Sunday, July 15, 2007


It has been a LONG two weeks, the kids have been very good really, so I should not complain... it didn't help being sick for the first half of the holidays either.

But in saying that, I am so relieved they are off to school tomorrow, I need some peace for me ears... it is the NOISE kids make that drives me up the wall the most. So, one more day.....

Today we are going to start papering Mike's room, goodness knows how it will go, havn't done papering ever, Stew is doing it and he hasn't done any in friggin YEARS!!! So fingers crossed it goes well.... I'm really happy with the paper we got... will show ya all when it's finished (yep, you KNEW that eh?). ha ha ha.

As Mr. Choo so kindly said, we are making a mess! Been out and got a few supplies... now Stew has started on the papering, so exciting! And I'm working on a new picture for the room... oooo I love doing pictures! Must make some for me big kids houses next I suppose... waiting for the requests!

Small mention... Janene is being let outta hospital this afternoon, so that's fantastic news!

Stew is still slaving away upstairs.... hanging paper takes a long time! I'm still working on the picture...
A quiet night ahead I reckon... Mike is off to see the latest Harry Potter movie.. This has got to be one of my shortest day's posts eh? No photo even...
Better go get the kids ready for bed, the little shits are not eating their dinner so they can darn well go to bed.
nite nite

LATE *BREAKING NEWS*... and I am sad... Daughter No# 3 just rang with wonderful news.. she's pregnant!!! I have been waiting for ages for another darling wee grandbaby... but somehow I think I am not going to be having much to do with this one. Her partner hates me.... and I believe he has turned her against me as well... so I'm sad. If you are reading this Daughter No# 3, I am writing this cos I need to get it out somehow, how I am feeling... although as you told me tonight, you havn't read my blog in months... sure indicates you don't care.
And what a bugger! I have just finished putting most of me baby gear on Trade Me....whoops if only she had told me on Friday.


  1. hey chicky, sorry I aint been around for a week...whoa!

    Papering isn't bad to do, unfortunately I am not bad at papering and over the years it has lead to me being asked to paper families homes but as age has been creeping up on me I don't paper as often as I used to....only when I have to now actaully...teehee

    I am sitting here having a few drinks and boy did I need it, I think it is the relief of seeing that our Mike wasn't anything like my mind was imagining, the mind can be cruel sometimes eh?

    Anyway I hope you have a fab day!

    Hugs to ya

  2. Lol @ kids and school holidays - something to look forward to! Enjoy the peace and quiet again and good luck with the papering.

  3. hey
    hope the wall papering goes well and yay the school holidays are over!

  4. Yea! You're going to make a mess....

  5. Woo Hoo, school going back, Im with you, I hate the noise!!!!!

    Good luck with the papering, can't say Ive ever done it either, can't wait to see the pictures.:)

  6. how did i know what you're title was going to be!!!! haha

  7. LOL- I can imagine how much you are looking forward to the school holidays finishing! You'll go back to a nice, clean and quiet house (at least until 3.30pm anyway...)

  8. Oh boy...
    I'm not a big fan of wallpapering... the last time I did it was 20 years ago...

    Can't wait to see some pictures...


  9. We're in the middle of summer so I won't get the kid back in school for 6 or more weeks! yikes. But he's just going into kindergarten anyhow. He's a good kid though.

    Sorry you have been bummed about not getting the transfer/move that you wanted. bummer. Glad to hear you didn't eat the cake.

  10. awwwwwwww and yay....

    yay for a grandbaby...maybe having their baby will change the way they/he thinks...

    dont know why anyone would hate you, you're a completely wonderful supportive and caring person....their loss if they choose not to have you in their lives!!

  11. Thats exciting for a new bubby, see the minute you sell that sort of stuff another one pops up!!

    Thats terrible #3 is turned against you? Maybe she will need her mum once the little one is born, they have a way with families.
    Chin up chook:)

  12. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I had to comment and say congrats on your weight loss!

  13. Congrats Grandma. :)

  14. congrats on the brand new wee one...
    but ... oh no on daughters partner..

    I'm sure it'll all work out..
    what's not to yuv about you?


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