Thursday, December 17, 2009


I got skates from America a couple of years ago.. then was just too wobbly to use them! So I have given them to Griffin.. they should fit him for a couple of years!
He gave it a go:

BUT as you can see... he spent more time on his bum than anything else! It was great to see him getting some 'exercise' ... ha ha ha!

Last day of school, they get out at 12.30 this afternoon.. then my days will be filled with being a 'Referee' again. You know how it goes if you are the mother of many... constantly sorting out squabbles. The 'Waltons' we are not!


I am all HOT AND BOTHERED! I have been trying to get rid of 8 Agapantha's.. I have lathered them in concentrated Weed Killer, but the buggers just won't die.. so today I attacked them with an axe:

ABOVE: happy to report 'TWO DOWN'...

ABOVE: and only SIX to go! Shit it's hard work! Might just have to take a break...

End of Day: been 'yakking' to Amanda (daughter) over MSN all evening AGAIN.. and drinking my Totara Cafe... thought it was Friday even! derrr.... quite happily tiddly now... lol. nite nite.


  1. Ahahah... Bahahahahha, AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. I skate like a demon, Chris...I posted a pic of myself on skates a while back on the blog. I am sure that your son will love them. I have skated since I was a kid.

  3. agapanthas in the uk are cherished. they are difficult to grow and even more difficult to get to flower. when mine flowered for the 1st time after only producing leaves for four years i was as happy as a pig in muck!!!! that was 2yrs ago and i havent had any flowers since. fingers crossed tightly for 2010 blooms.

  4. Just think of those calories burned from digging up those plants. If I don't get to read your blog before Christmas - it is absolutely madness in my world, have a good Christmas,love the family and especially that super cute Teddy.

    Love Martine
    (AKA Teddy Fan !!!)

  5. I love the pics of Griffin learning to skate. I bet he'll be going like a pro before long. Now, you with an axe....sounds like it might be a dangerous combination, haha, but you are getting the job done.

  6. Just think of the exercise you are getting. Just in time of Christmas.

  7. Tell Griff to lace them all the way up, his ankles need more support.....I always loved to skate, wish I could still wear the little skirts and get wolf whistles instead of giggles (or rolling on the floor belly laughs.
    Sad to loose the plants but it only makes way for good times and memories...have a Very Merry Christmas if I don't get back before the fat man comes.

  8. We had agapantha's when we lived in Wellington. My hubby mowed and mowed and mowed them. They wouldn't bloody die!!!! Which is actually good for me because I kill just about every other plant... Hehehe..
    Have a nice day.


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