Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today: Kids to school, mad dash to tidy up the house, get Mike outta bed!!! Then work at Hospice Shop till around 1, then dash home to make sure everything is spic and span ready for Estate Agent to bring our FIRST prospective purchasers through!

So, if you don't see an update till MUCH much later today, don't go wondering why! I will be a busy tart! Luckily for me I am a tidy freak and the house does not need much doing this morning. PHEW. later...
Well, I've done all I can.. it's time to go to work. I've left Mike with a list of things he MUST DO... little shit is still in bed. God help him if he's still there when I get home! I am hoping to get home about 1/4 hr before the people are due, to make sure he's done it all..... If you hear of a middle aged mother of 8 being hauled off to jail today for throttling her son... it's ME! lol

HA! I didn't have to throttle him! He had done the jobs and then he took Izzy out while the house was viewed. I went into town and had a nice lunch in a coffee shop.... home now and am feeling exhausted... all the running around is hard on the nerves. AND... I did not buy ONE SINGLE THING at the Hospice Shop today, I think that is a record? Anyway, I'm now going to relax for a while until it's time to go and get the kids from school.

So, I have not heard from the Estate Agent yet.... hope she gets back to me with feedback. As I could not put a photo of any retail purchases today (I didn't buy anything!), I thought I'd give you a
"New Zealand Hooker".... the tights remind me of our Real Estate Agent, she wears thights that are very similar! *snigger*...

Actually, I think those are her shoes too! "BIG SMILES*

NO SALE TODAY, the silly buggers wanted a pool! Derrrr, since when is it warm enough for an outdoor pool here? Twits.

End of Day, busy again, feeling totally shagged.

NSV: I've made my mind up - I'm going back to the gym, I'm feeling so fat and ugly... I'm sure in the last week I've put back on all I have lost in the past few weeks! I'm bloated and yukky, so NEED to haul my butt back there asap! nite nite.


  1. Good luck....I hope the viewing goes well!

  2. That waas quick having propective buyers already! Imagine the excitement if you came home and it was sold!

    One house we sold, someone told us to bake fresh scones and leave them on the bench and bew some coffee, makes it smell inviting. So I did - We had an open home and came back and there was a contract on it!

  3. Welll what you like? The pics are at the top of my blog entries in the photo album, as the pages go through you will see them.

    Oh WOW! Exciting, a prospective buyer ALREADY!! You have a gorgeous home, like I said yesterday, your house in this country would be very expensive, the folk today are sure to LOVE it!!

    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs to you x

  4. Ohhh the start of whats to come.. strangers trudging thru your house...
    I hope this doesnt go on for too long and that you will be sold and packing very soon...
    Hugs to ya...

  5. Good luck, I have everything crossed for you.

  6. Good luck for the viewing hun.

    Love Chubbymum

  7. I bet he still is in bed!

  8. Oh I sooooooo understand how much work goes into preparing a house for viewing. It seemed like I boxed up 1/4 of my junk to store in the shed prior to putting the farm on the market in May. Actually its been so long since I boxed up all the clutter that I can't even remember what it was. (which really goes to show how little I really needed all the stuff).
    I was so glad I was living away from the farm as it seemed like every couple of days Warren had 'potential buyers' trasping on through. Fortunately I knew he would keep it spic and span so had confidence that people would see it at its best.

  9. Oooh good luck with the exciting for you.
    You did well not to buy anything at the hospice shop. Im terrible and can't help myself:)

  10. House viewings are so stressful. Hope you get a great offer soon.

  11. BIG LUCK, girl!!! I wish I could buy your home. Every picture you post I love!!!

  12. Good luck with the viewing.

    All I can say is, if you get an offer on the first day with the first viewing - re-negotiate your selling fee!!!

  13. Seems like it's moving fast though and got your house on the market quick. So, hope you can sell soon. How quick does your hubby have to move? It would take me a a week to clean this house...I'm quite the slob lately with not enough time to clean. Oh well.

  14. HAHA...TEEHEE....I hope the estate agent doesn't come across your blog today/Thursday....teehee

    There is no pleasing some folk eh? A pool......HA do they think you want to give away your home? Expecting a pool also.

    (((HUGS))) to you x

  15. Awww crap, maybe next time. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Don't know why people are so hung up on pools in places you can hardly ever get to use. I have over 10,000 sq feet in my back year and there is no way in heck I would ever put in a pool. Although there are plenty of people in my area who have them. Seems like too much effort for such little time. But hey different strokes for different folks.

    That photo is too funny.

    I'm sure once you get back to the gym you will feel better. Stops stressing everything will workout.

    Take care

  16. Good luck with the buyers! Such a headache. I hope the payoff is more than worth it.
    That poor sheep. I bet those tights are control top too, huh?
    Get back in that gym, girl!

  17. Your sheeps down there are so classy. Our sheeps don't even wear clothes.


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