Monday, December 21, 2009


MICKI over at Irish Muses is having a Christmas Giveaway... so pop on over and enter!

The countdown begins to Christmas... 4 more sleeps! I think I am ready for it! We have family coming in 'stages'... but not masses at any one time, so that will be nice... we can spend some good times with everyone....

I shall probably pop out again today... there is always a few last minute things to get.... even when you think you have got it all... something pops up and ya just have to go get yet another thing!

Like I just realised I have made no plans for Dessert on Christmas Day! Shit I have nothing at all! So... might have to get some pavlovas, make a trifle... bla bla bla. Now... what do I need for a friggin trifle? I only make them at Christmas time! Sherry! Sponge! Custard! Fruit! Jam? EEEEkkkkk I better go look in me Cooking Books.... if I can find THEM! I never use cooking books.... they are in this house SOMEWHERE.....

We bought the Susan Boyle CD yesterday.... now it's not my usual sort of music.. but hey! It's lovely.... just right for this time of year. And her story is lovely.... Stew would NEVER have bought it ... but I managed to twist his arm! *smiles*

CHRISTMAS: the time when you miss those who are not near you more... I've just been text'ing our two boys down in Palmerston North... ended up blubbing (crying)... I miss them soooooo much. That is the biggest drawback to moving up here... we left them BEHIND. Wish I could twist their arms into moving up here. If I could have just one thing this CHRISTMAS .. it would be for them to come home to us.

End of Day: and thank God for that! It's been a long day ... and I'm over it. nite nite.


  1. I have 3 pavlovas to make this week and I haven't as yet got any of the ingredients or the toppings!!!!

  2. I ordered a slab of chocolate brownie from pandoro in Auckland & will pick up strawberries, cream & ice cream - easy & everyone loves it.

    The brownie lasts for days & is even yummier warmed in the microwave.

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM


    I am going to order individual cheese cakes and make some mini pavlovas

    Cheese cakes are good - you can keep them froze for months


  4. Maybe your boys will eventually move up here. It would be lovely for you to have them both closer.

  5. Hope you have managed to finish your xmas shopping now - I have almost finished mine and it will be such a relief when its done.
    Have a great day

  6. chris - we are moving to Westend....just off Ferguson Street. We didn't really haev to move, but took the opportunity of the misfortune of the borere to re-evaulate what we wanted and it will mean having more quality tome together rather than spending time in a car travelling.

  7. Speaking of giveaway, I'm giving away a HP computer and international readers can enter too.

  8. I bought the Susan Boyle CD last week. I do love her story. I hope that your boys will eventually move closer. No dessert ideas from me, my daughters do all the baking and I am grateful for that.

  9. I still have to start my shopping.

  10. I am not ready for Christmas Chris, but I have accepted it. I love your tree, and I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!


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