Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Blogger is being a pain and won't let me move my photos....so above is Mike's room before and after with the new curtains...I AM WRAPT WITH IT!
I have a friend, she works with Stew and was diagnosed with breast cancer one week ago.

She has set up a blog to help her get through this, and is hoping for support and advice, fellow sufferers etc to get in touch. So, can you spare a moment to go offer her some support, if you have some experience of this, share it... because knowledge is power and it lessens the fear of the unknown. THANK YOU. Her name is Karen, she can be found at : http://positivelyme-kj.blogspot.com/

TODAY: Walkies with Janet and Izzy, then off to the gym for a workout.

Then, buy curtain tracks and sew the curtains... that should kill most of my free time today, at least till the kids come home from school.
Update already! It's cold, it's wet and I ain't going walking! Might not even get to the gym ... I am going shopping for the curtain tracks then making the curtains... so there.

EMMA: I can't sing! Ok, there is no doubt heaps more I can't do... but I'm too busy to think of 'em right now! My philosophy to life is "Keep busy and you can't get bored".... I hate being bored more than ANYTHING else.

Righty Ho... now what??? I could redecorate next:

- my room (quite large)

- the laundy (boring)

- the rumpus room (huge!)

- the spare bedroom (small)

Decisions, decisions..... in the meantime, I better go sort out dinner.

Gawd I must be a blonde! I have already decided... to paint a tryptic for the rumpus room... something creative next me thinks! And for those who don't know... a tryptic is a series of 3 paintings that 'go' together. Oh what fun!

Dinner was a really yummy mince stew with everything in it.. simple, easy, tasty dinner.

Then Stew and I went grocery shopping.... amazing!!! The place was near deserted, so it was so good to just zoom around and get everything without getting "aisle rage" and leaving mad as hell !!! Must go on a tuesday night again for sure. And we managed to get out without going over the $700 mark for a change. Phew!!!

Am now heading off to bed, early-ish for me, but I'm bloody tired! Nite nite ... STEPS TODAY: 9112, NOT THAT GOOD.


  1. Hi Chris
    your interior decorating skills are wicked, you can do my place (when I get one, ha ha)

  2. Well it sounds like a day to be inside:P
    Looks a bit like rain over here too. Enjoy your sewing, what can't you do???lol

  3. it always amazes me how much you fit into your day! Takes me all day just to get housework done and shop work.

  4. I agree with lyn.. it is tiring just reading he he.. how do you fit it in.


  5. Ha ha, is that all!!lol:P

  6. Good luck with your curtains.
    It's cold and wet here too.

  7. WOW, Chris!
    Your a women of many talents.

  8. Good to keep busy - I'm another one who likes never to be bored!

  9. We may have a little bit of work to do on our house when we move our tenants out so how does a holiday in townsville sound? You can spend some time laying by the pool also.

    Youve done a great job


  10. Hi Chris - you tire me out just reading your daily activities!

    I've been over to Karens as instructed! I think she'll be fine with friends like you!

  11. Excellent, can't wait to see the lot of paintings!:)

  12. Phew - just caught up on your blog over the past week and as usual your blog has lifted my spirits.

    Love what you have done to Mike's room, the colour on the walls is great and the painting is fantastic,your a clever lady Chris.

    Congratulations on the baby news, though I am sorry you don't talk to your daughter more, life is just too damn short for things like that don;t you think?

  13. WTF!! I sure as hell hope 700 is not a weekly amount for shopping??? I could say again how busy and fabulous you are but you already know it.

    How's the weight going??

  14. explendit blog congratulations

    regard from Catalonia Spain

  15. Another successful project I would say. Sorry to hear the weather is keeping you close to home. I'd say you're getting a good workout at home with all this painting. Take care hope it warms up.

  16. the room looks fab!!

    i also love grocery shopping when no one is there...
    we 'assault shop' as well...
    no mingling for this girl...
    i want to get in... and get out!

    i'll go to your friends site today.
    i'll keep her in my prayers... cancer is so scary...
    mom had breast cancer, but she's doing great, been 5 years and no signs of it returning.

  17. Way to go on the redecorating. I need to paint around here....we have too many white walls and it is boring!
    I stopped by your friend, Karen's web site. Not sure if I can help but I can try to be some support.

  18. Anonymous1:41 PM

    $700 a fortnight???? How many does that feed?!!!

    I wouldn't spend $700 in 2 months!!



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