Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Went to sleep last night ... don't remember another thing till.... Stew and Brylee sitting next to me twittering like a couple of idiots... waiting for me to wake up so Brylee could open her presents... oh joy!

So, I drag myself up in the bed and groggily attempt to look all excited while she does the present opening.... now that's done... and I can update then think about getting up outta bed... sounds like an awful, wet and windy day out there.... great, kids will be stuck inside again. At least Brylee will have something to do!

Griffin is happy too, Stew gave him a new rugby ball that came with (:get this) a sellotape order through work! So he's happy too.

It looks like I have TOM again (only) so I suppose that is good, it's nothing else. I am going to seriously think about getting a hysterectomy, but it's going to cost $8,000 cos the public health system won't do it unless it's absolutely necessary.... and it ain't yet. So if I do it, it will have to be done by a private hospital, and we don't have health insurance!


  1. excuse my ignorance but I just have to ask I have heard it called a lot of things but why TOM? I have never come across this one before

  2. Happy Birthday Brylee! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday Brylee!!!
    I am glad it is just TTOM and not something more serious...
    I have been eating like a machine this week coz of miine.. that and some gluten slipped thru when i went out for dinner and has given me grumbly belly.. so feeding that too!!! grrrrrrrrr
    Oh well just a minor setback on the scales..
    have a top day!

  4. Happy Birthdya Brylee!!!

    I personally think the money spent on the op is worth it with all the trouble you have.

    Can't wait till school holidays are finished... he he he

    Love Chubbymum

  5. So that fact you're in pain doesn't count towards making something medically necessary? What utter $hit! Gotta love those insurance companies.

    That game the kids are playing looks fun.

  6. ****sniggering back at you!!!! LOL Will have to bring our bike back in from the garage then we can do it together too.......ROFL. (only the treadmill is inside at the moment !!!!)
    Very Happy Birthday Brylee :)

    Yep ice counts as water.......could take a while to get enough to equal 2litres though :)

  7. Happy birthday Brylee!! Hope she enjoys her special day:-)

  8. Happy birthday Brylee!!!!

    C, I eat ice by the bucket full during the warmer weather. It has to count towards your water consumption. I get so annoyed when I go into the freezer only to find that all the ice is gone (the kids eat it too) and the last person to empty out the ice trays didn't refill them with water!

    Glad it was on TTOM. :)

  9. Just relax missy and enjoy the storm and the kids company. You need to chill for a week or two to let the body get well.

  10. That real sad news I love reading your blog-some people need to get a life, how will read my blog now :(

  11. Ice counts.

    I reckon you should start a "PAY FOR CHRIS' HYTERECTO" drive and see if you can get that $8K!

  12. Chris, I've been meaning to comment on this post for days but I got distracted by other things LOL
    Apparently cravings for ice is a symptom of an iron deficiency.
    With all your bleeding, could be a strong possibility perhaps?
    K xxx


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