Saturday, April 18, 2009

THE ONION....AND THE LOUNGE. .... came back! There is an update. (Private Blog)

Let's start with the onion eh?
A couple of days ago my dear wee elderly neighbour, Myra, asked if I could give her an onion... as she had none for her stew. NOT A PROBLEM!

I gave her an onion... she told me she would return one in a few days.. of course I told her it was not necessary. Hell, it was only one onion!

Yesterday she snuck over and left a friggin onion hanging on our front door:

Hmmmmm.... I sooooo don't need it! So I decided ... for a bit of fun... to give it back to her, so I wrapped it up and put it at her front door:

Let's see what happens next! *smiles*

Now.. the lounge. I moved a couch... following are 'before' and 'after' photos from both ends of the room:

ABOVE: before..... and BELOW: after

The difference is more noticeable from this end of the lounge:

ABOVE: before and BELOW: after....

I am quite pleased with how much more 'roomy' it feels now. It's hard getting used to such a small room, that doubles as the dining room too. But we are getting there. What do ya think of the subtle change?
Today we were going to Stew's sister's property to dig ferns for our garden, but plans have changed... we can't go today.
BUGGER.... we told Griffin last night we were going out there, now we will have to tell him we are not! You have NO IDEA how much that kid can bitch! He is going to be so upset we are not going! So, we must get something else sorted out before telling him... or listen to him grizzling for hours! He should have been a girl.... girls grizzle!
NOLA: take your eyes OFF THE DOG! You are not having him... Griffin will shoot you first! ha ha ha!
Talking of Griffin... a miracle has happened! We told him our plans had changed and we were NOT going to visit his Aunty today... and he said "Fine". Just that! No screaming, no grizzling, no throwing something on the floor... NOTHING! I. AM. IN. SHOCK.
So.. we have a plan for the rest of today! Stew came up with it! SHOCK .. HORROR! This is the man that never has any idea what we can do, it's always up to me to make our plans for the day!
ANYWAY... I digress.... we are having lunch at home then going to Port Waikato! I havn't been there since I was 11 years old on a school trip... so can't remember a thing about the place... maybe there is bugger all there.... maybe it's nice? We will find out eh?
Port Waikato was way nicer than I thought it would be! The water had that wild, west coast look... but very lively to watch. I took lots of photos (like I wouldn't?).... but will put them on tomorrows blog post... there is QUITE ENOUGH on today's! *smiles*
We also stopped in at Pokeno and got an ice cream... AWESOME.
End of Day: tired, unwinding with a rum and Diet Coke... nite nite.


  1. that onion is sure getting around... someone just left it on MY front door, for gosh sakes!

  2. Oh, how funny on the onion. Don't let her borrow anything too personal LOL!

    Poor Griffin. I know for Elf, change is really, really hard.

  3. wow the difference it makes to a room by moving one piece of furniture.. lots more roomy :)

  4. Sorry but I like the chair as it was before. I'm not a fan of furniture all around the walls. The trouble is you have too much furniture for the room. If something was removed - one of he single chairs or something - you would be amazed at how much it frees up. Just my opinion :)

  5. I like the first "after" picture best and the second "before" photo the best......guess why?? :)

  6. Love that you wrapped the onion. Your lounge looks larger with the couch moved around. We are in a very small space, and I've often wondered if there were any way we could change ours, but we are restricted by where the darn power points are.

  7. like the rearrangement and the day sounds like fun. You better get on that boy and tell him to be a man! Well he does have a little time....

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I cant check pepi as my invite has expired, text me your update. Chris from Melbourne xxx

  9. Yes the room looks more open now.
    have a good trip

  10. Great that you had a lovely day out. Do you take your camera or just take the pics on your phone ?
    Wonder if the onion comes back LOL
    I see you have another Jenny on your list ....maybe I should say Foxy Jenny ROFL

  11. Have you tried Pokeno bacon and sausages? They are so good

  12. I love that you guys all go out for 'adventures'. We always did this before we bought the holiday home - now we do this over there. Oh and those Pokeno icecreams... aren't they amazing!!! Certainly worth the stop.

  13. The onion is hilarious. I wonder if you will get it back again.
    Your days are always so fun filled.

  14. The onion that just keeps showing up. It will be interesting to see what happens with that. It sounds like a lot of fun - if she will play along!

  15. Like the new look for the lounge !!

    So, what is the update on the onion?


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