Friday, December 18, 2009


ABOVE: this is the dress my Mum bought me... and yes I am headless... I haven't done me makeup or hair yet!

And talking of Hair.. I'm off to the hairdresser this morning to finally get some blonde highlights back in... never again am I going all over dark. Just not ME.

The kids are spending the morning with their Aunty Ethel... yaaaaa.

I got some sad news yesterday... My Mum is the eldest of 10 kids... 5 girls then 5 boys... the youngest boy is only about 4 years older than me... mid 50's... and he has been told he has Lung Cancer. He has been quite ill for a while apparently.... I'm in shock ... but can understand this... he's been a heavy smoker all his life. The saddest part is that he is the father and has Sole Custody of a wee 3 year old boy. If I didn't already have Brylee and Griffin I would be putting my hand up to take him in. It breaks my heart that I cannot have him... but I just can't do it again. There will be someone in the extended family who will love to have him I'm sure. Life goes on....

I have spent the last 3.5 hours at the hair salon... I wanted to go mostly blonde again.. with some brown highlights..... this is what I got:

I CAN'T SHOW YOU! It was an unmitigated DISASTER... my hair went ORANGE... I am going back at 5.15 tonight for them to try and fix it!! I could cry.. but won't. It is my own fault for putting a dark brown dye in it I suppose! LIVE AND LEARN.

Now I am going to lie on my tummy for a while cos me butt is KILLING ME... sitting that long is the PITTS.

Just had the kids at the dental clinic... Brylee's teeth were great, Griffin's one filling had fallen out, so they redid it. All good for another 2 years it would appear.

Just found out from my Uncle that MINERAL TURPS will kill Agapantha's! Awesome, just spent about $45 on weed killer for nothing... still going to chop them out with the axe!

End of Day.. I've spent another 2 and a half hours at the hair salon.. .. and am now THRILLED to bits with the result! The hairdresser was really, really pleased with the final result too... apparently she got a right telling off from the bosses after I left this morning for sending me out looking like that... but it wasn't her fault and I made sure her bosses knew how thrilled I was when I left tonight. I will post a photo tomorrow.. the lighting is all wrong now to get a decent photo... going to have a late dinner now... nite nite.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Uncles situation.

    I can't wait to see some pics ofyour hair, I think it will look great with a few blonde highlights.

  2. Oh Chris that is sad.... Love that dress where did you get it. Good luck at the hairdresser and the blonde makes you feel like you again!!

  3. Sorry to hear your sad news Chris... life is really unfair soometimes. Lucky for the little boy that he's part of a big supportive family.
    Love the dress! i can never find dresses I like, I live in pants or skirts!

  4. Can't wait to see a new pic with your head attached(with it's new hair). I like this dress too. So sorry to hear about your uncle...that is the pits.

  5. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I hate bad dye jobs..........I've had quite a few....happy you invited me to're honest...I'd miss you terribly :)

  6. Oh - i really know what that feels like with the bright orange hair - That is why I shaved mine off in the first place!!!!

  7. Jeepers, our lives can be such an adventure - can't it!

    So sorry about your uncle - that is terrible. I DESPISE cancer!

    Sorry your hair did not turn out the way you planned - but- you, dear - would look beautiful no matter what! I loved you as a blond and I loved you with your dark hair. But I guess the important thing is that you love it .

    I also loved your pictures of Griffin! He is the cutest !

    Good luck during the school break.

    At least you are not "Murdering all of your projects " like I am yesterday and today. I am batting 0 and time stands still for no one!

  8. Oh heck I have been there with the orange hair, its not good aye...I am off to the hairdressers on Tuesday god I hope it turns out ok cause its getting very close to christmas :) Love your dresses wish I could wear the maxi, bought one, wore it once and chopped it to a shor dress lol Think I am too short

  9. So sorry to hear about your Uncle. Your cousin(?) will be well loved and cared for.
    I understand the hair thing- my hair is not quite as blonde as I want it- but the last time I colored it- it began to look more than a little brassy! I am waiting to fix it again.

  10. Hey Chris,

    Sorry it took me so long to get here. Love the dress; can't wait to see your hair. Is there a special occasion upcoming?

    So very sorry to hear about your uncle. There will be someone from your family who will step up for the wee one.

    Enjoy your break! Ours begins next Wednesday!

    liz at noexcuses

  11. mum that is sad does he know how long he has to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daughter #3

  12. My hair turned orange once! It was all my fault too for using box dye instead of going to a salon. It was so embarrassing that the lady had to force the hat off my head. I was too scared to show her. haha

  13. Love the dress....
    So glad your hair turned out good
    So sorry to hear about your uncle..


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