Thursday, October 04, 2007


I want everyone to know, yes there are two sides to the story.... I have made some comments in my time as a blogger that have been thoughtless I'm sure, but please remember you who have your side, they have NEVER been meant with malice. What I reacted to on Tuesday night was a hateful email sent to me by AKG, not Kitty..... but AKG has gotten away with it cos she has a private blog. Kitty's comment did not worry me in the least, it was AKG's reaction that was the problem. I am sorry Kitty has borne the brunt of this, she did not deserve that, AND KITTY I AM SORRY ABOUT THAT.

To everyone out there, I AM NOT PERFECT, I CAN SAY THINGS THAT COME ACROSS THE WRONG WAY.... so please accept that.

I thank everyone to came to my defense ... you are all lovely people..... I do not deserve it cos I know in my heart that I do say things that are stupid sometimes. BUT PEOPLE, I am only human.

Please let this be over now, I did not start blogging to get embroiled in this sort of controversy, it is totally unnecessary.

Kitty, Emma, Tiny Donna, Sue and anyone else out there hurt by this.... I am sorry. I am a fool.


  1. I agree - let it be over:-)

    Try and forget about it Chris - big hugs!

    Smile and have a great day:-)

  2. its like a shortland street on your blog....

    ..hope things are getting better and everyone is happy and moving on...

    it will be a good day..!

  3. Hi Chris, Thought I should come and visit you today. You know how I feel about things, and as I've said before.. I know you are a good person, and that you don't mean to upset people.

  4. Nicely put. You come across as likeable, Chris H.

  5. Woohooo for the loss my friend that is fantastic...

    Have a great day at work.

    Big hugs

    Love Chubbymum

  6. Yesterday is over, today is A LOVELY NEWWWW DAY!! Enjoy it!!

    It is my bed time now, I will be back in the morning. Nite nite sweets.

    Hugs to ya hun xx

  7. 500 gram loss........YEE HA!!!

    Glad everything is back to normal, I was hyper ventillating just thinking about you not blogging...hahaha.

    Try not to buy too much at the hospice today - yeah right! Ha, that could make a good Tui advert.

  8. Well done on your loss this week Chris... awesome effort...;o)
    Now I better get this lard arse intot he shower..boohoo.. weighbridge night tonight and I know I have had a ripper gain...pffffttttttt I have eaten out about 5 times this week.. and they havent all been light salads... hehe.. garlic potatoes... creamy garlic prawns on chicken breasts... Huuuuuuuuge jacket potato just to name a couple... doh!!!

  9. Well done on the loss fact very well done :) Hope you have a great day at the shop and find some good bargains as a bonus :)

  10. Yep let it rest!:)

    Ooh back to the hospice, don't spend too much:)

    Have a good day

  11. Glad to see you back blogging again, Chris.

    You are back where you belong ;-)

    Don't let 'em grind you down!!


    Lins xx

  12. Enjoy your day at the Hospice Chris, wonder what you'll buy today. Can't wait for pics.

  13. Yay on the loss!, And you don't need people like that in your life! You did deserve how you were treated! You are a wonderful chick, who is honest, loving, friendly, kind(I could be here all day :D) Yes you may tell it like it is but thats why we LOVE YOU!
    Take care hon! hope you have a good day, at least you get time away from your kiddies :D
    (Ok i've said my peace...moving on)

  14. opps I think I said you did deserve how you were treated i meant to say you DIDN'T opps :S

  15. i agree Chris, try and forget about it. I am so glad to hear too that you arent going to "quit bloggin"!! what ever would we do without you!?
    have a great day!

  16. Hey there Chris

    Looks like I have missed some dramas, but then again, I had enough at my wedding so didn't really need any more.

    You are a big hearted woman and I think your straight talking ways can have you a bit misconstrued at times. Just keep on being yourself.

    love jules

  17. As you said, you are only human!! I am glad it is over ..... Yay for the loss!!!

  18. Girl, we love you because you are human, not despite it!

  19. Smile. Gotcha. School hols are nearly over.

    So what did you buy that's too big for the scooter. Intriguing.

    Flippin cold here too. I just wish someone would switch on the sun.

  20. I knew you couldn't stop're addicted like I am aren't ya? We'd miss you too much if you stopped too. I've come to like going through my blog roll and you are one of them I like to see what you are up to every day!
    Good going on seeing a loss.

  21. Thankyou for the wonderful chat! You sound so sexy on the phone!! Isn't it amazing we live in different countries and we sound just up the road!?!
    Have a LOVELY day.

  22. The photo is funny, it looks like he is coming out of the frame on the wall!

    As far as what controversy I missed, I am glad you are human too. I say things and we all say things. Sometimes they seem harsh. Sometimes they are. We have to be able to be honest somewhere. At least in the blog world we can try. You are not a malicious person!

    See you!

  23. Glad to hear you are feeling content.

  24. glad you are back and in good form :) made my day. Hope you are surviving the holidays, not long and they will be over gosh how fast is this year going.

  25. You are definately sounding happier today, which is good to hear. Loved the photo of Griffin. Oh and your such a tease keeping your retail therapy from us until tomorrow.

  26. Heya Chris,

    Glad to hear that your scandal can be put behind you.

    Wahoooooo for you new purchases...can't wait to see! I love a good bargain!

  27. Good for you, I'm so happy you stayed on track. Glad to see your spirits are looking up. Can't wait to see what you bought.


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