Monday, July 09, 2007


Fingers crossed and all that .... I am hoping to get to the gym today! If Mike can babysit that is.... I haven't been for about 2 weeks cos of being sick !!!! I have missed it really, but think my body needed that break for sure.

CRANKYBEE: you are a darling, not many people would be brave enough to tell me to sit down and shut up, thanks for the laugh first thing this morning ! I KNOW YA LOVE ME !!! ha ha ha.

WANNABSLIM: Oh thanks for soooo many jokes to read first thing too !!! Just loved the belly button one!


  1. I didn't realize how far you had to come. It's such a battle, isn't it? I hope I look half as good as you when I get these pounds off. Good for you Mamma!

  2. Looking back at how I used to be works for me too! I think it's so easy to forget how far we've come.

  3. I love the dolls house, I am serching for one here for my little one too.

    Im off to get me some fat photos, not weighing in today......

  4. thats such a good idea!!!

    i saw some photos from a wedding I was in last year and the difference holy moly!!! its like we're different people a....well we are arent we?!?!?!

    YOU SO ROCK!!!!

  5. Oh I love your hair in that shot of you and your spunky man! I will have to post a noice FATTY pic of me today!

    I am going to the gym as well...and I so don't want to !


  6. Wow that is unreal!! You have done an awesome job to get where you are today! keep up the good work :)

  7. You've come quite far dear! Keep it up!

    And WHERE did you get that doll house, I have to get sarah one!

  8. I totally agree chris!! I looked back at some of mine the other day and wow!! You look fantastic tho! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the doll house! My daughter wants to come and live at your house now because of it (that and you live so much closer to auntie donna -- she is in B.O.P , NZ!! lol)

  9. Aww love the doll house...
    Thanks for posting the before pics of you... it is always good to have a reminder isnt it...
    specially when I think I am a lardy arse cos I gained 400gms... doh... yeah but I have lost fkn 34... man we can be so hard on ourselves hey!!!
    Oh and you would be proud of me..I went and did another 40 min walk yesterday...
    Might get out now while the sun is shining and hit the pavment again...
    Trying to write a fkn hand written job application at the moment... arghhhhh I havent applied for a job for nearly 20 years... (other jobs have just been by word of mouth) I am sooooo stressed...
    New laws out here now... as I am a single parent..I have to now start looking for more work.. my casual work isnt enough to keep them happy... fkn better believe it...
    I have to do a 2 week intense training course starting tomorrow to help me get prepared to enter the workforce...
    yipp fkn eee .... I am stressed... did I tell you I am stressed???
    yup stressed...

  10. Look at you. Diet coke does rock and so do you!

    There are no fat photos of me because I hid from the camera.

    I've taken off almost thirty pounds in the last year. Twenty five to thirty to go though.

    Man it's hard.

  11. What a wonderful idea with the pics.

    How can you not be proud of yourself when seeing the cold hard facts like that aye.

    Hope you made it to the gym.

  12. Wow Chris, the difference in those photos is amazing. You should be very proud of what you have achieved.

  13. Wow what a difference in the photos..

    Would love to see one of you smiling though... enjoying how beautiful you look now you have lost all that weight.

    Photos look fantastic hun!!

    OMG that hair aye... was it in the 80-90's? I rememeber having my hair up on my head like that woohoo.

    Love Chubbymum

  14. Love the new photo. Yes you are right looking back from where you came from really puts in it perspective.

  15. Great before pictures - it sure does give you reason to be super proud of yourself. You have come a long way and this really makes you think - and realize that each day was worth it. It was really hard for me to post my pictures, but I feel better now. Keep it up. Take care.

  16. You are a totally hottie!!Great Job! I love before and after photos they help keep me in check.

  17. ya frikkin nutter... fancy not knowing Mike was at work... haha...

  18. Wow - look at the difference in the bone structure of your face. Does us all good to look back on the hourney. You have the most amazingly blue eyes - do you have Scandinavian heritage?

  19. Kiwi/english/french.... sounds like a bit of a mongrel breed... hehehehehe....*sneaks off before I get a boot up me bum....*

  20. Well I reckon one of your ancestors must have been violated by a viking to get those eyes!!

  21. Fuck!

    What a BIG change. Totally different person.

    We hold our weight in the same area, around our tummys. I always (still do) look pregnant.

  22. Fuck me!! I have seen before and after photos of you but these ones are the most dramatic. You have icey blue eyes like my dog!! She is a wee smart arse who is always getting into trouble too!!

  23. Like the picture girl...and at least I mentioned you on my blog! :P

  24. Those pictures say a thousand words, you have come so far!

    I hate to iron, I have found this stuff made by Downey, you spray it on the wrinkled clothing, smooth out the wrinkles and hang to dry. It really works. Not as good as an iron but still!

  25. Yeah, looking at my older, fatter photos helps me too. But, when I look at my younger, skinny ones, I'm not sure if that helps or depresses me.
    Good to hear you are feeling good again!

  26. Hey - it's me, Leslie, from My Mommy's Place. (I'm using my husband's ID since I don't have a blogger thingy-doo).

    Wow! You're looking great. I really admire you - it takes a lot of work to lose weight. Right now, I'm a "before" picture.

  27. Funny but when you were very fat you looked Chinese. I wonder how many overweight folks have had that happen to them?

    I use to get asked all the time if I had any Chinese relatives because my eyes narrowed when I was very obese.

  28. WOW!! You look great...what an accomplishment and Lord knows it's NOT easy. So proud of you, girl.


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