Thursday, July 19, 2007


WELL ... IT IS!!!

And I'm off to RPM again... hope we get a better instructor today.. no...let's be positive, we will !

I finished yesterday on a high, I managed to stay on track and went to bed happy with myself for the first time in ages. After RPM I am going to come home and get started on my new paintings... all three will be 'on the go' at the same time, such fun!

NEW RAINBOWS....where did you go???
I just had the BEST MOST FANTASTIC RPM workout !!!! It was sooo good... and now I'm getting my lunch... peas, beans, broccoli, onions and 2 low fat beef patties with gravy... YUM YUM!!!!

Tryptic Base Coat done ! Now for the fun part, tittivating .... hee hee.

LEE ANNE: I promise onions will be off the menu for my PARTY !!!

I have been working on my paintings on and off all afternoon/evening... not done much else! Feeling great, happy with food consumption today, though I did have too much at dinner.... but nothing evil went in my mouth, only healthy food.

Stew is putting the kids to bed as I type, thank god! By the end of the day I really have had enough of them.... sad old mother I am. But honestly, that Griffin is a real handful and Brylee loves winding him up, and he ends up hitting her, so I have to listen to her scream and try and work out what happened. It's usually her fault, though that doesn't mean he can hit her, but what can I do??? I am not going to stand over them 24/7 to stop them fighting. Some one save me!!!

Right, that's me for the day... got more to do on me paintings... nite nite.

STEPS FOR TODAY: 13127, not bad.


  1. OOOh that pic is creepy... rather familiar tho lol...ew.
    Good for you, you're gonna have a great day! Positive reinforcement, and if that dun work, where can you find bazookas these days???

  2. have an awesome day

  3. LOL - love the picture!! Pleased to hear you are feeling motivated once more. We can lose our mojo - but as long as it comes back!

    And my luggage isn't that big - I could have bought the next size up - I thought I was being good!

  4. arrrgh, excuse me. I don't remember being asked if I would mind you posting a pic of moir feeding little pooky. (I hadn't even fixed my morning hair,,, boo hoo)

  5. Whoo! Renewed love for the RPM AND painting, something you clearly enjoy. Sounds like a fab day to me!

  6. Sounds great! Good luck!

  7. GOOD GOING, girl!!

    And lunch sounds fabulous minus the onions.

  8. Love your cartoon today! :)Glad to hear you are doing good!

  9. You're sounding more positive today and thats great to see!! A good workout certainly improves your mood I reckon.

    Have a good weekend.:)

  10. Ummmmm ..... Chris.

    Are you planning on having heaps of onions on the 4th.

    Actually, just had an idea for a chrissie pressie.

  11. woooohoooooo!! you go girl! its great to hear you sounding so bloody pumped! makes me feel like going for a jog (almost haha)

  12. Love the picture!!!lol

    Yum lunch, I had Subway..

    Sounds like your back to the gym with a vengence!!

  13. What a hysterical picture!!

    That cat sure was getting an eyefull!

  14. Anonymous5:53 PM

    i love rpm too and i love les mills for creating rpm which means i love you because you come from the same soil as les mills hehe



    rpm queens r us!

  15. You are doing great with your trackng...WELL DONE!

    I have loads of before pics, and now all I'm waiting for is to get things finished and then I can post the before and after pics.

    The top of the garden is now cleared although as I said on my blog it does need grassing etc but I am going to get the semi after pics done today as it is now cleared and I will get them posted hopefully today just so you can see the immediate difference and then the final after pics once we have it grassed etc and hopefully the bathroom etc pics wont be too much longer, there is a major difference there also.

    Have a fab day day

    Hugs to ya

  16. Love the picture - poor kitty!

    Thanks for joining the challenge!

  17. Can't wait to see the finsihed paintings.

  18. You had me in stitches with that picture. Good to hear you were happy with your day. Thanks for the your support, blogging has opened up a whole new world. Have a great weekend.


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