Tuesday, October 09, 2007


For all who have asked.... my hair is naturally wavy.... it used to be dead straight until a few years ago when it decided to go nuts on me! Age? Stress? Hormones? Dunno ! Nowdays I straighten the shit outta it just to keep it under control. And I hardly ever wear it out cos it ends up in me face all the time, and I LIKE TO SEE where I'm going!

Today: kids to school, then I'm taking my scooter in to be repaired, it's still under warranty so that's good. Then.... got lots to do around the house!.... have to buy 7 more handles for the cupboards, 4 rolls of wallpaper for two walls in two seperate rooms, and do the usual housework.... bliss. My day should be fun, shopping does that to me, even if it is only DIY stuff.

Taaa Daaa, cupboards finally done.... and I have put two new white tiles behind the electric jug... will grout them tonight. Crockpot has dinner cooking in it (corned beef) yum yum. Onward...

Everything came to a crashig halt.... me batteries died.... so I had a lie down.... pathetic I am! Must go see the Dr about me iron levels.... THIS WEEK! I keep putting it off, and I shouldn't... I am not getting any better this way, I have NO ENERGY ... and I'm bloody sick of it. Making an appointment right NOW. Then I better go get the kids from school...

Tomorrow, 4.45pm, will no doubt have to have a blood test, BUGGER IT. But feel better for having done something pro active about it, instead of putting up with this feeling.

Above: the kitchen when we first moved in... it was a hideous wee "U" shaped kitchen come dining room, it was impossible to work in so we used the existing cabinets and just moved them into an "L" shape, new benchtop, stove, dishwasher etc... and now I love it.
End Of Day, it's been a productive one!
NSV: I did something good, I made an appointment at the doctors at long last. nite nite.


  1. Wow, you have a lot to accomplish today! Hope you get it all done.

  2. I would kill for a kink in my dead straight hair!! Perhaps there still is time!! Have a great day Chris~

  3. Cupboards look great Chris:-)

    Have a great day!

  4. I am most impressed. That didn't take you long at all.

    If I'd have remembered to take my corned beef out of the freezer last night it would have been in my crockpot this morning too.

    Happy DIYing

  5. Love your kitchen...so neat!!

    Enjoy your DIY!

  6. Crockpots are great! My boyfriend got one a few months ago and we love it!

  7. Cupboards look fantastic hun... what the hell are ya gonna do once all the things in the house have been done huh... you DIY person you. :-)


  8. I'm not surprised your batteries went flat - do you never not go at 100mph!! Kitchen looks fab - funny to think I'll see it in the flesh in a few weeks.

  9. I agree with Mustafa Senalp.

  10. Your kitchen looks SOOOO good!!

  11. Wow! The kitchen looks great. I love the look of the flooring and the white cabinets!

    Brylee's outfit looks so cute. My goodness she is a tiny little thing! Are you getting ready for Halloween?

  12. Love your kitchen.. looks fabulous!

    I also love your hair.. and your new profile pic.

  13. LMAO at Spidey's comment.

    Your cupboards look great.

  14. Well I reckon Mustafa is puffin muffins!! hehe
    It's Turkish and when you translate it comes out as "adorable one each reproach"
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    Love the new kitchen YOU ARE VERY CLEVER!! hehe
    Is the old one a bit blue and orange coloured?
    Love ya,

  15. What a total transformation of your kitchen!

  16. Your kitchen is so "purty!"

  17. Love the way you can DIY :) Those handles make such a difference. Have a good night. :)

  18. Love the handles, its the little things that can make all the difference.
    Thanks for the birthday greetings:)

  19. My hair too is naturally curly/wavy infact some of it goes into ringlets when I let it dry naturally but like you I straighten the life out of it also.

    The kitchen looks great and those handles do look great, they suite the cupboards.

    Sorry but what did Mustafa say?....teehee

    It's raining here today and when I was walking the boys to school we couldn't get passed because there was a HUUUGE puddle and the cars were drving so fast straight through this puddle, they wouldn't slow down to make it easier for us so we had to run for it....Bonus Points...lol they just don't care, they see a woman and kids and they just do not give a damn!

    Ah well can't let things get me down!

    Enjoy your eveing/day

    Hugs to you xx

  20. Love the kitchen, and well done for going to the doctors!

  21. Glad you have made your Dr app...
    You are always changing something... If only I had the time and inclination to do so myself... *sigh*

  22. Fantastic job on the kitchen! It's very pretty!

  23. Lurve the kitchen chicky! Gives me hope that my burnt charred mess will turn out ok!!!

  24. Your kitchen looks lovely. I need to remodel mine just can not get myself motivated to start. Good luck with the blood test. Hope you're feeling energized soon.

  25. The kitchen looks gorgeous!!

    And as for the hair---that's so strange!

    My oldest has always had very straight, very silky hair, just like mine.

    When he came home from visiting his dad in California a few months ago, he had a head full of curls! We figured it was from the humidity out there, but they're still there.

    Asked the doc about it, and he has no idea. Says maybe this was time for the curly hair genes to kick in!

  26. What a difference you've made in your kitchen!

    Seems we're never happy with the hair we have - I have naturally very dark, dead straight hair and I hate it ... lol ... i'd give anything if it was lighter or had a wave in it.

  27. Wow! That looks great. You guys did a wonderful job. And go see the doc.

  28. My god girl. What a result. 3kgs gone like that. You must feel great. Thats awesome news mate.


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