Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Firstly: Jules, no $700 on groceries would be for a fortnight, and my weight it kinda up and down.... so stagnant again me thinks. Getting sick hasn't helped cos now I'm finding it hard to get back into the exercise... and I'm enjoying doing some more around the house instead.

That said.... I'm off to the gym first thing today for RPM, my most favourite exercise, followed by an Upper Body Workout. Then I'm off to buy paint etc for my next "project"... tryptic for rumpus room. Not sure on it's "theme" yet... but it will come to me I'm sure!
Thank you to those who have visited Karen's blog, any words of encouragement/support will be gratefully recieved along her journey to health again.

My favourite place (sometimes).. City Fitness.. doesn't look much from the outside eh? But it is huge, it's awesome, has the nicest people working there, and I did an awesome workout there this morning after RPM.... I didn't enjoy RPM as much today as there was a different instructor and she did a so-so routine and I couldn't hear or understand a bloody word she said, so had to just try and follow what people around me were doing.

I then went to Mitre 10 (another favourite place) and bought 3 big sheets of wood to paint my tryptic on... and then tried getting them out of the shop! Every aisle I went down was blocked with pallets or unpacked merchandise, and then my wood fell off me trolley 3 times while I tried to get around stuff, so I ended up getting really mad and yelled "OH BUGGER IT!" very LOUDLY.... That worked! I had 3 blokes run over and help me! So, all in all an eventful morning.

In case you are cringing, I don't give a rats arse about getting mad in public either! It was so frustrating and I'm not the most patient person. Get over it, I never said I was NICE.

Been asleep! Such a Nana I am! Anyway, almost time to go get the kids...

KAREN: Me tell your boss??? NEVER!!! But remember, he reads my blog too mate! (and at work!)

AKG: tryptic colour? Most likely predominantly blue... I LOVE BLUE.

Well, have been out helping Karen ( find out how to put photos etc on her blog... so that was nice.... left the kids with Mike, expected him to put them to bed.... ha ha, what were we thinking? Got home at 8.30 and they were still up. Oh well, never mind.

Rest of the evening should be quiet... so nite nite!



  1. success!
    nothing more to say..))
    And stay out of the 'diet' programs...

  2. Thanx for the welcome, really appreciate it :)
    As for the pics for the rumpus room... What about cows?

  3. Wahoo, back to RPM!! After a hiatus of any kind (sickness, laziness or whatever) it is so hard to get back into the swing of things, workout-wise. Good for you!

  4. $700 a fortnight on groceries for a family your size (albiet people popping in and out all week) is great going!!!

    I started one of those tri thingy paintings once. Got as far as buying everything, drawing it all on in pencil and that's it! It's still sitting at mum's ... unfinished!

  5. Wow, what a blog Chris. I'll have to figure out how to 'tart' mine up like yours haha.
    Next appointment Friday 3rd with Plastic Surgeon so ball is rolling anyway. Karen
    PS Don't tell the boss I'm looking at blogs during worktime!!! Haha

  6. I sometimes wish I could get mad at the time I'm ticked off, but I just can't in front of strangers. (not face to face) BUT on the phone, I've got no problem telling some poor person from telecom that I dread calling them as the run around I get makes me wonder if they are running a circus. lol.

    If I get the run around in a shop I may search for something sarcastic to say (to indicate my frustration) but most of the time I just leave then bleat about it to whoever will listen. lol (either my sister, friend, or if knowones available, you lot will all hear about it in blogland). Mwwwwwha.

  7. Anonymous1:42 PM

    What colour are you going to do your three-painting-deal (forgot the word you used)???


  8. oh update, I don't think I told telecom they were running a circus, I think I actually said they were running a three ringed circus. (because thats a lot more of a fiasco you know. lol lol)

  9. I somehow guessed blue was your favourite colour.

    I love the pics Zannas posted.

  10. OMG... $700 a fortnight for groceries? How many is that for? We spend approx $180 a week and that includes wine, meat and everything. That is for Stu and me all week (and Joanna and Fletcher about 4 meals a week) plus its for the two boys lunches four days a week. Stu thinks I spend a lot!!! We don't get takeaways but do have one brunch out a week plus one night meal usually at the pub.

  11. Good on you for getting some help and attention in the shop.

    I love blue too.

  12. Hey Chris - I hope you don't take my last comment the wrong way. I read it and though you might think I was judging you or something. I just obviously have not caught up with what it costs these days to feed a big family - how on earth do people manage?

  13. Least you got your point across at Mitre 10!! That sounds like our Bunnings, you have to step over everything and be greatful you don't get lost!!

  14. Glad to see you made it back to the gym. Certainly doesn't take much to mess up a routine, getting back at it is never easy. Groceries are expensive everywhere. What you going to do, gotta eat. Have fun working on your project.

  15. Hey, I get angry in public sometimes also. It is so annoying when stores leave pallets etc in the aisles, they should employ more night staff to stack the shelves during the night ready for the shoppers.

    I will check out your friends blog tonight, I was going to last night but I quickly updated my blog and read my faves and then had to get on with jobs so didn't get the chance then.

    Have a good day when you read this and I can't wait to see your tryptic paintings Oh! And the bedroom on yesterdays post looks fab!

    Hugs to ya

  16. Anonymous9:17 PM

    why oh why have i never seen your fabulous blog!!??

    much love and good luck on the revised goals, i know i have had to do the same thing


    tiny d

  17. Anonymous9:46 PM

    umm i dunno haha through another ww blogger...

    im from melbourne but living in sydney now.. youre a nut too but a nice one all the same! haha

    wheee! nuts should stick together!


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