Sunday, December 20, 2009


We planted two magnolia trees a year ago... to build up the 'screen' between our house and the neighbours... and they have got flowers this year! So pretty. I'm rather chuffed about them ....

Today: well we are going to hire a trailer and take all the agapantha plants to the dump hopefully.
After that... NO IDEA!

There is a fair bit of housework to be done, not that I feel like doing it.. but I suppose it won't get done on it's own eh? Bugger it....
Busy day... we went to Sylvia Park again... got some bits and bobs, turkey and ham for Christmas Day.... lunch out again... then home.
Stupid weather we are having.. friggin hot .. then rain!
Didn't get the rubbish to the dump afterall... Stew wants me to get a mini skip.... will try tomorow for that.
I did some sewing this afternoon, just shortened both my new Maxi Dresses... now I can walk without tripping up in them. I am not that tall ... *sigh*.
End of Day: quite a nice day in all ! Thanks for the yak Wanna! nite nite.


  1. Lovely flowers! Nice that the sun is shining - we've got sun and no wind in Wellington at the moment too - bliss! First time in ages ...

    Have a nice day - and I also like the hair. What are you putting in where the agapanthases (sp?) were? Or will it be paved?

  2. Magnolia.. one of the Southern United States favorite trees (along with a Live Oak). Love to sit outside and smell the blossoms on the grandson, on the other hand calls them "grenade trees", the seed pods were great ammunition when the neighborhood boys played Army...guess it's true, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

  3. LOL - I thought it was so funny when you said Christmas and Hot in the same sentence. Maybe I should scoop you up some of our 24 inches and send to you???? Wish I could trade you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love your new look! Does your DH know how lucky he is to have so many women in his life??????? ~smile~

    O yea - I adore your beautiful tree!

  4. I love the magnolia trees...we had those where I grew up. Your pictures of yours are very pretty.

  5. It is pretty. It's too bad it's winter over here. I miss the flowers this time of the year.

  6. My favorite flower!!!!


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