Wednesday, December 30, 2009


ABOVE: the TV Cabinet without a cloth....

ABOVE: And now.. with a cloth (to cut down on the dusting)... which I made, which we think is VERY nice!

Well... life doesn't get much more interesting than that today.. .so far!

ABOVE: Teddy say's "HI"... what are you all doing today? We are gunna go get me some more pretty BLUE pills.. and not much else! SPILL... who's having more fun than me today????

Seems I'm not the only one in a lull..... we really have just been chilling out all day! The kids are now in the pool ... and I'm taking the time to catch up on some blogs! Suppose I should cook or do SOMETHING about dinner tonight, made his nibs buy it last night! Lazy Tart I am!

End of Day: and I did cook! I made a ham/pasta salad, twas nice too. nite nite.


  1. Well not me...7.11 no work till the 11th and I am up on the computer, its raining.....these days are driving me crazy..where is summer????

  2. Hi back Teddy! Well I am going to the Hawkes Bay today for a couple of nights - is four hours in the car going to mean more fun than you will be having???
    Happy new year Chris - best wishes to you and your family for 2010!

  3. The new cloth for the telly cabinet looks great.
    Are you still making and selling those fabulous bags?

    Have a great day.

    Carol :)

  4. A moaning, groaning, whiny sick husband, cold weather and a trip to the grocery...wanna trade?

  5. "Cloth" is a little too simple for something that pretty. I pictured something like the towel Doc puts over the TV when he goes to bed so he can just listen but not have it too light from the picture. Yes, he is a little crazy. Your quiet day sounds nice since I had to go to work.


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