Sunday, July 08, 2007


I had a wonderful sleep, I did not cough, and now I'm feeling almost 100% again! Ain't that great?

Stew is having a sleep in, and I'm thinking... hmmmmm it's a beautiful day, hope he gets up and mows the lawns today! Poor bloke, never any rest for him.... well, not much anyway.

We have something going on behind the scenes, I'm dying to tell everyone, but if it doesn't eventuate.... I've got my fingers crossed cos if it happens there will be HUGE changes for us. I'm just busting to tell someone and can't ! Don't want to jinx it and all that. But just know, I am soooo soooo excited at the moment about "something" maybe happening.

I'm really looking forward to the PARTY too.... don't forget:

4th August

mid afternoon on

Bring a plate, own grog, a Unisex Xmas Present, any old clothes to give away and a HUGE SMILE !!!


  1. I hope you keep feeling better! Both Scott and I got horribly sick on our honeymoon, especially me. It was to the point where we were starting to really worry that I had pneumonia. I coughed really yucky phlemy stuff constantly, especially at night and it drove us both crazy. Thank goodness there's a pharmacy every ten feet in Europe ;)

  2. Thanks for your encouragment - I am munted (technical term...) but really happy. Corny moment coming up... - I really think this is the start of the rest of my life. I have no boundaries now! Its a great feeling.

    Have a great day and thanks again for your encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  3. A Christmas present? In July?

  4. Sooooo tempted. But the mrs might be upset if I left the country just then...

  5. Hi ya,
    Just doing a bit of blog reading after having three days of guess what????? The blasted flu. I didn't have any vomiting like you have had but my poor throat has felt like gravel. Soooooo sore I've just felt awful. First day on the computer since arriving back from Whangarei on Friday.
    I'm in Auckland house sitting for my parents, while they have a wee holiday at the bach.
    They have a lovely home so I'm really enjoying long showers, and a gorgeous kitchen to cook in. (funny what I've missed)
    Looks like we might have a sale on the farm, so I will blog about it when I know for sure. (all signed etc, but conditional on a lim) Yipeeee

  6. PS: Any ideas on what type of food for the party. The pressie has been bought, motel booked, smile firmly in place, Bombay sapphire ready to travel, but ideas on food is needed.
    (note to self, sort through clothes)

  7. that must be my problem!!! I tell everyone what we might be doing and it never eventuates..... good luck with whatever it is and I can't wait to hear about it!!

  8. Glad your starting to feel better.

    Now you must give us poor bloggers who cant make it to your bash a detailed account of the day.

  9. I wish you didn't live so far away! I would love the chance to meet some of my blogging friends.

  10. Chris - I know you think I hate you. But I don't! I will update my blog roll asap! And put you on it! the last time I did it was before I discovered the JOY of your blog!

    So sit down and shut up! :P

  11. I hate when someone takes a pic of me, especially if I'm eating. You carried off the "who me?" look very well.

  12. Doesn't it bug ya when someone starts to say something and then decides they can't. Ya know like a little teaser. And you know it's gonna bug the crap out of ya till you find out what the "something is". You know what I mean Chris. I hope whatever the something is I hope it works out cause it sounds like you're really excited.


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