Friday, July 27, 2007


Well it is! I'm sitting in bed still, thinking..... what's on today? Kids to school, walk the dog, go to gym for RPM and upper body workout.... then??? I could go to town, I could do some housework, shit.... I dunno!

So, we will just have to wait and see...


  1. It amazes me that you actually think about what will happen in your day, each day.

    I just let my day happen, never plan anything. Unless of course it's ambo day ... like today ... yeeehawwww!!!

  2. What a journal you have here... in yeaers to come you will look back and remeber so many little things that happened.. just like that tie!!!

  3. I just love to de clutter..I even read blogs about it....everything in its place or put away and rubbish out what more could we ask for...p.s. stew looks very handsome in his new tie..

  4. oh dear I think i mucked up my comment somewhere sorry

  5. Stew is very handsome in his new tie!

    The bottles are great, as for de-cluttering Im STILL going, and yes it is very liberating!!

  6. Blonde moment huh?

    It amuses us in the peanut gallery...

  7. Alright on finding a good use for those bottles. Looks nice.
    I'm glad you got a surgery date set! Then you can get this behind you.
    I am working on cleaning out the house too and decluttering but I have a ways to go.

  8. I think it is great that you plan your day. We always plan our next day the night before in bed and then in the weekends in the morning we tell the kids this is what we have planned what would you like to do?

    I can't wait to see ya again. Only 1 week woohoooo

    The tie looks fab on your hubby!! Quite spiffy.


  9. Leave your wallet at home. You're suppose to be decluttering remember.

    I looked up and saw Lee-Anne had already commented and I thought, when I did do that. Cripes theres two of us. Now how scary is that.

  10. have fun at the craft show! i forgot it was on this weekend, i will be at work! fun!

  11. Love what you did with those bottles!! very cool!!!

    Wow that was fast work with your op!! Wish my specialist was as good as that. Mine just told me he hadn't heard anything ... that's it!!! So I guess you will beat me then! Toldja :)

  12. Your bottles look gorgeous... Just as well I didnt book my flight to come over for your party hey.... would have been in a bit of a predicament with this job business...
    I hope your op comes and goes without any hassle...
    Take care and hopefully i will have some free time soon to catch up and chat... flat out trying to spend time with the kids.. and study for my folklift exam and finish my workbook for the course I was doing...omg.. what have I done!!!!

  13. Hey! The bottles look gorgeous...well done for coming up with a fab idea!

    Oh! Soooo glad you finally have a date for your op, get it all sorted eh?

    Stew....well, what can I say except, he's a handsome devil!

    Hugs to ya

  14. Oh tea sounded yummooooooo

  15. Nice tie. Good job with the bottles too, they look great! You're a clever bugger aren't you?
    Wish I could come to your party. Will have to plan a trip for next year maybe. Have a great weekend honey.

  16. Wow those jars do look pretty. Don't spend too much at the craft show. Guess you're getting pretty excited about the party. I'm sure you are going to have a blast.

    Well at least you know when the big event is happening. Not that you would feel any better about the surgery. But now you can prepare psycologically. Good luck.

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy your outting.

  17. Your Dh looks very smart and the tie is nice.

    Those bottles looks absolutely gorgeous! What a great idea.

  18. So nice with the necklaces on it. Very creative. Going to start calling you Martha Stewart!


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