Tuesday, July 31, 2007


No it bloody isn't, go back to sleep! But he didn't.... So Stew and I have been awake since then, and not too happy about it, and the kid (Griffin) has been up watching tv for ages....

Not a good start to the day me thinks... so it can only get better eh? Today: kids to school, walk with Janet and Izzy as long as it isn't raining, if it is we are going to the gym together.

Then I might just put up the Christmas tree! Hope the lights still go... I usually end up buying new ones every year cos last year's ones don't go anymore.. and just where would I buy Christmas lights in August???


  1. Hahahaha I had a good laugh when I read that Griffin cried when he seen you at school yesterday and you had to run home....too funny!!!

    Ohh a christmas tree, aren't we getting spoilt.

    4 days to go.............YAY

  2. I would suggest the warehouse for xmas lights they have everything! or maybe the $2 shop? you could try a lighting shop but i think they would be expensive.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your walk Chris...
    Hmm christmas lights in Aug....
    I have a gorgeous set that playes music and flashes in tune... goreous bells with gold bows... they drive me fkn insane!!! hahaha Kids didnt work out the music side of them til last christmas!
    Mark loves to cook... and he washed up also while I had a soak in a radox bath and studied my forklift papers... I did wipe up tho...;o)
    Have a top day chicky...
    Gonna wear my pedometer today... lets see how many steps I do...

  4. Lmao I love reading your blog, you crack me up... (yes you are a source of amusment :P )

  5. *hands chris a cup of coffee*

    Good luck with the day. I HATE those mornings that you're up that early...

  6. My oldest wakes at that time everyday... I just wanna strangle him... so we have a rule that he can shut his door and read but is not allowed out till 7.00 or we will shoot him he he he


  7. Hairdressers are rip offs!!!! the dye doesn't cost THAT much...

    And Im desprate to be one!!!!lol

    Looking forward to the photos!!

  8. Hope you get your Xmas lights working, oooh wish I could come to the party, Can I email you a photo of me to pin up so I'll be there in spirit? rofl! Then everyone can have their picture taken next to mine so I can say I've meet them!!!!

    Thanks for your support and words of encouragement also, it means a lot mate!

  9. good grief $150 sounds like Auckland prices.
    Funny thing is that I found the lady who does my hair in Auckland and when she moved to Thames I started travelling down to have it done so have been coming down for almost 3 years to her. The salon in Akl (where she worked) use to charge me $150 for a trim and colour. Now she charges $85 for the exact same thing, or $95 for foils. (its less if a person has shorter hair)
    I also don't like to pay an arm for something that I can get for less. Sounds like we are all having our hair foo fooed up this week. I'm getting mine done after work on Thursday.

  10. how can you hate the warehouse???

  11. Is this something that you "tarts" do in August? Do you honestly celebrate Christmas now? Or just to feel festive?? I love it that you guys call each other tarts by the way, makes me laugh out loud every time!

  12. Hi Chris,

    Yes I would definatly dye it yourself, my cousin has dark hair and she dyes it blonde herself and it always looks great!! Hairdressers buy the colours for around 15bucks! It's a rip thats for sure, all you can do is give it a go? Fair enough they don't last quite as long, but they are a third of the price. If you don't use one already, buy a 'purple' shampoo to stop the brassiness. (usually sold in the grey hair shampoo section!!)

    I used a loreal auburn brown colour over my blonde a few months back and my hair is still brown.

    Good luck either way:)

  13. Anonymous7:23 PM

    ok wheres your non weight related success today? that granny is evil by the way! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. The photo's coming, got to get one taken, want to look my best. lol

  15. yeah getting your hair dyed is such a rip off. I have to do mine myself at home because they kept telling me that I have thick hair and they need to use 2 batches of dye- screw that! I can do it myself with 1 dye...

  16. Come on, do what your daughter does and do it in the sink and splatter the walls with the stuff....

    You know you want to.

  17. i soooooo want to come to your party! i wonder if i started out now if i could make it in time?! lol (would there be somewhere to putmy scuba equipment as that would be my mode of transportation! lol)

  18. Deck the Halls, your big party's almost here! I see you've had another super busy weekend.

    Hair salons are charging a fortune here as well. They have a new trick though, they want cash. That way they don't have to declare the income and pay the taxes. Yet they still charge you the same rate as though they were declaring. Totally not legal but they are doing it. Plain old cut and dye (nothing fancy) $120 plus tips.

    Do hope those Christmas light work. Have a great day, keep warm.

  19. haha whats the deal w/ xmas lights in august...i have a whole box you can have if you visit texas in the US :) hope some extra coffee gets you through your early day.

  20. It's so darn expensive to get hair dyed. I turn to Loreal for help.


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