Saturday, July 14, 2007



What else? Fingers crossed our friend Janene does not have to have surgery today....

And I'm off to work again at the Hospice Shop.... woooo hoooo! Not much else to report right now... except certain parts of me body are quite sore.... later....

I went to 'work' ... but really they had enough volunteers for today, so I came home after an hour....I'm not cut out for standing outside in the freezing cold folding up cardboard boxes mate, and that was all that they wanted me to do... for four hours? I do not think so!!!

So, what to do today? Might go..... shopping!

Oi Ya CRANKY tart, you are now on me blogroll, and me hair was looking like that in 1997, not 87! Don't ya just love our CRANKY. . . she is living up to her name for sure..... try checking out her blog in a day or two, once she makes it public again!

Did I mention already how sore I am??? Cos I am! Me butt is the WORST.. closely followed by my thighs.... far out I hate it when all me muscles are screaming at me! Ever tried to go pee and you have to grab the wall and lower yourself SOOO SLOWLY, cos it hurts so much! Not a good look. I feel like an old lady today. And I'm cold and bitchy, so god help anyone who pisses me off today. One lovely thing today, Anne (annesbattletogoal) visited me for a while... so that was nice! Gave me a chance to have a yak, I like yakking!

Dinner tonight was .... Izzy's Birthday Cake! Yummmmm. Izzy liked it too of course! I'm not mad, this was really for the kids sake, they wanted our Izzy to have a cake....

"Real" dinner was lamb chops and veges... highlight of my evening ahead.... CORONATION STREET.... YAAAA! Then maybe a sauna, and then.... me hubby! Dat's it folks, nite nite.
P.S. - Hi Michele!!! Hurry up and get your own blog mate, I can leave you comments, I'm good at that!
P.S.S. : Janene did not have surgery today, they are waiting for the antibiotics to have more time to work... if they don't it will be tomorrow no doubt. She is in isolation in case she is contagious... yep like she's going to go waving her fanny around and infect others!!! Will keep you updated.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY!!!!!!!!!!

    have fun today!!!!

    congrats on yesterdays award!!

  2. Oh - Izzy is so cute - we are looking for another girl dog. You will see me Saturday! Can you txt me what ward Janene is in? Poor woman!

  3. What a sweetie puppy! Your friend is getting prayers all the way from Canada. Take care.

  4. How cosy does Izzy look in her blanket!!! So cute...
    Hope your friend Janene is feeling better soon...

  5. How kind of you to volunteer. Do you normally serve people? I would love to work in an op shop. Nah, I wouldn't have folded up boxes in the cold either!

  6. Ok. I admit it, no fake tan or sucking in the stomach in sight. You are proof that some before and after photos are the real deal.
    Thanks for opening this cynical bitter bitch's eyes!!
    By the way, my stomach is where my weight is too!! My only critism is that you need to SMILE in the after pic, you are a glamour!

  7. I really love your hair in that 1987 shot - you had the perfect late eighties hair.

    And HEELLOOO? After making me feel the guilt - WHERE am I on your blog roll? Have I been booted...or was I never there!? :(

  8. Oh thats a shame about the work, shopping is a much better alternative!!

  9. Happy Birthday Izzy :)

  10. Hi Izzy. Happy Birthday cutie pie!!! Enjoy your day.

  11. I was surprised to read you enjoy a good yak hehehehe.
    If u r talking to Janene tell her I is thinking about her.
    Lovely cake for Izzy's birthday

  12. Happy birthday Izzy. Thank your mum for me.. just loved the fat photos!! (of me). Chris, I think you have just managed to really kick start me losing weight - I know I have stacked it on, but don't photos really show the truth. That belly roll sucks! Glad Brylee likes the dollshouse, there are more girlie goodies here - Sarah has been having a clear out.

  13. Hey hun...

    Woohooo happy birthday Izzy!

    OMG how is Janene... I read her last post but haven't heard anything else... please keep me informed

    Love CM

  14. Happy birthday Izzy!
    the cake looks yum!

  15. Happy Bday Izzy! If shes anything like Jack, she'll still be a 1 yr old when shes 7! arghhhh

  16. Hey chick... Sorry I havent been about... pffffffttttt frikkin crap course is shittin me big time...
    Thanks for the award... ;o)
    talk to you soon...

  17. Chris only you could celebrate your dogs birthday with a cake - lol. Happy birthday Izzy. She is one cute dog.

    I don't think I would have hung around folding boxes either. Lucky they had lots of volunteers and you could escape.

  18. What have you been up to that your butt and thighs are sore.....*smirk*

  19. Looks like you had a fun celebration in honor of Izzy. She so cute.

    So you're suffering from after burn. No pain no gain.

    Do hope your friend is feeling better soon.

  20. Your spoiled dog - that is adorable! I never thought to bake a cake for my pup on his adoption day. Too cute! I bet the kids got a kick out of it.

  21. Happy Birthday to Izzy!

    Hope your friend is OK.

  22. Hippoes birdies two ewes Izzy!

    Love your doggie... just beautiful!


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