Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It has been two months today since I got the letter from the hospital saying my operation would be within 1-2 months time... ha ha what a joke! So now my Mum is getting worried... and has insisted I ring the specialist today and see if he can hurry the hospital up.... yeah sure he can! Anyway, I will do this for her *BIG SIGH*.

I'm going to walk into town today if it's fine enough, got lots to do... meant to go in on Monday, and again yesterday, but just didn't get around to it. Walking will do me the world of good, I feel so lardy arsed lately! I stayed up late last night re-reading the last few chapters of THE BOOK again.... I read it so fast the first time I don't think I absorbed all the twists and turns!

CHOOK = chicken for all you Americans/Canadians.

Zanna = ya lazy tart, look on a map ! Ha ha, just joking.... Taupo is about 3 hours north of here, and Sue is another 2 hours from us, so she is 5 hours from Taupo.


  1. Why would I want to bother with a map when I've got you??. You're a bit late with your first post this morning - it's usually waiting for me to read whenever I get up. Did you sleep in?

  2. Hello

    I hope it is fine enough so you can walk into town.

    Sent you an email yesterday about the xmas lunch and sent you another one today about that address. Hope you get them both.

    have a great day.

  3. Hey dude... just thought I would let ya know I am still in shock... adrenalin is still pumping.. all the "what if's" are happeneing..
    Couldnt get to sleep for ages last night... grrrrrr and woke up at sparrow fart this morning...damn shit fk bugga... hate that!!!
    Ok.. so need a chill pill....
    hmmm have mock interview at the training place today... hmmm wonder how that will go... mwahahahaha

  4. Operation??? Hope you are OK.

    Enjoy your walk, looks a bit cloudy and rainy over though...

    Have a good day:)

  5. Hurry a hospital - you'll be!

    Sorry to hear yo have to have an op - nothing serious I hope.

    Glad to see HP has given you indigestion (it's repeating on you..haha!).

    Have a good day!

  6. hello

    sent you another email, this time from a different email address so try and reply to that one. plus emailed you my cell phone number,

    silly email! crazy that it is not working!!!!

  7. wow that was quick! thanks for the text!

  8. Good luck with your contact with the hospital - not good enough!! I hope you don't get the appointment for your party weekend.

  9. Is that normal for your medical community? Sign up and then wait for them to tell you when to show up????

    The book? Oh god your not like my wife and frantically reading harry potter are you? ugh.

    Chook = chicken. Got it. New insults to add to the mix...

  10. Touched base with Lee-anne today re our trip to your place. We're all on and plan to be at your place Friday late afternoon/night if that's ok. Will do a supermarket shop once there to stock up on what ya don't have and of course LOTS OF GROG!! whoops did I say that??? hehehe

    Organised my Friday off ambo (that shows ya how committed I am to coming ... nuffink comes in my way wiff ambo!!! except a trip with the tarts to tartsville!!!) See ya friday week ... wahoooooeeeeee!!!!

  11. ohhh and I'm still waitin on my op too ... give ya a race, betcha you win!!! Hmmmm could even put some money on this one, pretty safe bet me thinks! ;0)

  12. Hope you got some action at the hospital...

  13. Glad you got your WOF. I hate that time as well - I'm not sure if it's paying out the money if it needs something or the hassle of having to work around getting it done. Probably both.

    Hope you're having a good day. Lol, we'll be there next week.

  14. Bummer they are making you wait to have an operation. I don't think it's good to wait...if I remember what you said, it is pre-cancerous and not something to wait around to deal with. Must be frustrating!

    Look like a good sized meatloaf! Can't you 1/2 the recipe or something. I just need to cook, I have been slacking. Just doing salads and chicken and easy stuff

  15. Keep on to the Dr. I don't know about NZ, but here you need to look out for yourself, cause otherwise things sometimes get "lost" in the system.

    There is a nice meatloaf recipe on Philippa's blog. Fits in a small loaf cake tin. OK for two to three people. (

  16. My mom speed read the book when she got it, and is re- reading it right now to make sure she got all the details. Her and her buddies are all meeting at Disneyland to discuss it. I think I might be one of the only people on the planet besides my husband who hasn't read a potter book. I haven't even seen the movies. BUT my mom gave me the first book yesterday, and I've read the first two chapters! Hahaha!! Poor Harry...having to live in a closet! :D

  17. LMAO!! 7 kilos of meatloaf!! YUMMO, I bet is was delish!

  18. wow that was one HUGE meatloaf matey.

  19. Yeah stay the hell away from the hospital till that MRSA is gone - we had a breakout of that in my facility. Not good.

    Darn it all, I might just have to make meatloaf tomorrow. :) Take care.

  20. Hi

    Is it possible to get your meatloaf receipe? Sounds divine :)

  21. Far out...7 friggin kilos!!!
    You should be cooking in the mines!!!!
    Thats huuuuuge... I only cook 500 grams at a time.. when i use mince...
    feeds four of us...
    7 kilos..thats amazing..haha

  22. at the risk of sounding completely dumb.... what is Losec?

  23. It most certianly is annoying when things are up in the air. At least if you knew when then you could be mentally prepared.

    To tell you the truth I'm not much of a night owl. Usually am in bed by 10:30pm Guess I'm just a poor sleeper, getting up several times during the night and hearing every noise most certainly do not help. It's back to being dark in the morning at 5 when I wake up, so that probably is another factor.

    Your meatloaf looks delish. My problem of late is not knowing who's going to be dinning. Why waste the effort when no one's there to eat it.

    Hope your tummy feels better.

  24. You're doing a great job of keeping this operation stuff in perspective. Hope the specialist can get you in soon so you can get it over with!

    I've actually been craving meatloaf for some time now... perhaps I'll try to make it one of these days....

  25. Anonymous12:03 PM

    What's in meatloaf?
    and if you DARE say "meat"

    well, I'll giggle

    but really - I want to know!!


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