Saturday, October 13, 2007


My mind is just that, blank! No idea what to put on me title today! It's going to be just the usual saturday, girlfriends here for morning tea meeting....

Stew is taking a load of garden stuff to the dump, I might get out to the shed and sort it out... dats about it! Quite boring really.

I dyed my hair again last night, it's a bit darker...and a bloody frizzy mess.... where are those hair straighteners???

Well, a bit of a mixed bag with us girls this week, some losses, some gains... but everyone is positive so that's great.
Our monthly WINNER was Anne, who takes home the prize for:

THE MOST PERSISTANCE over a period of time!!! She has struggled with being on a plateau for about 2 years but has never given up, so she is our most deserving girl this month, well done Anne!
Now it is quiet again, time to do a few jobs....
Rubbish to dump...done
lawns mown.........done
nana nap..............done
watch tv and relax for the rest of the evening...... doing!
End of day, it's been the most quiet day in blogland I have ever seen! Everyone must be busy and having fun!
NSV today: I wore my jeans again! woooo hoooo. nite nite.


  1. I have found that AVEDA products especially their conditioners are great for frizz control!

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. Blank mind.....ummm sounds familiar...teehee
    When I have been some where and I want to go onto some where else I have been know to come back home and start my journey again because I can't for the life of me think of how to get to the particular that is BAAAAAD....*snigger*....blank mind....or blonde moment.

    I'm sure your hair will be gorgeous, you are gorgeous!!

    Hugs to you hun xx

  3. Mmmm - you could have airbrushed out the wrinkkles!!!

    Thanks for the award - really love it. My daughter wants it!

  4. Way to go girls, and I think I will try some of that AVEDA product on my hair, might be able to get rid of the hair striaghtners LOL

  5. It is very quiet hey!!
    Been out all day.. and was out lastnight for Marks Birthday... hehe had a top night!
    Have a couple of pics.. will post them later...

  6. It's certainly quiet this end, LOL.

    Mind you, *I* have been busy stuffing my fat face ALL blooming day. Not much time for anything else!!

    I hope your Sunday will be a good one :-)


  7. Can I send my "to do" list over to you? About all I manage is the nana nap.

  8. Came by for a little hello...

    lets see a pic of your hair!

    Also Chris,
    thank you for always being so sweet and supportive ~ I want you to know that I appreciate you.



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