Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, it's another lovely Monday, the best day of the week! Kids go back to school, guys go to work.... and I'm left on me Pat Malone... all alone! Yipee!!! Peace will reign.

Well, I will be busy I know, but there will be no NOISE. I don't like noise.... of the kid/bloke variety anyway. Stew has seemingly lost the ability to "talk" to the kids, all he seems to do is yell.... and I hate it. Sure, I yell too ... but not all the time!

Poor man is probably stressed out, but still, I wish he would just SHUT THE FUCK UP SOMETIMES! Oh, sorry Darling, I know you read this here blog! I was at a loss for something to say first thing this morning, and this just came to mind.

Onward... I've got a fair bit to do this morning before the Photographer arrives to take all the photos for advertising.... better get a move on. Aaaaheeemmmm.... where is me Latte?


  1. I know what you mean about the noise... I love silence too!!! Have you got the house ready for the photographer? Will we get to see the photos too??? :)

  2. Well noise... yes I dont like it much either..I have had a house full of noise all weekend!! Visitors popping in..extra kids ... arghhhh
    Almost looking forward to getting to work.. hehehe..
    kids go to dads house tonight..

  3. Mmm, can't say that I like too much noise either :-(

    Especially not of the kiddie variety, LOL.

    Hope all goes well with the photographer and like Amanda said, will we get to see the photos? (hint hint).

    Wishing you a great week!



  4. Exciting for you! Are you looking in Auckland yet? Hope it all falls into place:-)

  5. Cant wait till both my kids are at school then I can have a quiet home as well. Wow so exciting for you bet you cant wait.... Have a great week :)

  6. Your house will be famous...wooooohoooooo

  7. I think they say selling a house and moving jobs are among the top stressors (divorce is in there too!) anyone can have. I understand about the yelling at the kids thing too!
    There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it could be a long journey getting there - I speak from experience and am glad I'm on the other side of it!!!

  8. Awww mate, commiserations.

    Hopefully the painters (monthlys) will be in soon and relieve some of the bloating.

    My god you've done an awesome job getting this house ready til this point. You are a do-er alright.

  9. wow i really am way behind - totally missed that you were moving!!
    I am sure the weight gain is temporary!!

  10. Oh tell me about it - I lose a bit, put it on etc etc... It is a very stressful thing though, moving, so give yourself a break.

  11. Thanks for the bbq suggestions, really want to cook the chickens on the rotissorie do they take long???
    I am like you with food, I eat when I am bored, stressed, grumpy, a lot in winter cause I cant go outside, think I need a hobby......

  12. hey chick, hang in there, calm down a 'lot', you are doing fine, all the kilos will come off again don't worry. I hate mondays, but after a housefull this weekend, I was glad to see monday I tell you. ta. K

  13. Can understand how those kilos have gone back on....stress does it all the time for me too :( Once things settle you'll be on fire again :)

  14. Oh shit eh, so easy to put on and a bitch to lose. Never mind the circle goes on!! Love ya piccy's:)

    You've had a lot of stress so it's no wonder....ban the bad food!!!

    Glad the photograher went well:)

    Onwards and downwards hey?

  15. ok, you want commiserations, I think we could wallow in misery together at the moment. Life my end is all exciting and luffley, EXCEPT for me and my darn relationship with food.
    "munch, munch, munch munch" I've eaten dinner but have just sat down with a med size bowl of fiajoa flakes, milk and some lite yoghurt. I don't even think I was hungry, but just wanted something sweet.
    I also hate that bloated ick feeling. At the moment I feel like i've grown a double chin and its swinging and dancing around under my head. (ick)

  16. just bear in mind 4kgs put on in two weeks, a lot of that is goig to be water and wil come off quick enough!

  17. I feel the same bout yelling in our house ... hate yelling.

  18. I havent even ventured on to my scales!!
    You were brave!

  19. I like my peace and quiet too! Went to a friends house this weekend and it was quite nuts, kept nudging DH under the table to leave. Finally caught on thank goodness it was back to our peaceful little world.

    Sorry to hear about the stessful eating consequences. This week will be better! You can do it.

    I'm sure you must be exhausted and needed that well deserved sleep in.

    The house looks wonderful. Hope you get that peaceful day you're looking for.

  20. Fingers crossed your house sells!

    Those frickin' kilos! Hell, I'd be pissed too, but you have to remember all the shit you've been through- house and health woes! You'll get back into the swing of things in no time! Plus, who's gonna yell at all of us to stop our whining if you crap out on us?! Come on, Chris!

  21. Hey, nice blog.

    Shame about gaining the weight you just lost, but I'm sure it'll go soon.

  22. Don't hang your head in shame, you have quite a bit going on at the moment. Once everything calms down you'll be right.

    Can't wait to see the photo's of the house, don't forget to tell us which sites there on.

  23. I can't believe you love Mondays. Maybe you should keep that to yourself.

  24. Ah, PMT - no need to say anything else. Getting a house ready to sell is high stress level. So, don't be surprised if it gets worse.


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