Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I got to bed at 11.30pm last night, finished THE BOOK, and now in mourning cos there will be no more books .... I tried to drag the last one out, but that's impossible when you just want to know what happens!

Anyway, I feel like crap now, think sitting on me bum for half the day yesterday is to blame, so today I'm off for a big walk with Janet and Izzy, then I've got all the things I didn't do yesterday to do today. Neat, I will be busy...

TOM is due, me nipples are killing me, and I'm all puffy.... JOHN...I stopped drinking Diet Coke for over 5 months, and STILL had fluid retention.... it does not affect me like that, and nowdays I only drink about 2-3 glasses a day, which is awesome for me!

Right, I better get outta bed and get going... I just had a thought... I think I will start stripping the paper off the spare bedroom walls upstairs today! One day I will run outta rooms, but not today....


  1. Party? Not that I could come... but what party? Hey, love the picture by the way. I wish I was closer so you could show me how its done.

  2. when is the party? and who is going?
    I was thinking of coming up for it, it is only two hours drive from wellington! but depends what weekend it is on.
    YAY that you finished Harry Potter!!!!

  3. I'm bringing lots and lots of mini Xmas mince pies (my specialty).

    I've got my gift ($9.99 no less) and am slowly sorting through my clothes, I'm amazed at what I have kept in my wardrobe.

    Can't wait !!!!

    See you next Saturday.....oohh that sounds close eh?

  4. I can't believe you finished that book in one go! You're mad! Does he die then or what?

    Have a great party!


  5. Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I wanna come and party with you all....
    Not fair....

  6. hey

    I have sent you an email about the party.

    I am thinking i might come to the pary

  7. will be easiest for me to bring salad from the deli at supermarket and mabe some crusty bread(low carb low cal bread-yeah right)

  8. Woohooo bloody woohooo we are going to party!!!

    Can't wait
    Can't wait
    Can't wait

    I have the motel booked and hubby is excited too woooohooooo

    Food arghhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Are we dressing up?


  9. I wish I lived closer, or the same country for that matter, Ide love to come to the party!!!!

  10. Me too!! Me too!!! I wanna come to your party!! Xmas in Winter sounds fun. But I'm a bit too far away to make it, so hope you all have an awesome time!!

  11. I'll be visiting the supermarket - I'm going to be making a platter, will grab anything else that's needed as well.

    Only 3 more days till I'm on holiday, then one more week till party. Be great. So looking forward to it.

  12. Go on ..... rub it in!! *giggles*

  13. OK cranky pants - thought I'd better leave a comment or you might leave me off your christmas card list! Would have been so good to come to the party but just too many things on around then - like big holidays! However we're invited to a friends 60th at the beginning of December which is being held at Taupo (how far is that from you?) so you never know I might manage to catch up with you and Anne (and is Sue anywhere near you?) My geography of NZ isn't very good as you'll gather.

  14. My goodness you must do alot of pacing about to get so many blasted steps up....
    I have done zero exercise... and not looking like getting any in the near future either... doh!!!
    Oh well..

  15. Sounds like a grand ole party you will have, fun! Wish I wasn't so far across the Pacific ocean, ha. Bye the way, what are chooks? Don't know the slang/or food you mention as seems a lot is different down your way.

  16. You're going to have a blast at that party. I'm sitting in my corner pouting away. Lots of pictures will be taken.....right!

    DH is insisting about inviting those arses back next the weekend. Guess he feels like its some kind of duty. Maybe I will let him host them and take myself to a movie. (I'm all talk, but boy do I wish I could.)

    Your house is going to look grand for your Party. Haven't bought that book yet. DD is dying to read it. Will purchase it on my rounds this Friday.

    Have fun.

  17. You're party sounds like so much fun. I wish I had some folks to swap clothes with - I have a huge pile and probably alot more!!

    Hope you're boobs feel better soon, lol.

  18. Hey Ho from a fellow diet coke junkie...well coke zero actually. I am Flabuless from http://www.findingflabuless.com also a crazy native from Hanmer Springs New Zealand! I am so glad i found your blog...you rock!


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