Saturday, December 19, 2009


Nice, such a glam look.. me face is falling off!
So, I will just have to get some more sun on it eh?

Totally thrilled with it... and I know I will NEVER go dark again, even though quite a few of you thought it was nice... it all comes down to how I felt about it.. and I felt YUK about it! *smiles*

Last weekend till Christmas... and I am soooo looking forward to having Stew home for a few extra days over the Christmas break... we are dying to take the kayak out for some fun on the water! Of course, SANTA has to deliver it yet... *sigh*.....

ABOVE: a better photo of me hair. Gawd I feel like myself again.. and I can smile again! Yeah yeah, I know I'm not smiling fully, but it's a wry one! lol

We have been out getting HOPEFULLY the last presents... now have nothing to do but relax! Well, till I have to cook Christmas dinner anyway!

Stew went and bought a second DVD player... I have one in the garage to use when I'm sewing... so he got one for the lounge.. I'm sure SANTA is bringing some DVD's ya see!

End of Day: It's been a lovely day, we got all those blasted Agapantha's out today.. just have to take them all to the dump now... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM


    I think your hair looks lovely, hope you go a discount from the hair dressers for the initial mistake


  2. Like others, I liked your hair before but totally agree that how YOU feel about it is the most important thing! So I'm happy that you're happy!!

    Best wishes, Lesley

  3. Glad you got your hair the way you like it. It does look good. I am, unbelievably, nearly done with Christmas shopping too, but I have a crowd coming on Christmas Eve, so I gotta start thinking about that.

  4. I thing your hair looks fabulous.

    Have a great day.


  5. Your hair looks fantastic, and it suits you much better than dark!!!

    Enjoy the next few days until you can play with the new toys!!!


  6. I also love the hair....I really thought I liked it darker but seeing it again lighter I do prefer it. and at the end of the day it is you that has to be 100% happy with it.......and if you love it, it will radiate through you.

    If I don't manage to comment before Christmas, have a fantastic one, and I look forward to sharing more of your life in 2010.

  7. Love the hair, really suits you! x

  8. I love your hair that way Chris...It is very beautiful!

  9. Your hair looks fantastic. It does look nice dark but suits you much better blonde, lightens up your face and looks fresher - looks really gorgeous. Wish I had long blonde hair - it does look great on you XCathy

  10. your hair look great! I just had mine foiled and i think i might want to color the whole head. Hmmmm.. Would *I* look good as a blonde. Hmmmm...

  11. Love your Hair!!!


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