Monday, July 23, 2007


I've made a list.. cos I've got quite a bit to do today.... I love Mondays! Going to start the day right with a big walk with Izzy, and by the feel of it we have a doozy of a frost out there! BRRRRRrrrr.

What else? Gym, hang tryptic, be home for buyers to pick up carseat and cot, go shopping for odds n sods, and the usual housework.... doesn't my day sound like fun?


  1. have a top day Chris...
    I am just about the start the week from hell....... wahhhhhhh
    Door knocking for work... Yeah like I have the confidence or the knowledge not to make a total ass of myself!!!

  2. Sounds like a great day!

  3. Excellent Picture!

    Sounds like your gonna have a great day..enjoy

    We love the ocean as well, live right near it which is great for the kids, thankfully Mackay is on the ocean as well..



  5. Love the pictures!!! Hope you have a good day. At least you are someone who likes Monday's.... unlike myself!

  6. BLOODY AWESOME JOB luve the sea too I I would give my right arm to live near of the things on the list of if we ever move I want in new place, isnt ever gonna happen but a girl can dream.

  7. My god woman!! I'm away for a couple of days and I miss so much!! You make me tired just reading about what you get up to!!

    Love the painting, you are a talented tart then huh?

    Ohh and btw that bikini aint seeing the light of day till I've lost another 30 odd kgs!!! So don't getcha hopes up. Thanks for the compliment all the same tho!!

  8. Yep, I can sure understand loving the sea. I adore living close to the sea, but after years with Warren now must confess to having a little bit of a fear to being too close. (due to now being scared of tsunami's caused by all the movement with the pacific plates and the kumadic trench (sp)
    So its on a hill looking out to sea for me now. :-)

  9. oooooooooooooh...I love it. Living by the sea is a dream of mine, too!

  10. Can understand you love of the sea, love the painting.

  11. wow that's wicked :)
    Go You!

  12. So how is the new book?

  13. We're going to end up by the sea too. In fact we're looking now. It's one of the reasons we bought the boat and we don't get to use it as often as we should. Do you and Stew like deep sea fishing?

    Great pics too Chris. I might have to get you to do some for me.

    I hope you put that book down woman, and got on your bike.

  14. Anonymous6:33 PM

    i love it!


    just like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu - tart! :)


    oh and i still havent taken my jacket off yet hahahaha

    its getting smelly now... want to borrow it? :)

  15. I love the sea as well. Best place to be.

    Clever lady with your picture!

  16. You are SO clever!

  17. the painting looks great!!!
    how is harry potter going?

  18. I'm almost halfway and it's calling to me from my bag when I should be working... Oh well, I'm checking blogs instead...


  19. Love the pics...well done are a clever tart arent ya!!!

  20. We sort of live by the sea, it is about 1 mile away, a couple of mins in the car.
    It is just a few minutes walk further on from town, so I suppose we are lucky.

    I often walk to town in about 10-15ish minutes and the sea is a few mins further.

    Love the paintings...well done!!

  21. Your painting looks lovely. Do hope your back is feeling better. I see you've been a busy bee over the weekend.

    As predicted our company was a no show. It was not my idea to invite them it was all DH idea. Don't know why he insists.

    Well have fun finishing your book. I've read a couple of those myself.

  22. Chris you soooo need to come and visit me in Canada! lol I could use some of your energy and creative juices to spark up my house! It is hot here so you could have summer again! lol I will be waiting with a fridge full of Diet Coke for you too AND i will put it in front of my diet pepsi! lmao!
    Have a fabulous week!

  23. Congrats on hanging your cool painting!

    I've never gotten into the Harry Potter books, but man, it has caused quite the frenzy! I know so many people engrossed in the new book.

  24. My wife is Harry Potter fan also.


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