Monday, July 16, 2007


HI CARA! Hope you are up and getting yourself ready for SCHOOL today!!!! *snigger, snigger*.

Stew is up getting the kids dressed, making their lunches and where am I? Still in bed!!! Ahhhh, suppose I better get up and get going, take them to school and then...

- walk Izzy

- go to the gym

- go buy paint

- do some housework

- finish painting picture

Life is sweet today..


  1. Have a great day! Great to start the day off with a smile.

  2. That's good news about a new baby, hope that it 'breaks' the ice with her partner and he starts feeling better towards you! Typical to put stuff on trade me and then get that news!

    Good luck with the hospital and that you hear soon.

  3. Ring the Hospital:P

    You should sell your paintings thay are always fabulous.
    Have a great day.

  4. I just love those LIFE IS SWEET days!! Great to hear you sounding so content with life.

    You just reminded me ... sheesh hope my op isn't booked for August either!! doubt it tho, they are taking SOOOOO LONG getting back to me. Still waiting since Feb, hope yours is a bit sooner.

  5. You are one talented chicky, the picture looks great. Oh and have you rung the hospital?

  6. Congrats on another Grandchild!! I hope you patch thing up with #3 .... that sounds horrid for you!
    Great picture you drew .... I love the colour on the walls....

  7. Lord, that's scary you talking about putting your baby stuff on trade me then the next you're going to be a granny again. Lets get one thing straight mate. We'll have none of that talk around me!!!!

    The room looks good. We'll be wallpapering Krystals room soon ready for when she comes back for visits. We've never done it before - how hard is it?

    I do admire your get up and go with your home improvements, thats for sure.

  8. Good work on the picture... you certainly seem to have an arty side to you, and plenty of motivation to get things done.

    Hope that your op gets sorted out soon... nothing worse than a long wait. I was lucky to get my nose done so quickly, and that doesn't even compare to your op!

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  9. I so agree with making your own curtains. I finally got the quote from a shop in Thames to do a pair for Evianah's room. The fabric was $54 a metre (with little pink and purple cotton pom poms all over it) the quote came it at a smidgen under $1000. so I've hunted for curtain fabric while in Auckland and got a similar type thing for $29.95 a metre. So including cotton, loops for the rod etc, its costing me under $120 for a smiliar looking curtain.

  10. Wow did you do the room by your self or did you pay someone? It look great oh and did you do the painting aswell?

  11. Wow, I'm always impressed with all your redecorating and how busy you always are!
    Congrats on your going to be a grandma again! I hope you can mend things with your daughter.

  12. That wallpaper looks amazing! What a great job. Can you please come and help me do my house next?

  13. The room looks fabulous! Love the wall color!!

    Did you ring the hospital?????

    **must jump on the nagging bandwagon**


    It's b/c we love you!

  14. Wow... looks great...

    love the crown molding....

    and you painted that picture???

  15. Hey Chris, yay the kids are back at school! Mike's room is looking great :)

    Hey there was an ad in the Guardian, some organisation is looking for volunteer budget advisers and I immediately thought of you! Have still got the paper if you want me to get the details.

  16. :P:P

    i'm tired, i'm grumpy...HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    but i'm going to be having a shower tonight ;)

  17. You are a talented chickie babe neat painting. All over bedroom looks fantastic.

  18. Glad you've had a good day! There's something about smorgasbords isn't there? It's like you think you HAVE to eat to the exploding stage just because it's included in the price, I know that feeling only too well.

  19. Congrats on the new grand-baby. Hope the unpleasant family matters work themselves out.

    Your room looks lovely. Wish I had your motivation. So much I need to do in the house just keep putting it off.

    Take care. Have a great day.

  20. You are getting your steps in every day, and I think that your consistency is the key to success. I have been trying to do the same thing by doing cardio every day and not skipping days. hopefully it will pay off this month with some losses.


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