Thursday, October 11, 2007


Some bugger gets to stick a needle in me in ...oooo about half and hour! Wish I wasn't such a sook!

Today: Blood test first thing, kids to school, quick walk for Izzy then off to work at the Hospice Shop. So, it will be quiet on this blog from now till about 2pm..... And I am hoping there is NOTHING I have to buy today! I live in hope....
Well, that was not as bad as the last one I had which was goddam awful! Does anyone else get a dead feeling arm after a blood test like me???

My lovely new Header/Title was done by Chubbymum/Mandy: .... and she LOVES doing them if anyone is interested!

*Hanging head*.... I did buy something... just an itty bitty wee lamp....NOTHING else...AND certainly nothing from my own attic..... you cheeky tarts! I am de-cluttering girls, I mean it! It was a rather quiet morning in the shop, so the hours dragged.

Home now and just had my very late lunch ... a jacket potatoe with baked beans, tomatoe and a tiny bit of cheese.... sooo yum. That will last me till dinner for sure.

It's been a quiet afternoon, Brylee had a wee friend over to play... typical kids just played dress ups! Griffin was an annoying little brother and caused a few problems... little shit.

Dinner was chicken on rice.... looking forward to Coronation Street next!

End Of Day... am tired and ready for bed. NSV: I had my blood test!


  1. Good luck 4 today, and I agree with you on the cat thing, he is cute but.........

  2. Hi Chris... love the new title picture! that does rock. Good luck with the blood test... I have had about 300 in the last 4 days... got more holes in me than a dart board now! hahahaha. :)

  3. I love your new banner, how blimin cool! Well done Mandz!

  4. Awwc best of luck! loving the new blog title! How dida make it ?

  5. Have a hot drink before you go(no not a diet coke) the nurse at the lab said it helps them find a vein easier. Good luck.

  6. What a good week it is turning into for you. Woo hoo at your loss. Bet you do get something at the shop today :) Looking forward to tomorrow for lunch. See ya then slimmer of the week :) LOL

  7. Wow, that looks bloody brilliant! Hey, about the Hospice shop - just don't buy anything back that you're giving them from the attic stuff okay? LOL......

  8. Have a great day at the Hospice Shop.

    You WILL buy something I just know it which won't be so bad because where you de-cluttered yesterday you can now fill up again....haha (you KNOW you WILL).

  9. The new look is great! CM is very clever. A big congratulations to you for your massive loss too, just desserts for the time and effort you invested.

    As for the needle, have you ever tried watching them do it? I went to the doctor with the boy the other day and silly me for mentioning the cervical cancer vaccine and vaccines for going OS (not really silly, I know) because next thing I knew they were injecting something into me and sucking blood out of me. The injection made me nearly pass out and I feel sick and my arm has gone heavy at the mere thought, but I watched with the blood test and felt nothing - amazing!

    (And I am just waiting for you to see something from your attic in the hospice shop that you like and bring it home ;oP)

  10. Fantastic new header!

    Good luck with the blood tests.

  11. love the new header... :o)

  12. Ha ha!!!!!! I knew you would. Love the lamp though :)

  13. OMG 3 kilos????? You lucky tart!!:P

    Well done I thinks:)

    Good luck with the blood test, they are yukky:(

    Lovin the banner to!

  14. Yes, new banner is awesome!

    I'm with you on the blood draw... Glad it wasn't too bad! My veins are difficult for the technicians to 'get' and I get SO squeamish... the last time, after several missed attempts, I finally said "sorry, I can't take this... gotta go!" I'm the chook!

  15. Oh...and PS.... thanks for your sweet comment. I don't always feel like I rock, but I was having a great reflective moment today.

    And BTW... HELLO? You should feel the same way! I know you wish you wouldn't have gained some of the weight back, but you only gained a little bit back, not all of it by any means, and I think you should be happy that you've managed to keep those pounds off! Hugs!

  16. I adore the new look!!

  17. Banner looks great, there are some talented young chickees out there.

  18. De cluttering indeed! I believe you!
    And good luck!

  19. I have scars where I have had to have soo many needles in my arm to take blood.
    When I had a pulmonary embolism the staff were in every hour for a few days to take blood. Veins collapsed at the finish and she threatened to take the blood from my foot or neck.....NOOOooo way so I told her to keep trying and to try the other arm.
    When I am pregnant I have to stick a needle into my body twice daily to inject heparin to keep my blood thin, I had to do that when I was pregnant with Adam and James during the pregnany and for a few weeks after and then I have to go on Warfarin....rat poison - the same if I went on a long haul flight, so I think it is safe to say that I'm not frightened of needles and if I were then I'm not

    I do get the dead arm feeling sometimes and it isn't nice.

    Anyway, onto a brighter subject
    Hey! Gorgeous lamp there.....oops, no pun intended....teehee

    Good day's tracking also.

    Enjoy Coronation Street.

    Hugs to you sweets xx

  20. DOH! I did mean to mention your new banner the last time I posted a comment...It looks great!

    Hope the blood test went well :)

  21. Well done on the awesome banner CM...
    And Chris.. yeah you are doin ok.. you are de cluttering as well as changing your own decor...

  22. The lamp is very pretty. Perhaps you can find a nice little stand or table to put it on?

  23. Yes..... what is up with the dead arm syndrome? Glad to see you managed to survive the ordeal. You've done a great job this week in regards to weightlose. Keep it going. Yeah for You! Enjoy your new purchase. Hope you had a good rest.


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