Thursday, December 10, 2009

A SEA OF....

HYDRANGEAS! Second summer here.. and my cuttings from Palmerston North are looking great!

ABOVE: my favourite one.

ABOVE: WOULD ya look at that! TWO passionfruit... a whole two.. maybe next year we will get more? Hopefully B and G will NOT pick them off before they are ready. I might have to throttle them if they do!

ABOVE: a sea of... are they Agapantha's??? Whatever, I just sprayed weed killer on the whole lot down the right side... that is where we are going to store the KAYAK when Santa brings it! *smiles*

Today... well don't have any plans, hoping it's fine so I can get some sun.... might potter around in the garden....

EXCITMENT! I bought a new dress for Stew's Work Christmas 'Do' on saturday!!! Will probably show you all ON SATURDAY.....
ABOVE: ALRIGHT... I felt sorry for ya.. here's a SNEAK PEEK at the dress. na na nah nah!
End of Day.. and Shit a Brick it's midnight! Mum, Stew and I have been yakking all night! must go to bed.. nite nite.


  1. Great to see you are feeling more cheerful. Keep up the good work

  2. I'm still remembering a dress you showed in a shop window a few months (or more) ago. I loved that dress...wanted it for a wedding I was going to. Sigh! I bet yours is just as cool. Please show full pic.

  3. Chris

    Glad to see Teddy pictures on your blog, he is a dear little guy and does look quite handsome with his christmas haircut. Good groomers are hard to find, especially mobile ones. Martine

  4. Love your hydrangeas - very pretty indeed!! Sounds like you're having a good week so far, keep hold of that feeling.


  5. The flowers look great......I lvoe the colour of your fav one.

    Would love to see more of the dress, but something tells me we will have to wait till Saturday.

  6. I see there was unshine in Auckland today! Not the case in Wellington ... : (

  7. Aww, I had almost forgotten about hydrangers. We had lots at the front of our old house before my mum rebuilt and I used to help my grandma blue hers too. I really should get some too.

    Like the look of the dress!

  8. Those hydrangeas are beautiful! My mum has one of those bushes, but all the flowers are just one colour, the blue/purple - I've never seen a multi-coloured one, it's pretty!

  9. Teddy is a darling child! Thanks for showing us the pics and the smile on your face!

  10. Beautiful flowers! I love hydrangeas and hope to have some when we get a new house (one of these days).

    I also love the purple/blue ones. Funny that the soil acidity changes some of them.


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