Saturday, October 27, 2007


I went a-hunting for the bread maker and it's recipe book.... and found 'em both in the depths of the pantry.... I remember hiding it cos we made far to many loaves when we first got it and ate far too much bread... gawd it was so yummy too! Anyway, I will figure out what is the best smelling loaf to make (probably a fruit loaf with cinnamon) and make one in the morning before an Open Home, so it's ready just before the people are due. I will have it in the pantry, so when they open the pantry doors it reeks of fresh bread! too cool.

Today: lots to do, gardens, lawns mown, fill in "Izzy" holes (the little bugger), and I must get cuttings off all my hydrangeas! Almost 90% of them are grown from cuttings I brought with me from Hamilton 5 years ago! I love my hydrangeas! They are all blues, pinks and whites, so pretty! I even got a cutting from a plant outside the public toilets in Huntly of all places! Wherever I see one I havn't got, out comes my trusty pocket knife (hidden in me bag) and I just "help myself" to a cutting! So, it might be a busy day.

Well, there it is.. one gorgeous wee fruit loaf..... it did make the house smell delicious!! Now I just have to get the family to eat if before I do!
We went out to Breakers for lunch, I was very disappointed with my chicken drumsticks, they were grossly overcooked and tasteless, served on a huge pile of chips and two (WOW) lettuce leaves!!!! I did not eat it. Stew has now gone to get some more home repair stuff from Mitre 10 with the kids and I'm going to go have a lie down, me tummy is killing me!

Well, so much for having a lie down... I went outside and did the cuttings instead... so that job is done. AND the Estate Agent came around and put a "FOR SALE" sign on our front lawn, now it seems real! WOOOOO HOOOOO.

ABOVE: a photo of my hydrangeas last summer..... they are so very pretty.

End of day: NSV: I made bread, but did not eat it all! ha ha ha, nite nite.


  1. Phew! Sounds like a busy day indeed...

    I hope all goes well with the *open house* tomorrow. I think the smell of fresh bread will do the trick ;-)

    I can almost smell it from here :-D


  2. MMMMMmmmmm fresh bread - fruit and cinnamon......OOOooo could replace the homemade Fudge me thinks....teehee.
    I know I made the old fudge again but at least I counted it in AND stuck to my points today, so not toooo bad

    Fab idea, grabbing cuttings when out and about.....yep I might just be doing the same.

    Right time to climb the old wooden hill so I will be back in the morning.

    Have a GREEEEAAAAT day hun

    Loadsa hugs xx

  3. Whoooaaar, very busy indeed!! Gr8 idea with the bread, that'll sucker 'em in!! lol

    Have a good weekend:)

  4. Oh, yum! The smell of that bread will work for sure.
    Hydrangeas are lovely, I love the blue ones.
    Well done on your gym visit.

  5. Oooh, you might know this... I heard that hydrangeas colours are dependant on the soil. Is this right? My Pa told me that the ones at my old house were blue because the house was built on the site of an old en-tou-cas tennis court, whereas he had to use bucket-loads of something from a nursery to turn his cuttings from my plant from pink to blue (ish, they didn't go really blue). What can you tell me?

  6. I had to come over and say "hi" since you grew up in the 70's too! LOL

    Your house and hygrangeas are GORGEOUS! Those are my absolute favorite flower! :)

    Good luck on the sale of your house!

  7. Why did you DOOO that?? Put a pic of that gorgeous bread on your blog now I'M gonna HAVE to make some....heehee
    Actually I bought a box of Laucke bread mixes from Lakeland earlier in the year which are originally from Australia or New Zealand.....can't remember which - and it just so happens over the last few days that James has been asking me get the bread machine into action again and the mixes haven't got too much longer date left on them so I WILL HAVE TO make them wont I?.....HA I will just have to resisit eating too much of it or make sure I count it into my points.

    Those flowers look soooo gorgeous!!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Hugs to you xx

  8. mmmm fresh bread!

  9. I love hydrangeas. There are so many new varieties out now too. However, I believe they need a little TLC during hot months and I don't know if I have the patience for that!

    Good luck with the open house.

  10. Ohhhh the bread looks just amazing! ;) I might have to dig out my bread machine. I haven't used it for so long.

  11. Wow 9am and no update post yet? lucky for me cuz now I can catch up on what you did yesterday. :)

    Well done on not eating the bread, not sure I could have been so strong, especially fruit and cinamon!!!

  12. I had a breadmaker and like you we ate soooo much bread when we first got it that I swapped it with an icecream maker my mum had. I do wish I had kept it....she won't give it back!!! Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Such lovely big heads on them.

  13. Such a pretty house. I hope your next house will be pretty too.


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