Saturday, July 14, 2007


Right, I'm gunna try not to be down in the dumps, and today WILL be a good day! And I'm not going to drown me sorrows in Bacardi or Food, ok?
You try so hard not to get your hopes up, only to have them crushed, we were told 5 years ago that the move down here would only be for a couple of years....we feel we would have NEVER moved here if we had know we would end up STRANDED here for so long, and that is how it feels, STRANDED.
I have made some amazing friends here, and I would surely miss them if we left.... but this place is not "home" ya know?

Ok, that's it, no more can and will be a lovely day, and I am going to morning tea with me girlfriends, and then I might try to find some wallpaper for Mike's room....
Miss Gloss (dietdoll)... we moved here from Hamilton (5 hours north of here) because of my Husband's job, he is an Area Manager for a State Owned Enterprise (without going into specifics).... he manages four Branches in the lower North Island.

I GET FIRST PRIZE !!!!.... I bought this piece of Carrot Cake for morning tea... and then decided NOT TO EAT IT !!! I am kinda proud of myself for that. It is HUGE too, so I get it home and Stew says : "Oh yum, I will eat that, I'm in the mood to eat it".... and I didn't let him eat it either... It can go down Mike's gullet... it won't make him FAT.
So there ya go, I'm over being pissed off and wanting to drown me sorrows in food. YIPEEEEEE.

And now we are going out to look for wallpaper....Found some wallpaper on sale, down from $59.95 a roll to $19.95 a roll... quite pleased about that! Have spent the afternoon trying to get the room ready for papering tomorrow.. but got sidetracked putting stuff on Trade Me..

I know I'm tempting fate, but I'm selling a cot, highchair, change table, and two baby car seats....last time I did that I ended up with two more babies !!!! Hmmmmm..... I AM KEEPING: the porta-cot, double pram/pushchair, good highchair and linen, nappies etc!!! So I have my BASES COVERED !

Righty ho, end of day, I'm in bed watching some corney movie with Arnold What's his name... the bodybuilder/politician guy... anyway It's corney and I'm gunna go, so nite nite.


  1. yay for not drowning your sorrows in Bacardi and food! Sorry about feeling down though, why did you move there and where from?

  2. I think this calls for lots of chocolate!

    Actually.. it could be worse..
    you could be stuck in Vegas!

  3. Feel free to bitch away! You deserve it. I'd be pissed if they left me "stranded". Does your husband have a contract stating the length of time you have to be there? If so, I'd be waving that sucker in their faces!

    Try to have a good day! And a couple shots of Bacardi, or ooohhhh, even better, a Mojito never killed anyone. ;)

  4. Stew must be gutted! I really do hope something comes up where you want to live soon!! Very disappointing for you all.

  5. Well done for not eating the cake hun... that is a hard thing to do especially when that cake looked devine.


  6. And... I'm proud of you for "just saying no" to carrot cake...
    I couldn't have done that...

    now that is some kind of willpower!!

  7. WOW go the first prizE!!! thats fantastic!!!!!!!

    yeah go hard on the bitching, we all need a place to let loose!!! blog is terrific for it!!

  8. Oh your such a busy bee!!! Good for you with the carrot cake, a fave of mine!!

    I am organising a garage sale with all my bubby things too....scary, means the last one has been had....ain't no more for me!!

    Although, if they were 6 weeks old forever Ide have 10

  9. More babies or no more babies - that is the question!!! I have kept all my baby stuff despite saying I won't have another it is just soo expensive and I would have to have to buy it again!

  10. yay on not eating thru your bad day!! tha is so awesome!
    and congrats on finding the great deal on wallpaper!! whoohoo great day for you!
    hope the rest of your weekend follows suit!

  11. Congrats on being able to fend off the temptations of cake ... a truly hard thing to do. Why is it that all the really delicious food has so many calories?

  12. Wow. Strong gal for not eating the cake. Hats off to you.


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