Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In JUST two months.. this is what has happened to Brylee's teeth!




I am thrilled to bits with how her teeth have responded to the brace... and to think I thought NOTHING could be done about her teeth for at least another 4-5 years!

Today I'm heading into the mall to pick up the last present for Xmas... and then it's DONE DONE DONE!!!! Well, except for a bit more wrapping!

This afternoon the RTLB teacher (Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour) is coming to discuss Brylee's progress... AND to discuss Griffin! She's taking him on next year! FANTASTIC!!!....at last the Education System is doing something for him too!

Just got a letter ... me boobs have NO EVIDENCE OF BREAST CANCER... woooo hoooo! So that's some good news. I'm awaiting the arrival of the RTLB lady....been out and finished my shopping...

The Resource Teacher came and went... she is going to start working with Griffin next year... but couldn't tell me how often or when she might start. But I am feeling confident that something is happening NOW. It's only taken 3 YEARS to get RTLB involved. Pfffffffft. Only been ASKING for 3 years too!

End of Day: it's been a great day, wrapped a few more presents, slowly getting through them. Nite nite.


  1. Excellent news on all fronts!

  2. love Brylee's teeth wow what an improvement, my brylee has promiment two big front teeth, i might look into this first as they have suggested braces, she is 10 now and getting very concious of them

  3. What an amazing difference. the smile says it all.
    Great news on the teacher front.

  4. Brylee looks so happy, I'm sure she is glowing with renewed self confidence, good for her (and you).
    Glad to hear Griffin's school is finally up to bat. Sill in the Christmas rush here - afraid it will be down to the wire - and here I sit playing catch up on the blogs...I'm outta here, going to put myself in time out on the couch and force myself to read my book for 1/2 hour till I can behave.

  5. What an amazing and flattering change for Brylee. I know you are thrilled and that she must be too.
    What a cutie, and her smile in the after pictures looks like she feels that way too.

  6. Wow, the difference in Brylees teeth is amazing.

    Good news about the RTLB taking Griffin on next year, it makes it so much easier when they are at the same school because they can work in better with the class teacher.

  7. I am amazed at how well Brylees teeth have responded to thr brace....does she wear it all the time, or only at night?

  8. Brylee's teeth look great. That's a lot of movement for two months! And so happy to hear there will be some progress with Griffin. I'm sure that's a huge weight off your shoulders.

  9. WOW! The difference with Brylee's teeth is amazing!
    Glad that Griffin is going to get some extra help at last!

  10. We're going to be in trouble if my kids need braces down the road. We have no dental insurance!

  11. what an amazing difference in Brylee's teeth... and she looks more grown up too...

  12. How fantastic, I sm so pleased your test was clear. XCathy

  13. Thank God, I had braces...It really does make a difference. She is so pretty...tell her that i said so.

  14. Wow Brylee's teeth look great!!! and so fast!!


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