Monday, December 07, 2009


ABOVE: a couple of photos of the area out Cleveland way (15-20 minutes from our home).. taken yesterday.. it's so pretty!


This morning Griffin is going to see a Child Psychotherapist .... arranged by the school! To try and find out why he is just not learning the same as his peers.
We have waited 13 months for this appointment! Hopefully it will help with SOMETHING?

After that I will drop him back at school and hopefully go home and relax for a while... I'm tired.
Home again... appointment went well... but time will tell if it helps. Griffin needs 'cognitive assessments'... where we were today don't do them, the schools don't do them.. we have to pay for it to be done privately... typical. So I have to wait for the child psychotherapist to send a referral to me before I can go down that road. MORE WAITING. Meanwhile Griffin falls further and further behind his mates.
I'm starving! Must go have something for lunch now....
Teddy has diarrhoea... thought you'd like to know.... ikkky.
Off now to cook dinner.. steak and veges...
End of Day: dinner was yum! Quiet evening.. looking forward to bed. nite nite.


  1. Good Luck for today..Make a list of everything you want to say, what you want to happen, and What is Needed and take no shit from them of get dates time and happenings and when from where ok....and stand Firm

  2. I hope you are able to learn what you need to help Griffin begin to make better progress in his learning. He's a lucky boy to have your tenacious claws latched onto the issue of getting him help.

  3. Good luck with Griffin. Regardless of what they say, You go with your gut feeling, cause Mum's just know!
    BTW, I like your hair dark.

  4. Frustrating though it is, at least now the wheels are moving in reagrds to Griffin.

    Hopefully all will be sorted & then you can help get him up to speed.

  5. Good luck with Griffin,hope all goes well. Martine

  6. Best wishes Chris. Cripes, what did that dog eat?

  7. Poor Griffin. Once he gets the right help, he'll catch up in no time. Good Luck

  8. I hope you're able to get griffin the help he needs asap. The younger the better. Hopefully it will help him immensly. Thinking of you and your family xx

  9. I hope you can get griffin help asap. Ewwwww the runs! :(


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