the 4 kids.

ABOVE: Feeding the troops...

ABOVE: My cousin's wee boy Nico.. such a darling wee boy.

ABOVE: Rena our Granddaughter. ...21 months.

ABOVE: Nico is only just two years old, and he has a cleaning fettish! He loved sweeping the floor... he can visit again! *smiles*

ABOVE: My Mum and two of her sisters. My Mum is the eldest of 10 children in her family... her Mum had 5 girls, then 5 boys. Clever tart.
ABOVE: Four generations of Mothers/Daughters

ABOVE: Me and Rena, with Teddy licking her toes... he has a foot fettish does Teddy!
ABOVE: Me and Rena again.
Today Mum catches a plane for Australia again.. quite early too. I'm hoping Stew is taking her so I can stay in bed a bit longer!
A quiet day is planned... freakin tired I am!
It hasn't really been a quiet day! Went out for lunch with the kids and Kelly and Rena.. did a lot of housework... bought a small fence thingee for the back yard to contain Teddy in a certain area.. ate a lot of left overs... and now am going to relax for a while! Will try to visit some blogs later on tonight... if I get time!
I also want to start wrapping Xmas presents. I AM NOT going to be doing it all on Christmas Eve like I usually end up doing!
End of another lovely day! What more can I say? It's been LOVELY. nite nite~!


  1. Sunday already..Wow! it's still Saturday here in North Carolina. Looks like you all had a great time!!

  2. The Family BBQ looks as though you all had a great time....I love how Nico loves to that won't last.

  3. I love the four generations picture. That is a keepsake. My two youngest grandaughters are right at Rena's age. Such fun and so cute at that age.

  4. yourdaughter looks just like you. glad you enjoyed your day.

  5. Great photos. Please ship Nico to Adelaide, South Australia.

    Love to see Teddy in the photos - you know he has his own fan club

    My blog has been updated finally


  6. That winery looks amazing. Glad to hear that you had a fabulous time.

  7. Wow you look SO MUCH like your daugher - I loved the photo of the 4 generations. Glad you had a lovely time :)

  8. Glad you enjoyed your day. I am having all the family (16) ovr next Sunday

    Can't wait. Its great when we all get together

    I also hate christmas present wrapping. I once wrapped as I bought through out the year and then had to open them so I could find out what I had bought. What a hoot

  9. Looks like a fun family gathering! I loved that pic with all the generations of mothers.


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