Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, let's hope they actually need me today eh? If they don't, I'm going to go look for something else to do, cos I need to be busy and happy ...

Had a gain on the scales, serve me right!!! Ate too much and didn't exercise enough... and I feel like crap now... totally bummed out and pissed off with myself. Eating cos your are upset is always a bad move eh? So I shall have to try much harder over the next week...

I am going to blame it on winter too.... when it's so cold all you want to do is eat warm yummy stuff... certainly not salads!


  1. yes i blame winter too!!!
    I can not even go for a walk at lunch time as it is raining all the time!
    have a great day!

  2. I'd kill for winter right about now. 101 degrees yesterday. Ugh.

  3. Whoa! What's going on - scary strong woman in the dumps, comfort eating???Lol!

    I have just finished a 3 day fast and feel GREAT - I have lost around 6 pounds and I feel so much more motivated.

    Come on - you're tougher than this!

    Think positive (and that's just plain!) - and prepare healthy snacks in advance so you've got good things to stuff your face with whilst you get through this period!

    Anyway, you don't need me to tell you what to do, you wrote the book!

  4. I always eat more when I'm stuck at home and when it's cold all I want to do is bake.

    Unfortunately I don't have any big words of wisdom. I lost my gumption a long time ago and can't seem to get it back. Of course right now I'm trying to tackle one thing at a time.

  5. In the words of some Chris lady ... "Feel better for that rant?" :p

    But seriously tho, I know it can be so frustrating when you don't have that motivation. i wonder if you are similar to me in that because you have done this before you know what it's like to get there. Therefore you don't have that total drive of I WANT TO GET TO GOAL!!!

    For me I'm making sure the ride is easier this time. So going over the top perdantic that I can't keep it up forever.

    It seems there are definately habits you need to break, like the getting home and eating one. But just replace it with something, either that or never go home!!! lol

    If the shop isn't working out find something else to do. Sounds like you definately need to keep busy. Get yourself a hobby and one that doesn't involve eating.

  6. Winter is MUCH harder. Kenz just did a post about how the average person gains 4 kilos in the winter. Don't be too hard on yourself girl, think about all of the weight you've been able to KEEP off (INCREDIBLE!), and chop up a bunch of fruit and veg for the fridge to have handy during your mindless munching (I do this too!)

  7. Am I allowed to whisper ..... Menopause?

    Don't beat yourself up so much.

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Yeah, Chris - useless is losing over 60kg at one point.... NOT

    You duffer!!
    You're not useless, you're just lacking motivation.

    Hope you get your groove back soon.

  9. Don't know what to suggest - but maybe try looking back at those old photos of you, stick them on the fridge, pantry. We all do understand how you feel, hang in there!!

  10. Hope youe feelin better, Don't give up!!! You have been an inspiration to me. Never mind the gain, it is a life journey anyway.

    I too eat when Im at home cause Im bored, Im just lucky we are movin and I will be flat strap for a while.

    Hubby got a job in the Mines up there and we are only renting at the moment, probably till I go back to work Full time?? Scary

  11. Hang in there kiddo. You'll bounce back and get back on the losing track...

  12. Onion breathe - hehe.
    Not to worry about the gain - new day tomorrow!!!

  13. Sorry about the gain - you are right though it is harder in winter. What about having some point free vege soup on hand to heat up when your feeling peckish, you can flavour it up with some beef or chicken stock cubes.

  14. I haven't got any words of wisdom either but I can tell you, you are not alone!!!

    I do so well all day at work because I am so busy and then when I finally stop around 8pm all I want to do is pick at all the wrong foods. Not things that I know are low points.

    I agree winter is so hard. I always feel so much more motivated in summer.

    Hang in there Chris. You have come so far.

  15. Lunch does look yummy Chris... and don't worry too much about the gain... I'm sure you will get your motivation back again soon. Winter seems to do this to a few people I've spoken to..

    PS... My 'boy' is 9 years younger than me.. NO, I'm not a cradle snatcher, but it scares me to think I was in high school when he was at kindy!! God, that sounds BAD :)

  16. Man I hope that concoction did the trick.
    Glad to see you've perked up a bit.

  17. Anonymous9:31 PM

    silly goose i said why oh why havent i seen your unreal blog before!!?


    i wish u well on your journey koz its much like mine though uve lost much more and i too love pandora bracelets though i dont have one yet.. i got a tiffany instead hehe and i will get the matching necklace when i finally get to goal haha

    d xxx

  18. God, you make me laugh! Glad work was more fun this time!

  19. the picture of Mike and Griffin is adorable. (a real keeper for Griffin's 21st).

    Just luffly.

  20. MMMmmm Your meal looks rather nice and 0 points there...fab!

    Just keep thinking of your summer and that you don't want to be wearing coats and clothes to hide any excess weight during those hot months you want to be confidently wearing SUMMER CLOTHES!!

    The kids look soo cute!

    Well done for staying on track today! And I know you will be just as good tomorrow...wont you!! Notice that isn't a question, we will tell you off if you don't stay on track...not that you would be bothered being told off..heehee

    Have a fab day tracking, exercising, family and happy wise.

    Hugs to ya

  21. Well if you are pissed off, then drop by my blog and vent!! I always enjoy your sharp remarks (and the kind ones too).

  22. Aww ((HUG))sorry about the gain. Seems to be a bad week all around. Good for you getting back on track. Winter is hard on the diet. It will be warming up soon. Take Care.

  23. I struggle with food ...
    I eat for every occasion...

    I get so upset w/ myself...
    I will "do good" for a while... then all it takes is one stressful moment... or one celebration... and it's all over...

    it's all very frustrating!

  24. Anonymous4:28 PM

    i just added u to my fave blogs hehe

    hope u dont mind.

    i too have an addiction to coke but the zero coke kind.. yum yum.

    and oh thanks about the weigh in, its official tomorrow so fingers crossed. i just had sushi for lunch and will have a light tea.


    and yay for pitt st mall.. oh goodness i love it.


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