Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I'm thinking of my dear friend Wanna-b-slim, who starts full time work today, after being a Stay at home Mom and part-time worker... and I thank my lucky stars I don't have to! I hope she has a fantastic day/week and does not encounter too many problems.

What else: kids to school, walk Izzy, go to gym?, fluff around the house.... got a few things I need to get sorted for the Party still, wrap some Xmas presents, get the decorations out of the attic,


  1. Uhm.....stupid question.

    Why are you getting the tree down, the decorations together and presents wrapped for Xmas if its, Oh I dont know, 4 moths away?

  2. Awwww feel the luuuuuuuurv..... hehe...
    Thank you so much Chris...
    I am still dragging my feet, getting ready... just putting bandaids on my heels...Bloody boots!!!!
    Better get a move on....
    I did manage to blog this morning... hehe..I cant believe I am more addicted to bloggin than you are!!!! I am shocked!!

  3. aarrrgggg.... I get tailbone pain since having Dude! .... It kills, especially when you HAVE to sit somewhere ... I end up tossing and turning to my side ... sends others mad .... but f&$@ em. .. I'm in pain!! *sobs*

  4. Hope you had a lovely day!

  5. babe, I'm having one of those days too.

    Have had two coffees and two eggs on toast with butter (gluten and fat all rolled into one) and some cheezels. I suck

  6. Lord I had to laugh at the image that came to mind of you peeking from behind a school building to watch the kids. It was too funny. Glad nobody nabbed you though.

    Glad you got over the dumps.

  7. Aren't kids cute. The first time my daughter had to walk home by herself, I walked up to met her & she bellowed at me from 100m away to "go home Mummy I can do this by myself".
    Enjoy the class tonight.

  8. Ooh so cute them wanting to walk to you!

    Never mind about the biscuits, sometimes your body just wants shit! I ate 7 choccy ones early last week!!

    The class tonight sounds like fun and will even out the day.

  9. Cute about your kids wanting to walk by themselves. I'm sure they were darn cute.
    Yay for Wanna B getting a job and working full time!
    That exercise class sound fun, fill us in about how you liked it.

  10. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Hey, dont get me started on my letter writing, it isnt something that I chose to do.... my best mate refuses to get a computer and I have to write her letters and she lives in Scotland!!!! She is such a dinosaur!
    S x

  11. Hey dude... Survived my day... Blogger is fkn me around and not posting my post properly...
    Try tomorrow...
    But all good...
    Shit pay but will grow with my expirience apparently...
    Better than nuffin I guess.. hehe..
    chat soon... Oh and I hope you enjoyed the bisc..what sort were they???

  12. It is cute that your kids wanted to walk to meet you... :)

    Sorry about the mini-binge. My food has sucked ass lately. I'm working towards a plan of attack when we get back from NYC.

    I also get tailbone pain, probably from the fibro, so I feel for you. It's awful. Lately, my lower back hurts, too. I think from our recliners. We used to have a sofa, and I was more comfy lounging on that... the recliners are proving to be an issue.


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