Sunday, October 14, 2007


Anyone would think we lived in Wellington, with the winds we have today! It is not raining .... yet.... I think Stew is very lucky he got the lawns mown yesterday.

Talking of Stew, me darling is still in bed, having a sleep in for once. I'm up doing the "mother" thingee... so I better go feed them I suppose! Looking forward to when they can do it themselves for sure.

Later on Stew and I are getting out into the back shed to sort through everything in there, I reckon there will be another load heading off to the Hospice Shop come Monday. Yipee, Operation De-Clutter is nearly over.


  1. Hiya chuck
    The wind really bums me right off...I HATE IT!! I would rather the rain than the wind.

    More de-cluttering....go get it girl....YeeeHaaa

    Hugs to you hun xx

  2. RE-Comment:
    I didn't realise that washing machines were supposed to last 10 years because all my washing machines only last about 5 years maximum except for one which was our first machine which lasted for 12 years.

    Yours is still going strong after 8 years....FAB!! And from what I have seen on your blog, you do a lot of washing also, like myself. I feel my washer is never off. I seem to have it going most days and all day at that.

    Ah well, a necessary expense.

    Hugs to you xx

  3. You wont know what to do with yourself when you have finised?! Or will you?!
    Carry on the good work!

  4. We have the windy weather up here today too.... OMG it is whistling... I love being in bed listening to that he he he.

    We are in the decluttering mood today too and going to attack my wardrobe again and our bedroom woohooo


  5. Even if operation de-clutter is nearly over I am sure you will find something else to keep you busy...
    Off on a day trip today... it is 8.15 am and as soon as i finish my grooten free muesli (home made) we are off...
    heading to a place called Penguin... there is a big market there... oh and i am taking my camera!! ;o)

  6. I love getting rid of the crap, makes you feel good, tried to get rid of the husbands clothes cause he only ever wears the same thing well he started going on about family earlooms have you every heard such rubbish apparantly the mistake I made was showing him and doing it while he was there at least I know for next time lol

  7. Wind shits me, hate it but it dries my washing I spose!

    Man, you must be nearly finished de-cluttering eh? I would love to just chuck everything out and start again....(dreaming!!)


  8. Stew and the dog engrossed in the telly! LOL! That photo cracks me up!

  9. Don't believe it - buess where we went this afternoon - Foxton Beach!! Went out for lunch there, - it was wild!!!!

  10. Oh, it is so windy here today too! Makes me want to get all my hair cut off.

    Sounds like you are doing really well with your de-cluttering.

    What about McCains Healthy Choice straight cut chips (oven bake) - 2 and a 1/2 points per 125g serve? They are yummy....

  11. Not sure if I should have noticed it earlier but I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADING! Love the Diet Coke can! It's just perfect!

  12. We spent the afternoon watching our young friend finish putting the Bar b Que together so didn't get out to the Beach for our Sunday drive LOL. Love looking at the ocean when it's like that. Makes you feel kinda small in the whole scheme of things!!! It's turned bliming cold too and the wind isn't letting up so gonna go hop in the spa to warm up!!! :)

  13. Had a chill in my bones all day yesterday. Couldn't shake it. Bloody wind was like ice. Still didn't stop us from having a barbie tho. I was that determined. Sick of this weather and Sundays always turning to crap.


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