Saturday, July 28, 2007


What is that???? Something I need to focus on that's what! I know I want to lose at least 10 kilos by Christmas, but I need to focus on the whole picture, not just the scales.... so I am going to try and record a NSV every day... it could be something as simple as feeling good about myself that day, or managing to resist a tempting morsel, or increasing my repetitions at the gym... whatever it is I need to acknowledge there is more to this 'journey' than what the scales say!

So, today is a new day, and I am feeling very positive for the first time in ages....

OOOOOO I'm having FUN !!!! I have been up in the attic dragging boxes of stuff out and sorting through it, I have a nice big pile of 'stuff' to give to the girls when they come down next weekend!!! Girls = my daughters !!! YESSSS, I think they are all coming to the party.... fingers crossed.

I'm madly flitting around my house, and everywhere I turn I see dust!! And the mirrors need cleaning, blah blah blah... I know you buggers are not going to be coming and "inspecting" how clean my house is, I KNOW I KNOW.... but I can't help myself!!! I gotta get it at least passable, ya know? So onward..... oOOO have found the Xmas tree and decorations too....

Stew and I went grocery shopping... did not end up bankrupt for a change! Lunch : chicken on fresh pizza bread (evil).. and then the weather turned bloody nasty and it rained all afternoon, the temperature dropped something awful and I curled up in me blankie with a hottie bottle and napped!!!! *Ha ha ha*.... such a granny I am.

Am now checking me bloggity blog.... then will be sorting out dinner..... supposed to be doing nachos, but can't be arsed... will be something quick and simple.

Stew cooked dinner again... we had Lamb Chops .....

mashed potatoe and coleslaw... and I had my first "Non Scale Victory" (NSV)... I did not have seconds, and I only had 1 lamb chop !!! I felt very pleased with myself... it is a good half hour after dinner and I am feeling quite full, so didn't need any more did I?
Plan on a quiet evening as per usual.... barring unexpected happenings... so will say nite nite!
Forgot to wear my pedometer last two days.


  1. Glad to hear it it. I love "new days"!

  2. good for you girl...
    it's so tough ... huh???

    sometime I try not to think about "the weight" part of it.... but how well I eat in moderation....

    I am such an emotional eater...
    and a mindless eater....

    I am trying to just be in control!

  3. great to hear you are feeling positive!
    wow i did not know wellington had a plantform 9 and three quarters! I will see it on the 6th of August when i start my new job in town!!!
    good idea to think of a NSV each day.
    have a great day!

  4. for heavens sake woman don't worry about cleaning mirrors. I'm a 'take you as I find you' gal and I couldn't care if you lived in a barn. I'm coming to meet you and all the other amazing, smart, courageous, strong, fascinating, brave, determined, interesting, supportive, caring, inspirational chick a dee's who live on blogspot. I don't care about anything else and I'm sure knowone else is bothered either.
    The non scale related focus sounds like a great idea, I think thats how I stay sane as I would have driven myself stir crazy by now if the scale was all I used to gage my sucess. (darn thing moves down so slowly)

  5. That is a good idea. My wife and I just started a diet recently. So far it is going well. Get this-it is the first diet where we have been counting calories. Who knew that I could feel full on 1800 calories! And who knew I could feel full and still lose weight!

  6. Good for you for realizing that there is more than just what the scales say!

  7. Its always good to put little goals in place to help reach your main goal!! Keep going girl your doing a fantastic job and you can do what every you put your mind to...

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM

    ooh wonderful. i think thats a grand idea making a list of things non weight related.

    one - you are a funny arse spunky woman whom i loveee!!!


    theres the start of your list.


    p.s. how many daughters do u have? :)

  9. oooooooooo i've been finding dust everywhere too hahahaha

  10. Oooo Nachos, a fave!!

    The NSV sounds like a great idea too. Such a journey eh?

    You sound very positive today:)

  11. NSV=???? Good on ya girly, im sure your'll get your goal with your positive mind frame soon

  12. oi you!! keep your eyes above the belt...
    *crosses her legs* stop checking out me nuts!

  13. Re: Hair cuts and color. I was scared of layers for years and years. I am actually surprised that I let my stylist do it. But my hair was just too heavy and wasn't holding anything I did to it. Now I wash it and it kinda bounces around -its got new life. I like the layers alot - and the red will fade quickly - but I enjoy each shade of red as it fades. :) Do let us know if you decide to make the big cut as well! :)

  14. *in deep manly voice*
    there's a lot you dont know about me LOL

  15. It is so hard. I can really relate to Terri's comment....mindless eater, emotional eater.

    You've got a good attitude. You'll get there!

  16. pizza bread does sound evil and also sort of orgasmic!!!

  17. You bloody crack me up - When I opened your blog and saw Lamb Chops there I was wondering what she was there for - now I know - YOU ATE HER!! hahahahaha - I nearly wet myself when I realised.

  18. You are quite the busy one arent you!!!
    Take care and have a gr8 week ;o)

  19. I look forward to reading your blog after stumbling over it a couple of months ago. It's so honest, refreshing and amusing. Keep it up! I actually started my own blog about 18 months ago but let it fall by the wayside.

  20. 10 can do it. :)

  21. Great job on the NSV there! Keep it up.

    Ahh yes the drop off of stuff to kids, I remember my parents doing that...."here's a bunch of your crap, get it out of the house...."


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