Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, I really must pull finger and get the rest of the kid's presents wrapped today... *sigh*.
Apart from that chore, I don't have any plans to day.. thought I might try to do a bit of sewing, and if it's fine lie in the sun for a wee while.

ABOVE: seen it before? Too bad, I love it! Really is ... like true~!

ABOVE: same with this one... I just delete all those sort of emails!... I don't believe in any of it! SORRY if you do!


It's ALL DONE! All gifts wrapped and hidden in the Cellar... thank God for that! Now I just have to get the kayak from where we are storing it and try to wrap it too~! I know... seems stupid, but I want to give it a go!

Might just head off into town to try and find a little something for Stew now.... we don't usually exchange gifts .... but as he is always 'left out' of the gifts given by my MUM for some reason.. I feel he should get something! And I loves him! *smiles*

WEll I found something for the 'man'... got a kebab for lunch and came home... not nice enough for suntanning, there's a cool wind and quite a few clouds.. so I watched telly... did a bit of this an that... just pottered around the house really. Kids are home now... one more sleep till they are home all day... yep, I'm a happy mother .. I'm sure!

End of Day: finished off my day with some gardening in the cool of the evening. nite nite.


  1. Chain letters are a MENACE! There are some good spoofs though (including one about the dangers of having to do 'work')

    Hope you're having a great day

  2. I love those signs - very funny! and I don't believe a whole lot in those chain letters/emails much either.
    Haven't been around lately, so finally got caught up - Brylees teeth look amazing! Wow! Braces are wonderful things:)
    All the bags you have made so far are gorgeous! Especially the blue one ( I LOVE BLUE)
    We are going to put our tree up tonight and I've got most of my presents wrapped - will probably finish the rest this weekend.

  3. Please take a photo of the wrapped kayak. Martine

  4. Hi Chris
    Well done on wrapping all the presents. I'm the only one who does it too so this year I decided to have it all done before school finished and not be the only fool still up at midnight on Christmas eve doing it like last year!!
    Brylee's teeth look amazing. What type of brace is it? My daughters look like Brylee's used too and if I can do something now instead of waiting for braces it's worth a shot.
    Have a gret day, hope it's sunny for you to lie outside for a bit.

  5. Lee-Anne L5:12 PM

    It feels good to get all the pressie wrapped thats for sure. Brylees teeth look wonderfull she will feel much better havingthem done..its amazing what they can do and so quickly to

  6. Glad somebody is ready for isn't me :) I have just a tab bit more shopping and quite a bit of wrapping. Big cold spell headed our way for a few days but I'm going to Disney World Friday anyway - our last day before our passes black out till January 2nd. I need the day off and somehow it always gets done on time.

  7. I have my pressies wrapped too, but in a cottage, there are few places to hide them. We have a spot in our bedroom closet where we put them , and each one swears to the other that we will not open them.

  8. I always tell everybody that the patience gene must have been missed in me...and it gets worse as I get older so no hope with me ever...LOL
    Hugs Khris

  9. Don't like chain emails!! Glad you found something for Stew...I never did find anything for my husband ( he would tell me what to ge)


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