Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's 8 am and I'm up very reluctantly... kept getting up through the night to check to see if Hayley (fellow blogger in Aussy) had given birth yet.... grrrrrrr, even dreamed about her! She seems to be still at it....hope all is going well. (just heard, she had a wee girl this morning, phew long labour!)

Today's plans? Painting, reading, housework, nothing earth shattering...


is what you get bending over paintings for hours at a time... so maybe I will not do much of that today... anyway, I've come to a screaming halt... can't thing what else to put on them at the moment.....

Sold everything on Trade Me, people coming today and tomorrow to pick up and pay... yipee...

Still working on the paintings, slowly. Trying to find just the right word(s) to put on hard!

I have read about half of the Potter book, but my eyes have gotten so tired, not used to reading so much now!

Stew and I were tossing words around all afternoon, I even got out the dictionary and went through that.. and in the end Stew thought of the perfect words for the tryptic.... wanna know???? WAIT AND SEE... ha ha ha.

Now the man is cooking dinner... one advantage of the weekend, he usually cooks at least one evening meal for me. I'm so spoilt.

I have finished the tryptic, now all I have to do is hang it tomorrow then you will see the finished product. Mike is totally engrossed in THE BOOK, and I want a turn... boo hooo! Food today has been total crap, but it's another day tomorrow eh? Going to do lots of exercise and have a bloody fantastic day, so there! In the meantime, nite nite. Steps today were crap too.


  1. Morning up bright and early again I see... Love your pics awesome stuff.

    Have a great Sunday


  2. backache is awful. My Mom is in dire shape, but I think it might be arthritis or something. Hope you get better.

  3. Uh huh, likely story thats why you were bending over for hours at a time....

    Congrats on the friend's birth!

  4. Sounds like you have a lovely relaxing day ahead. I hope to do some reading today too. I was just looking at your ticker and shaking my head, you have done amazing things Chris.

  5. Ah, you are just like me. Once I get involved in something I just keep going without a break, only to regret it the next day. Take breaks huh?

    I'm so out of touch. I went to the Mall and wondered why it was populated with a gazillion little kids dressed as witches and wizards. Figured it out eventually....

  6. i was soo the same...checking hayleys blog randomly!!!!

    BACKACHE SUCKS....hope it goes!!!

  7. How did you go with the 'trade me' items?

    Back ache is the worst...

  8. wow thats good, my buyers haven't even got back to me and things were sold on friday GRRRRRRRR

  9. hi ya thought it was time I came out from under covers and showed my face...hope your back is more comfortabel this afternoon.

  10. I read when ever I get a spare minute - yet have never looked at any of the Harry Potter books - one day....

  11. Ahh the nasty back ache. Since I have been on holidays I have been back ache free - I feel your pain. Hope you get better soon. Enjoy a nice heating pad. :)

  12. I AM NOT A NUTTER. you take that back. ;)

  13. hahahahaha love it!!!

  14. lol i finished it and its worth a read though I thought the middle kind of dragged a little! Hope your back feels better!

  15. Backaches are the worst! You never realize how much you depend on your back until something goes haywire. Take it easy, hon!


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