Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have been accused of being a dreadful person... maybe I am... I sometimes don't think before I post a comment, and come across the wrong way to what I intended...
So until I can get my head around these issues, I will no longer be blogging or commenting on other's blogs.
It was fun ... but I cannot take the hurt that has been heaped on me today.
GOODBYE FOR NOW... maybe I'll be back, not sure.

To the sanctimonius HATERS out there, and you know who you are..... DON'T GO THINKING YOU HAVE WON AND GOTTEN RID OF ME.... cos you havn't... I will be back..... until then...


"You are judgemental, insensitive, ignorant and clearly, not very fucking bright"

"I'm really beginning to question your mindset. Seriously. WHY do you say the things you do on other people's blogs? Do you actually think that you are in any way relevant, helpful ... or even interesting? You're not."

"PLEASE. Just put brain in gear before using mouth/typing."

"Perhaps, Chris, you are just trying to "be one of the gang" in which case, I suggest you stop. Please. You're not."

KINDLY WRITTEN BY Arron's Kiwi Girl (AKG), private blogger.

OH YES! Before I forget... the girl who's blog I left the so called terrible comment on (now deleted name to avoid her being in the middle, sorry E) sent me a lovely email last night to assure me that I had not in any way offended her. So there K and AKG, seems you are the only ones with the problem.

Wednesday: 3rd October 2007.....

Life goes on... up early this morning... took Steve to hospital at 6.45 am to have his Heart Monitor finally taken outta his chest... then took him home and left him in charge of the kids while I left town for Levin.... had some business over there. It was FREEZING, lots of fresh snow on the hills even !!!!

It's not a very good picture (below), but there IS SNOW on those distant hills!

I am still in "thinking" mode, but am over the hurt... I will be continuing to blog... but will be much more MINDFUL of how my comments COULD be taken.... I will not be changing my style to SUIT anyone though..... take me or leave me, I AM WHO I AM..... if I was being nasty there would be a lot of swear words thrown in here... but I am not. There has been enough nastiness today/yesterday... please let it rest.
Thank you for all the support over the day.... most appreciated.

Some of you will be thinking... silly woman for saying she was going to stop blogging... then see.... I am still blogging like I have never been away! My reaction last night was a total knee jerk reaction to the hurt I was feeling.... silly me thinking I could not blog eh? But at the time I really felt that I did not need or want to continue.... ah well... a bit of time changes a lot.

END OF DAY: end of story...tomorrow back to normal.

NSV: Well it is from the scales... lost .500 grms, this is good.


  1. OMG Some people are idiots. Even thought I don't know you I think you are a wonderful person. I always read your blog several times throughout the day and enjoy everybit, you are very honest and say things as they are and I like that. I have read your comments on others blogs and don't see issues. You will be very missed, please don't stay away.

    You rock at blogging mum....
    Build a bridge and get over it, Im sure us kids have done worse! You cant take a break from being a mum just cause we say something you dont like, good god you would kick our arse... or if not get it verbally!
    Your blog has been getting read for how long now? BLOODY AGES
    We ALL know how blunt you can be, but your straight up caring and honest.... thats what friends are! Get over it PEOPLE!!!!


  4. Chris that is disgusting. I love reading your blog and I always take you for what you are. Nothing you have ever said has offended me. I always have a good giggle about the things you say.

    I'm sure you have a lot more positive support than negative so I really hope to see you back again soon.

    I am going away for a month but I will try and keep in touch through a cafe like you suggested.

  5. You are the BESTEST blogger around (definitely right at the top of my list)! I love reading your blog and check in reguarly throughout the day (at work) to see if you have added anything else to it :) You are one very honest woman and that is one thing that I love about you!
    Please don't stay away for to long hun! YOU ROCK!!!!
    *hugs* hun xxx


  7. Well, if the people who are saying these things had actually met you in person, then they would realise that you are a REAL person, you say what you think and there ain't nothing wrong with that! A lot more people in this world could actually benefit from being more like you girl!! Honesty goes a long way in life!!! *hugs* to you and I'll be watching for your comeback :)

  8. Please dont worry about being honest about how you feel. I love reading your blog and any comments you leave me are welcome and certainly enjoyed.

    If others dont like how others view there blog then they shouldnt have a blog. I shall now step off my soapbox and allow someone else a turn.

    Love you lots and hope that you come back to us soon.

    Kim and Erynn

  9. Chris, that is so sad. I have enjoyed reading your blog daily and love how 'straight up' you are. A spade is a spade :) Having met you in person I can only say it's too bad those saying these things have no idea of what a generous caring person you really are. I love your sense of humour and don't find it offensive at all. Geez I am always putting my foot in my mouth....just ask my kids!!!I will miss you and only hope that we can keep up some contact. Take care :)

  10. OMFG - I read your blog several times a day. You are up the top of my list and I think you are great for saying things as they are. Dont stop blogging!!!!!

  11. omgggggggggggggggggggggg DONT STOP BLOGGIN!!!!!!!

    SORRY FOR BEING SLACK LATEly...END OF TERM AND HOLIDAYS...you know life of a teacher lol....

    i love you blog and your comments....dont give the egg nogs teh pleasure of stopping..

    hope you're ok!?!?!

  12. Chris, I've obviously missed something - but guessing there's some poor unfortunate creature who doesn't share our love of life and wacky sense of humour. Feel sorry for them but don't punish all us other poor souls who look forward to our daily dose of Chris H and look forward to your funny and often incredibly supportive comments.
    Rise above, lovely lady
    Z xx

  13. hey
    you know you will be missed lots!
    I like checking your blog during the day to see what you have been up to.
    But you have to do what is best for you.
    I also like the comments you leave on my blog.
    I look forward to when you are back!
    Amanda and I are meeting Ang and maybe Sarah at Queensgate on Saturday at 1pm incase you are down in welly and would like to meet up with us.
    Have a great week!

  14. You may be blunt, Chris, but you're honest and there's never any malice in what you say.

    Come back soon!

  15. I'm one of those annoying "lurkers" who doesn't normally comment but I have to agree with what others have said here Chris. You don't know me but I have really enjoyed reading your blog since discovering the link off Karen's blog - I love your style and value the way you write so honestly. I hope you will reconsider your decision - if you enjoy blogging (which I suspect you do), then don't let a few people's opinions stop you - you don't have to post on their blogs, and they don't have to read yours. You will be definitely missed if you do stop.

  16. I haven't visited you in a while, and read all your posts........you're such a dedicated blogger, I like that in you.

    Then I read your latest post and I can't believe that someone has hurt you..........

    I don't know what you were accused of, but I hope that you decide to return to blogging. You come across as an honest person, who is caring and says how it is...

    HOpe to see you back soon. Will keep checking just in case.

  17. Well please continue to comment on my blog! Don't let a few people stop blogging. If they don't want to read your blog fine and if they don't like you commenting on their blogs then fine too but the rest of us are Ok with it! :)

  18. Wow! What happened?? You gotta keep blogging!!

    Hugs x

  19. Who owns the problem ..not you hurry back

  20. Anonymous11:34 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Oy, don't you dare let any small minded trogs take you away from those that love you. F*ck 'em I say - or out them and we'll all give them a bloody good serve. I bet it's some of those whinging "I never lose weight" "oh woe is me" pains in the arse who couldn't take the truth if it smacked them in the face and who spend all day sneaking stuff they shouldn't be eating and thinking it's okay, or making excuses for every bloody thing they don't do and then wondering why they're not getting anywhere. (You know who i'm talking about).
    As far as i'm concerned you're one of the best, most honest and truly caring people in blogland and anybody who says otherwise should just STFU!!
    You gorgeous daughter says it all really. We love you - DO NOT let a couple of bad apples spoil it for everyone else honey.

  22. I am sorry someone has upset you. Please don't stop blogging. You are GORGEOUS!!!! You are certainly not a dreadful person. You are an important part of our blogging community and we love you xxx Come back!!

  23. Hurry back Chris, gonna miss ya heaps...


  24. You don't need to be worrying about what other people think of you my sweet - you are gorgeous, full of life, straight as an arrow, and a breath of fresh air in a world of fakes.
    Keep blogging for "you" - not for us - because we don't really matter.
    I love your comments on my blog - don't change a thing!

  25. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I'm another regular reader who reads your blog updates several times a day and it's refreshing to read your straight up, honest posts and comments.

    Don't let some insignificant bunch of losers stop you from doing what you so obviously enjoy....come back soon!

  26. I have just been over to Janene's blog and I think you should NAME AND SHAME the people AND publish the email or excerpts of it and let everyone see what these people are/have done to make you stop blogging for a time.....short time I hope, don't give them the satisfaction of stop blogging, that is what they want.

    Hugs xx

  27. I think you have more people that love your honesty and how you put things out there.

    Screw those who don't, if they don't like it they can move on.

  28. I dunno what the comment was about but don't stop blogging. You are such a generous and encouraging person and I'm sure you'd never purposely say anything to hurt anyone.

  29. You miss a day or two and things go to hell in a handbasket! Please don't leave!

  30. Hey Chris, I haven't been reading your blog for very long (I only recently found blogger), but what I have read has made me smile, and you're certainly one of the group of bloggers that keep me entertained on the way in to uni. I hope that whatever has made you feel this way pales through time, and that you'll come back.

    We'll miss you here xx

  31. Noooo...I dont believe it.
    Come back...........

  32. I agree with the rest. Don't stop blogging Chris. You enjoy it and we enjoy reading and hearing your comments too. Don't let one bad apple spoil it for you.

  33. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Chris, you're honest and there is nothing wrong with it... perhaps you provided a dose of reality that a person wasn't ready to hear... but if they weren't ready to hear it then they probably should not have blogged about it, ya know?

    I say not to worry about it, and maybe just don't comment on those people's blogs anymore.

    Keep on blogging lady!

  34. what happened? life will just be that wee bit duller without pictures of kids in washing machines... don't go!!!

  35. Anonymous6:45 AM

    the way I see it ----tell them to all take a flying leap--if you give up who is next to fall? katie put up a post about this-- I have never seen your blog until today--but I feel so strongly about this---had to come show my support --you keep right on being yourself regardless--you are open and honest--keep it up

    by the way--love the pics--what a beautiful person you are

    best of luck in all you do!!

  36. :( Dont stay away too long Chris... I love reading your blog!!! I hope you gave the people who complained you two cents worth. Keep your chin up! HUGS Amanda xox

  37. Chris, those nasty folk will be reading all these beautiful comments and laughing so don't protect them by not naming them, I say "name and shame" definitely, they wont be laughing then.

    Please dont take that the wrong way when I say, don't protect them, I know that is not what you are doing but they will feel they can say what they like and you wont reveal anything.

    I'm not trying to pry I just think they shouldn't be getting away with what they are doing.

    I thought you were made of sterner stuff anyway Chris (Sterner is there such a word?) so "COME BACK"

    You know I/we love ya to bits

    Hugs x

  38. Well what can I say after those comments!! You know how I feel though as just emailed you. There is no way you should let them get to you - hard I know but don't let them win!

  39. What the sodding hell... the last thing we need are sanctimonious bitches who have nothing better to do than bag other people... I've not met you but I love your style of writing... yes you can be full on but that's why so many people read your blog, woman!! You tell it like it is and if some skank doesn't like it that's their problem NOT YOURS.
    Please tell me you replied to this idiot and gave them a piece of your well-tuned, witty and biting mind...

  40. Well Arrons Kiwi Girl YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... this woman has the kindest heart and she is 'ONE OF THE GANG'.... go back to you hole!!

    Chris you can comment on my blog anytime you like.

    I love you for who you are... you can be straight forward but anyone that reads you and knows you knows you do it with the kindest heart and you don't mean it to be anything but love.

    I can't imagine what you had written to get such a comment but that is just not on!!!

    You know by the 30 to 40 comments left in one night that this person should not win!!! We all want you commenting on our blogs and we all love you!!! OMG I travelled almost 6 hours to come down to your place for mid winter xmas function I wouldn't do that for just anyone!!! DO NOT GIVE THIS PERSON THE SATISFACTION.... if she doesn't like your comment then Fuck her!!!!

    And as your daughter rightly put it!!! YOU ROCK AT BLOGGING and I must admit I always read your blog every day and I know I don't comment everyday but babe I am reading!!!

    Do not give up!!


  41. Well done and good for you naming and shaming. I know that wouldn't have been easy for you to reveal what someone thinks/said about and to you but now we know who the person is.

    We know why AKG has passworded her blog now don't we.

    Hey MRS dont you EVER stop commenting on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DONT STOP YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya loads Hugs x

  42. I know we've only known one another a short time, but please don't go!!

    I love reading your blog AND having a nosey at all the photos you take :-)

    You have such a lovely, wacky sense of humour. Don't let these people chase you away.

    If *they* don't wanna read your blog and/or comments, well, they can just bugger off. Can't they?


  43. my turn :D ... its pretty simple really ....

    "dont go"

  44. Please don't stop.
    You much stronger than these silly 'fucktards'
    If they have an issue, and the issue is defiantly theirs (I love getting comments from you) then they should simply not read your comments...

    I think your brilliant, I know when you comment you are always being your honest lovely self.

    Don't give up blogland. :o)

  45. You are wonderful your blog is the first one I read every day... and your heart is so big big enough for all your large family and for all of us out in blog land as well...If any one of us needed your help Chris you would be there to offer help and to be with anyone of us and you are always there for you family ..keep bloging we All love you..big HUGS

  46. It's Easy really mate, don't give them any credability and ignore what they wrote because you know we all love you and the way you are is the way you are (which is awesome by the way) and if other people can't handle that....too bad!

    I'm going to be bored ALL DAY now if you don't update!!!

  47. I love your blog and I like the way you say what's on your mind. I hope you don't disappear for long. You'll be missed. (o:

  48. Just about fell off my perch when I read your post this morning. Not like you to let silly bitches get to you like that.

    Anyway QT, can't ya tell you're very much loved. I can tell you're going to have a busy day today online. A record comment day even. And you haven't even had a baby which is normally the biggest comment catcher.

    There's really no point in even mentioning no more blogging - is there.

    Love ya mate.

  49. Missed your start to the day today Chris. I hope your feeling better from all the positive comments and coming back soon. We miss you.

  50. OMFG! what a b*tch!, please don't stop blogging! I love reading your blog and comments! grrrr at her!

  51. What the Fuck?? I'm actually stunned and not too sure what to say!! Your comment wasn't that bad, and Emma wasn't offended so what right does AKG have to abuse you??

    I love getting comments from you, and seriously, I take them with a grain of salt...And don't get offended... AKG must seriously have nothing better to do than sit on her computer all day, and take everything to heart. OMG. Get over it, build a bridge.

    Please keep your comments coming...

  52. I love your blog. I love your comments that you leave on my blog. I think you're the sweetest person and that you're supportive and kind. Fuck em and PLEASE come back. *snif*
    People suck and you DID NOT deserve such a horrific email.

  53. Don't stop blogging just because some narrow minded bimbo has no sense of humour. I have been reading your blog for ages & have seen numerous comments you have left on others and you are not offensive or rude. You say what you mean & give grest advice & opinions. There is always going to be people who misinterpret what is being said, just ignore them - or levae the comments there & let the blogging world give thier opinion on these comments!!

  54. Dont.

    You leave, they win. Its that simple.

  55. I have to be honest Chris and say that yes, on several occassions you have shocked me by your comments, both on my, and other people's blogs. You can be very direct, and sometimes hurtful. But, in saying this, I know that you have supported me with insensitive things I have said, and been there for me more often than not, especially when life is getting me down. You are an exceptional Mum, wife, and friend, and from the length of this commenters list, it's pretty obvious that you are well loved. I am also having serious thoughts about canning my blog, so I know where you are coming from. However, I have not been blogging anywhere near as long as you have, and have nowhere near the popularity, so the decicison for me isn't as hard. Many, many bloggers would really feel an enormous loss if you pulled the pin.
    I think that your strong fighter personality will make you fight back, you won't go Babe, I know you won't. Stand back and look at the big picture. This one tiny bullshit incident is so small and insignificant in regards to your life. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep blogging regardless.

  56. Chris, are you out of your fucking mind?! You have no need to apologise for the way that you are! You are up front and honest, which is incredibly refreshing in a world that is getting so bloody politically correct about every and each little thing.

    And how DARE you let one comment like that affect you and leave the rest of us, your devoted readers and FANS out in the lurch! Look at these comments. All 57 of them, and probably more, given that you moderate your comments and there's probably even more waiting to get the tick of approval before appearing on here. You are loved from so many angles and so many different people - and I personally would be MORE offended if you carry on NOT commenting on other peoples blogs than keeping on doing what you do.

    In short...



  57. Just saw your post today and it made my crappy day even crappier.

    I don't know how I'm going to get through a day without tuning in to your world, you know you have my support . Your no nonsense, take no prisoners slant on life has always been refreshing for me to read. I will be very disappointed if you stopped blogging but can understand the hurt you must be feeling.

    I am sure you are getting heaps of emails offering you their support, maybe you should post them on your blog to silence the critics.

    Keep ya chin up hun and don't let the turkeys get you down.

  58. Ahhh, I'm sorry Chris. I hate when people take comments so seriously, or the wrong way, and then say something nasty back. I hope you don't stop blogging. If you change your address, be sure to let me know :)

  59. ;o) Good to see it is taking a little more than a hateful email to get you down girl... Loves ya ( and your honesty) to bits...

  60. God, what a friggin PC world we live in when people take a few words and twist them to make someone the wicked witch from the west... I often put my foot in it, but I know from all the time Ive been reading your blog, that you are a caring,loving individual... dont give up on yourself... the problem is theirs not yours, why the hell do people think they have a right to condemn... Chin up babe... keep on keeping on,


  61. YAY! Jumps for joy, Chris is back.

  62. All the photos of your little kids I understand, but how you get your big ones to pose is beyond me. Be thnkful that I am not one of your kids because you'd have buckley's with me!


  63. Good to see you back Chickee :) You should've called in on your way to Levin.....the jug is always on round here LOL. :)

    Very proud of you!
    I will boast and say it!
    I TOLD YA SOOO... :-)
    To many people love adore and admire you, for you to stop blogging.
    The "POLL" has spoke... YOU STAY

    PS Would love to give who said you werent relevant or bright I huge piece of my mind!!! ... They dont know you at ALL!!! %$#@! !$#@#

    Blogger from the world of "Crazy Kids and Husband" (:-P) Diet Coke, Hospice and Home DIY Stays!!

    xox Amanda

  65. Great to see you have let sleeping Kittys lie .....

  66. Whatever Chris. It's obvious that you can feel the love in all these comments. Don't let a couple of nasties affect you - look at the people that do appreciate you and your style. The way you speak and comment keeps me coming back. You remind me of myself. I love your personality and I would hate if you stopped blogging.

  67. yay you are back!
    and look at that 66 comments!
    see we all love you!

  68. Wow, I guess I picked a good day to visit. I feel like I walked right into the middle of something. Not sure why someone would complain about your comment when Emma wasn't offended by your comment on her blog.

  69. We do know you - whatever you say comes from the heart! Pleased you aren't giving up!!!!

  70. hey chick what has happened, how dare anyone upset you, i would die if i didn't have your blog to read on a daily basis, it gives me a boost,and brightens my day. You make comments on my blog, and I love having you stop by. don't give up girly. your the best. K

  71. My jaw is dropped. Arrons Kiwi Girl - please fuck off. Thanks!

    Now listen girl, come on over and swear and carry on any old time you like on my blog! I have read this blog of yours, AND i have had the pleasure of meeting you, so I feel qualified to say you are a 100% TOP CHICK and if people don't get you - who CARES!

    As for you not being in the GANG - are we in HIGH SCHOOL!? If the answer is YES - then come be in my gang any day. I'd be honoured.

    And I'm sorry, but what type of name is "Arrons Kiwi Girl"? Do you not have your own personality? Are you defined by your man!

    Love, Ewen's Aussie Girl,(*BLURGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*)

    the crankier one xxxx

  72. Yah that you are going to keep blogging. :))

  73. I am sooo pleased you are not giving AKG the satisfaction of not blogging.

    And like I said in my email, never mind you trying to be one of the gang...."CAN I BE IN YOUR GANG?"....WOOOOHOOOO

    Hey! If AKG can do the playground stuff then I CAN DO IT BETTER BABY!
    BOGOF AKG and I don't mean buy one get one free....*snigger*
    I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but you really didn't need to be so insulting and down right blummin evil to Chris AKG, I'm sure you could have just said you didn't agree.
    You have read and are probably still reading Chris's blog and comments so surely you have realised that Chris is a little more outspoken but that is what makes Chris, Chris....the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same so Chris can be so uplifting and it is fab! I have to say Chris is a nice lady, she even opened her home up to people she just knew through the internet and from what I read she made them very welcome, now that takes someone special to do something like that.

    Chris, I have read your blog since DAY ONE HUN and I have no intentions of stopping......ooooohhhh nooooo

    Love ya hun xx

  74. Thank goodness you came to your senses. Congrats on the lose. ((HUGS)). So happy you reconsidered.

  75. You are a strong women.
    And there are some idiots out there.

  76. Not sure what you said, and I obviously missed the whole thing, but I support you, even if it is late!

  77. Well, I think your blog is perfectly fine. Don't let one person put you off - you can only be you and not everyone has to like you do they? I can see by ALL of the comments you have here that you are very much liked.

  78. And, I meant to add that I have NEVER seen so many comments on one post!!!

  79. Oh eeek. I missed all the drama. Chris, I'm sure that you would never post anything out of malice.

    Sometimes this media is all set up for misunderstandings. Nobody can see tone of voice or facial expressions.

    I'm so glad you're blogging! Don't stop!

  80. Fuck. Lucky I've seen that this resolved itself in the end but seriously Chris, you are who you are and I don't see any malice at all.

    Mate, fuckwits like Aarson Kiwi Girl like to do a little thing called levelling. If they feel you are better than them (more popular blog?) they'll do anything to chip away to bring you to their level.

    Also, there's a 'gang'? If so, who the fuck is AKG? Never heard of her.


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