Friday, October 26, 2007


That was so cool, for the first time in weeks I slept ALL NIGHT and did not wake up till 7.30 am! Can't say I feel any better for it, but I'm sure I needed it.

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy then... I'm going to the gym! Kinda worked out in my head what I will do:

- 10 minutes each on eliptical, treadmill, exercycle and rower

- 30 minute weight session, covering upper and lower body

- lunges and squats.

That should see me in agony tomorrow, ha ha ha. But, I need to do this, so thats all there is to it.

After the gym I'll probably come home and do some washing. Right, better make a start by getting outta bed eh?


  1. I'm glad to hear that you were finally able to grab a decent night's sleep! Let's hope that you get another good night tonight :-)

    Also, I hope you did everything you were planning to do at the gym!

  2. Good for you on going back to gym.. you know that once you get back into it you will wonder why you ever stopped...
    I used to be like that with going for my walks.. I would put it off.. then once I got out there I would enjoy it..
    Lets both work on those scales for next weigh in... I wish I had more "me" time also.. haha I miss chatting in msn,,

  3. I've done that! Made up my mind to go to gym and then delayed it by trying to fit in things around the house before I go. Hope the gym session goes well and don't overdo it on your first visit back:-)

  4. Oh, you'll be right once you get there it is just the initial step to go!!

    Looks like a good plan to:)


  5. Good to hear that you are finally getting back to the gym.

    Stay motivated, get hard!

  6. It's good that you finally got a decent sleep, maybe things are starting to let up a little. Hope your gym visit was good.

  7. Stop being so beep beep beep hard on yourself girl!! You do so well, take some you time and chill.. In saying that.. 4 sleeps to go - watching the calories. Have almost hit the 9kg mark but no doubt will by Tuesday morning. Wish I could be with you guys tomorrow, but have a diet something for me :-)or not as the case may be. Am off to lose a few kgs over the weekend. hehehehe. Grubby weekend in Hamilton before the big day. I will let you know how I get on on Wednesday. You can always phone the girls Tuesday night, they will be home. Might be a bit out of it on Tuesday. Who knows. Love you lots M

  8. its after 11 and no update on gym that can be taken 3 ways
    1) you are still there
    2) you over did it and are collapsed in a corner growning in agony
    3) you havent been yet and still trying to find things to do to keep you from going

    Which is it I am putting my money on number 1...I have faith in ya girlfriend

  9. Well done on getting to the gym :) Now don't go eating all those bloody scones like I did!!!!!
    Have a great day :)

  10. Ooh, lunges make me so sore! Yikes, I hope you're able to walk tomorrow!

    The scones sound de-lishy!

  11. Someone once told me a tip for open homes. zap a bit of cinnamon in the microwave for about 20 - 30 secs. Apparently leaves the kitchen smelling like bakings just come out of the oven. Haven't tried it myself but might be worth a go.

    Great to see you back at the gym.

    Gorgeous weather we're having here. Last two days hot as, clear blue skies and no wind. Suppose to be like this till Monday at least. Enjoying it so much.

  12. Sleep is always good :D Egg and bacon pie = yum... i want some now :D

  13. Listen to you all's amazing what sleep will do.

    There's nothing better than the smell of freshly booked bread (especially if it's accompanied with the sight of King Island Supreme *drool*). You can get the par-cooked rolls from the supermarket. Other than that...there's freshly brewed coffee or cinnamon warmed on the stove.

    Good luck with the next viewing!

  14. LOL, freshly COOKED bread isn't bad wither ;o)

  15. Nice scones, do you have a bread maker, the smell of fresh bread and percolated coffee is divine!!

    Good luck at the gym.

  16. Re smells etc. to make your house feel and look good for potential vendors - perk a pot of coffee just before home open, also anything with cinnamon in the oven gives a delicious smell. Fresh flowers all over the place - pad them out with greenery from the garden if need be - saves some money and also bowls of pot pourri dotted all around the place. Light all the bedrooms, lounge etc with background lighting - stnadard lamps, bedside lamps. Have sold a lot of houses in this life so far and these few little things seem to work a treat! Well done on getting back to the gym - you're giving me a conscience!! (and that's a good thing)
    Z xx

  17. Not sure if I can make it tomorrow:-( Have an out of town friend that may be visiting, she has to confirm.

    Thanks for your comment re the neighbour, no point fixing up the drive just yet as I would pick there will be other things happening.

    Hey and your scones look great!

  18. I'm impressed!! Baking?? I haven't baked in years either! What next?? pavlova?? :p

  19. Ohhhh Zanna's got some good advice.

    On top of everything else I think sending some beautiful posotive house selling vibes out there will work wonders with the smell of bread etc.

    Good on you for getting back into the gym!

  20. A pot of coffee smells great too don't forget...

  21. I'm so insanely jealous of that big long sleep of yours! 7:30am?! Gawd, I'm normally at work by that time O_O

    Mmmmmm, scones, Yummo! You get that baking out of your system before you move up to Auckland and you find me in your house gobbling every scone and piece of bacon and egg pie that you make! ;-)

  22. Love those teddies, good on you for heading to the gym, wish I was that motivated!!!!
    Have a great weekend:)Good luck with the baking, its not something that happens often in our house lol

  23. hey chick, i have my own recipe for a boiled fruit cake that will make ya house smell , mmmmmmm yummy, if you want it, email me. cheers K

  24. Fab! Going to the gym and doing some baking....well done.

    Your house is gorgoues I'm sure there will be buyer very soon even without the gorgoues baking aromas.

    Good to read you got a good sleep!

    Awwwe cuddles to Griffin giving you his teddies to keep you company...bless!

    Hugs hun x

  25. Sounds a very productive day! Well done!!

  26. Happy... thats gotta be good!!! Scones look delish..

  27. the smell of bread would definitely do it for me!

  28. Hi Chris, it's been a while since I've been in 'blogger-land'. It's always good to read your blog - as I've said before 'honest & refreshing'!!! I'm just on the 'other side' of moving a long distance from home. House sold, house bought, new jobs etc etc. Good luck with everything. Don't go overboard with 'improving' the house for sale - buyers can see thru all that and will see a house for its potential despite what tricks you use.

  29. Yeah for you going back to the gym. Hope you're not to sore tomorrow. MMMM scones. Have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see what you've been up to.

    Wishing another night of peaceful bliss.

  30. I so hope you are not too sore after your visit to the gym! Congrats on going and actually doing the workout, it is tough, but it makes you feel so good.

    The skones look lovely, I myself can't bake very well, I can make brownies and cookies, that is all. You made me hungry for skones though!!

  31. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SCONES.



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