Monday, October 22, 2007


First, a big Thank You to Zanna for the following Award:

I don't know about me being "Fabulous" ! but thanks anyway. I am supposed to pass it on.... so am thinking....

- Felicity, for working so hard on her new gorgeous body and becoming a Grandma to boot!

- LindaJ, for being an absolutely Fabulous Mother to her 3 wonderful kids.

- Karen, for going through hell and still being able to laugh at life... and

- Finally.... Briony, (private blogger) for also going through hell but working on making her life and the life of her darling wee son the best she can.

While there a many FABULOUS women and men out there.... I thought these 4 warranted special mention today.

Above: The mommy (Tina), the Daddy (my nephew Alan), the baby (Chayse, 2 weeks old) and the Nana (my sister Lorraine). Baby's name is pronounced Chase.

Chayse and his Nana.....

Chayse and his Great Aunty Chris.... well I am "Great" !!! Shit, what happened to the lipstick!!! Ewwww. Cutest bubba though, bright as a button.

And it's Labour Day here, so no work or school, and we are still in bed....nice.


  1. Awwwwww, I want that baby!!!!! Sooo beautiful, couldn't you just drown in their smell and gorgeousnesssssssss. You lucky thing:)

    Hmm not clucky tho!!lol

    Congrats on the award!

  2. Cuteness!!!

    I'm glad that you have been having a good time with your sister. I made up with my sister on Saturday (my birthday). It makes the universe seem a little more balanced. Happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a good one.

  3. He's so adorable!!!

    Congrats on the award!!

  4. Aw shucks thanks honey, i'm flattered. I hope you had a fabulous day yesterday for your birthday. I'm not sure what i'm doing today, except hanging around on the computer! LOL.
    I might go out later, i'm keeping Lachie home from daycare so we can spend the day together. He wants to know where the cake is? hehe - too cute.

  5. Looks at though you had nice relaxing family fun!

    Our Labor day was over a month ago, we did have schools closed and the day off. It was nice!

    Enjoy the down time--we all need it!

  6. Dont cha just love babies so cute and cuddly, and innocent to boot but how quickly they gotta wonder how it happens and so fast................................Happy laboour day-gotta love 3 day weekends :)

  7. Make the most of the quiet time. No doubt you will be as busy as a bumble bee soon!!!! Happy you had a great weekend with family :)

  8. Congrats! That's one cute baby!

  9. AWWWW so cute, I'm a sucker for the littlies.

  10. Put the baby down and back away Chris! Just kidding. It's so nice to be around newborns.

    That is really nice of you to award that fabulousness award to Karen and Bri (I'm not familiar with the other woman)... they deserve it.

  11. aww what a cute lil bub :) gorgeous pics!

    hope you enjoyed the rest of the long weekend :)

  12. orry I am a bit late catching up with all your news! Happy birthday and congrats on the move! Also, great to see you sharing time with your extended family, sounds like yo have had a good couple of weeks!

    Good luck with the move, I look forward to hearing all about it... :-)

  13. Anonymous12:23 AM

    How cute is that baby!!!

  14. How sweet! Glad to see you spent some time enjoying yourself on your Birthday. Things are going to be very busy for you over the next fews months. Hope you don't find it all too stressful.

  15. Glad you are feeling good! And congrats on the award!

  16. awww, what lovely photos, Chris x


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