Friday, December 04, 2009


I was going to give it a few more days.. but I feel the need to close this blog to the public sooner rather than later. So today is the last day to get invited to read it. I will send out invites to read tomorrow... I HAVE received your requests, but have not replied to them as you will know tomorrow if you get an invite. I'm sorry, but some of you (lurkers, total random strangers) who I have never heard from before are not going to make the cut... as I said before, I DON'T KNOW YOU. And all you PEPSI readers.. you will have to go there now to read DIET COKE ROCKS!

I am trying to leave a few spaces for faithful readers who havn't had time to email me yet. At the moment... it looks like there may have to be a Diet Coke Rocks 3! Won't that be just PEACHY for me? Having to write out my blog THREE times every day! But.. if that's what it takes to keep all my GORGEOUS, FAITHFUL readers, then that is what I will do!

It is really easy to say 'NO' to some invite requests though! When you write "I want an invite", or "Invite me", or " Give me an Invite"... and THAT. IS. ALL. .. you are not gunna get one!

Well it's friday... and I'm really RELIEVED to tell ya the truth. It's been a long, stressful week... and I will be happy to spend some quiet time with my hubby.. who is the forgotten one in all of this family drama. He has had to put up with a lot this week... not just from me, but others too.

My Darling Husband married me when I was a solo Mum with 4 very young kids, he adopted all of them.. and raised them with all the love a GREAT DAD could. He is my HERO. And it has been thrown back in his face by someone. No 'Thank You' ..'Kiss my Arse' ... NOTHING.

So today I am just hanging out till tomorrow.. to go Private and block some people from EVER reading about our life again.


Ikkkkkk... it is the most awful day out there today! It's pissing down with rain. BUT.. I have achieved a lot today!

Went SHOPPING and managed to score the very LAST of something I wanted for Christmas for Brylee.... paid some bills, posted a parcel... had a nice lunch in a coffee shop (on my own sadly)... and now I'm home again.

End of Day: another busy, tiring day at the coal front... whoops .. I mean computer desk! Looking forward to tomorrow when I can sort out all the invites and get them out! nite nite.



  1. awww thats so nice:)

  2. wow I almost missed this. i haven't blogged for awhile. Did you have a bad experience to bring this on? I hope you count me in. You have my e mail and stuff already.

  3. Leanne8:08 AM

    Hi Chris, sorry to hear you have family troubles, poor hubby, my hubby raised my son for 15 years he is 17 now and had it thrown in his face so hurtful they are.
    I have been lurking in the background for years and sometimes leave comments i have a brylee as well and two teenagers it is great to read your blog, it is nice to know i am not the only one and you give me alot of hope.
    I hope i get an invite, take care and by the way i think you and stew have done a fantastic job and maybe the ones causing trouble need to sit back and think of that thay are the one that are selfish,
    take care

  4. I know I'm approved for reading Pepsi, so I hope I'm still on the "ok" list.

  5. Good on you for making that decision to go private, you don't need stress. You have some great friends out there who love and like you and getting aggro and stress from anyone is NOT NICE. Surround yourself by people who care. XXCathy

  6. Hi Chris,

    I fear that I will not get an invite, and will so miss reading your blog.
    I was also a single mum and married my wonderful husband of 25years. He loves my kids and our kids all the same and will not tolerate anyone thinking different. Most people don't know.

    You must do what is best for you, so I will say goodbye. and all the best.
    I will miss you

  7. Sorry to see you go Chris. I have been a long time faithful lurker but have only commented once or twice. My mornings won't be the same without my coffee, laptop and Diet Coke Rocks.!!! Hope the family thing sorts itself out. I live on the north shore so dont be surprised if I introduce myself if I see you at Albany or Milford Mall!!! Take care.......

  8. Stew is your hero? That's so lovely!
    I think you should keep him! ;)
    K x

  9. Big Hugs Chris for all the hard work you are doing with your blogs. Hope the weekend gets better and you feel more comfortable about blogging. I'm hoping to meet up with the Palmy girls on Sunday so I will raise a toast to are one special lady :) and nope I'm not greasing !!!!ROFL :)
    Hugs again and runs LOL (wish it was back to Oz...the weather is crap here!!)

  10. From everything you have said, Stew is a fantastic Dad to ALL the kids & it must hurt to have it thrown back at him. I hope it all gets sorted out and everyone can get along again because it must be so sad for you to have all this fighting esp with Christmas coming up.

    Have a good weekend.

  11. I'll miss your blog but I don't see any reason for you to add me. I read all your posts but I don't comment that often.I am just a quilter-sewer that follows blogs of other people that love-hate their sewing machines,LOL!
    I really hope going private solves the problem that you are having. Good luck and maybe you can visit me on my blog...If I ever get around to posting on it again,LOL!

  12. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I commented the other day but just wanted to say that I fully understand your need to go private and the need to only invite people who you truly know.

    I won't lie I am going to miss your daily posts as I have enjoyed reading you over the years.

    Good luck with your journey and I wish you and Stu all the best, you sound like great parents to me and if someone says otherwise then it is their loss.

    Good luck again and have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year :0)

  13. Sounds as though you are having a hard time, family hey? Isnt there some old saying about choosing your friends, and not your family? Stew is a very good man, he deserves all the respect in the world.
    Good luck with your troubles Chris, i read you at least 2 times a day, and your humour and stories will be missed, Keep smiling,

  14. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I think the private blog will be good for you. You can vent there and not have the extra worry about who might be reading it.

    Stew sounds just like my husband John, we are blessed to have them.



  15. I'm sorry you're having issues that are causing you to have to go private. But you have to do what is best for YOU. :)



  16. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I would have met you for a coffee! Probably just down the road too!
    Kate Rogers (

  17. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Oh my goodness... I am so glad I caught this. I don't know why but I have not been able to access your Pepsi blog. I forgot to favorite it and cannot get it on a search. Can you send it to me again?

  18. Good God Girl - I haven't even barely started my Christmas shopping and you are nearly finished? You ROCK!

  19. Lee-Anne7:21 PM

    Hi, I will miss you every morning. I have comented a few ti mes and understand that not everyone can get an invite if I get one that would be great not to read you personal stuff but just your everyday It makes me feel normal..hahahaha everyday different dramas and lots of loving
    bye for now Lee-Anne L

  20. Thanks for commenting and for the HUGS Chris. I re-posted that post. May as well be as honest as possible about how things are... BTW: a big congrats on your mammogram. Good on you... it's on my "to do" list for sure! xxx

  21. I know this will sound off the cuff, BUT I had a yearning NEED to know who THE MAN was (biological), I heard about him from others and as a curious teenager (late teens I had to know), HURTFUL yes, but I "ME" had to do it IT CLEARED UP alot of grey area, AND THIS IS HOW I SUMMED it up, my AWESOME FATHER (stepdad to outsiders), was and still is my hero THE BIOLOGICAL one couldn't and DIDNT EVEN COME CLOSE to being IN THE SAME LEAGUE!!!
    NOW picture this your son HAS A YARD STICK to measure on STEW IF this other man doesn't even come close than thats good BUT IT is their choice and he has to make it AND YES IT HURTS, My mother didnt SPEAK TO ME or DO ANYTHING FOR ME for 7 months!!!! When I up and left to find the biological one at 16 years of age NOTHING no lunches washing dishes NOTHING not even a word!!!! MY FATHER (stepdad) said to her LEAVE HER she'll see him for the arse he is and LET HER see that YOU HAVE DONE ALL YOU CAN!!

    THE BIOLOGICAL one was a monster in every way shape and form, to her BUT I as a person HAD to find him and see that!! HAD no contact after that EVEN when he died I didn't go the funeral HE MEANT nothing to me and still doesn't.

    I will have to cross this same issue when my young son WANTS to and HE WILL find his biological father so help me then and remind me that THEY as people have a need to fill themselves and make an informed choice, doesnt matter what we say or how we express our hurts they HAVE questions understandably too... A VERY tumultuous time for all....

    MY FATHER(stepdad) was and still is the wisest man I know he said the right things at the right time "I have been there for you through it all, I WILL STILL be here for you SHOULD you need me I LOVE YOU and you can JUST RING and I will come ANYTIME ANYWHERE to get you!!!"

    I left home at 17 came back to my parents on A PHONE CALL at 20 MY FATHER (stepdad) came and got me..... (biological one was not involved at this time)

  22. please mum i would like an invite
    Love you always

    Daughter #3

  23. Hi Chris

    I sent you a comment yesterday (I am so new at this commenting on blogs I don't even know how to get my name to come up instead of 'anonymous').
    Anyway I too will understand if I don't get an invite as you don't know me and I just wanted to wish you all the best for the future. You have kept me amused and sane pretty much everyday since I have been a stay at home mum. I will miss my daily dose of diet coke rocks.
    All the best

  24. oh noooo... I think I have access to the pepsi blog but I can't remember the link??? has been so long since I have looked :( Hope I can come to your new blog... it is me, Amanda... I can call you up and sing maori songs to prove it... lol xox

  25. Gee, look at all your faithful followers. You know I'm one too. I read all the comments on this post and there are a lot of people out their who care about you. Nice...

  26. I'm confused..just which blog am I reading ..Diet Coke Rocks Original .. Diet Coke Rocks 3 ???? HEEEELLLPPPP !!! I know I got invited to Pepsi...but I've been neglecting my blog reading for so long, that I don't remember that address..

    I'm sorry you're having all this totally do not deserve it. BIG HUGS !!


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