Sunday, October 21, 2007


*GULP*.... one more year till I'm 50 !!! Better enjoy this coming year cos I do believe turning 50 might just make me kinda depressed ~ who knows! Ah WTF, it's only a number eh?

My sister stayed over last night, we had a sauna together, she lasted a grand total of 9 minutes before she had to get out! Ha ha! When I went up to her room just now to plug the router back in, she had the cheek to ask me for a cuppa in bed! In Your Dreams girl, it's MY BIRTHDAY, not yours! ha ha ha. Looks like I will be going shopping today, Stew gave me a gift voucher from a Women's wear shop... yipee.
I do belive a few relatives from Feilding are coming over for dinner tonight, I'm not cooking! Think we are having sausages and chips.....

AND later on this morning we have the first Real Estate Person coming to do an evaluation of our home.... so I can't even laze away in bed cos the entire house needs vacuming, and friggin Mike did not tidy his bedroom or bathroom, little shit came home last night pissed as a chook and flaked out! And now he's at work (hope his bloody head hurts!)..... so we will have to do it. He will pay for it....... (evil thoughts).

And who's bloody computer is this????? I have hardly been able to get near it, the tart!

The appraisal was over and done with in 10 minutes flat! She is getting back to me mid week with her "verdict"... price/marketing plan etc. Got another Estate Agent coming on Tuesday afternoon.... bring it on.

I just realised that my new smoothie machine crushes ice...oooo how neat, it will save my teeth! And how do the kids feel about our move?

Little ones "when are we going"?..... "when are we going"?...... "when are we going"? ..... get the drift?

Big ones.... that's cool! Mike will go with us (he's got Uni in Auckland next year), and Steve and Lisa think "Neat, we will have somewhere to go on holiday to".... so it's all good.

Having a lazy afternoon, am whacked after getting all the cleaning, papering etc done.

Look at the gorgeous flowers my little shit of a son Mike got me! Awww, I forgive him. On the left is our "Palmerston North" picture, we get a local painting of everywhere we live... so now we will soon be getting one of Auckland! Wooo hooo.

Had a lovely dinner with the extended family.... they are all gone now, so can just relax tomorrow ready for next two appraisals on Tuesday.

End of Day, the diet has been out the window! Had lots of lovely cuddles with a tiny newborn Great Nephew named Chayse, so cute.

NSV: ummmm, I was a pig? LOL nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! have a great day!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Chris! :-D

  3. Happy Birthday Chris!!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Chris!!

    Have a wonderful day and an amazing year xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl - I hope you have a fantastic day. I wish I could be there to share it with you - maybe next year eh? You'll have to have a huge party next year for sure.
    One year goes by very quickly. It doesn't seem a year ago that I turned 40 - but dammit it is. I reckon this year is going to be the BEST year of my life though, I hope the same for you!
    Huge hugs and kisses to you my friend,

  6. Awww, you have a whole year to get used to the idea of turning 50 ;-)

    I'm sure that it won't be as bad as you think. Besides, as you say, "It IS only a number after all..."

    Talking of which, I'm a bit confussed as to when it's your birthday? Tomorrow? Either way, I hope you have a FAB time and that you get spoilt rotten :-D

    Enjoy your meal with your relatives!


  7. Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!! Hope you have a terrific day!

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Chris, Happy Birthday to you !!!

    49... not old, and 50 isn't bad either when you get to it.

  9. Happy birthday ya gorgeous ol tart!!!
    I had a drink or two for you last night...
    Hope you have a top day and enjoy your visitors...
    Good luck with the real estate people...

  10. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy bithday dear Chris, happy birthday to you!

    Hope u have a great day & make the teenager do his own cleaning!

  11. And here I thought you were turning 60.....

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!11

  13. Happy Birthday - enjoy your day

  14. Happy Birthday, hope you are having a great day :)

  15. hey chick, happy birthday, gee you don't look 49 , you look great. have a good day. K

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ya tart he he he..

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday even though ONCE AGAIN you were tidying...


    Yep... the beach won't be that far for ya up here....

    What do the kids think about the move? The teenagers especially??


  17. Happy Birthday ya ole tart! Hope you have had a great day despite you were cleaning and tiding YET AGAIN! LOL You would have a ball in our place! LOL
    Have a great week xx

  18. Very Happy Birthday wishes to you Chris :) Glad you had a great day. All the best with the agents. Don't work too hard!!!! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend :)

  19. Happy birthday old girl! hehe Sounds like you've had a great day :)

  20. Happy Birthday!!
    Its amazing how fast the years go isnt it!!
    So have a good one!

  21. "Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday tooo yooouu
    Happy Birthday dear ChrIIiis
    Happy Birthday to you"

    Believe me reading the words of the little song is much better than hearing me sing it.....Teeheee

    I have just read this comment out to my OH and he said "bloody right, why punish people on their Birthday?" ......HOHOHO

    I say I sing like an Angel!.....*snigger* and boy do I sing round the house sometimes...... just to annoy OH has just said, "and it usually works"

    Well, I'm rambling so I will love ya and leave ya for now chick


  22. Oh by the way....I say that when we hit 40 you gotta start coming down in years - so that now makes you 31 because by the time we hit 0 - 1 again we will officially be 80 and back in nappies, spoon fed, being bathed, having our noses and bums wiped for us....ANNNNND we will be all wrinkly and crinkly....AGAIN!!!!!....TEEHEE

    This is not meant to depress anyone it's just reality....teehee

    Love ya hun xx

  23. Happy, happy birthday, hope you had a great day. I'm lighting some candles for you in your honour.

  24. Birthday girl - hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.

  25. Happy Birthday - the flowersa are lovely!!

  26. Happy Birthday Chris!!! We turn the big 30 & 50 together only days apart!!!!
    Hope you had a great day chookie!!!


  27. Happy birthday, Chris! I can't believe you are a grandma when you are only 49. You're still young enought to be active in your grand kids lives.

  28. I am so annoyed with myself In my drunken hungover state I forgot your birthday.
    Bugger Bugger Bugger.

    Glad to see you had an nice day
    Big Hugs



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