Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Above is a picture of the spare downstairs bedroom that I finished painting a couple of months ago, I only did it cos I was putting off doing the hallways! And guess what? I finished the downstairs hallways by 1.30 this afternoon, who cool is that!!! No picture cos they just look the same in a photo! But do I feel great about them.
Now I just have to gear myself up to do the upstairs hallway and plaster the stairwell and paint it too. Just decided not to plaster the entire wall, I'm going to use sandtex paint, it will cover all the imperfections and not take so long or so much money to do. Not IDEAL, but who cares? I'ts not like I'm going for a house award... ha ha

Tomorrow Stew (hubby) goes into hospital for an operation. He is having an umbilical hernia repair, and have a gauze patch put over his midline muscles, apparently they did not meet at birth, so he is in danger of his guts spilling out from under his breast bone down to his tummy button, it's already started. Yummy stuff eh? eewwwww. Then he is home for about 3 weeks recovering, hope I don't kill him! lol

Obviously I haven't been to the gym this morning, I was so geared up to do the painting. I shall probably go this evening instead.

The kids are dropping like flies again, am taking Griffin to the Dr. at 4pm, he's coughing and spluttering all day and vomitting at night... and Mike is not feeling too crash hot either... high temp, sore throat and headache. Friggin hell, hope no one else gets sick before tomorrow, I want to go to the hospital with Stew!

I spoke too soon, now Lisa's feeling ill too..... I'm going to cook dinner for them, and bugger off to the gym.

On the food front, I have been a good little vegemite, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, am having 1 sausage and some veges for dinner. (after I've been to the gym). Better go for now, lots to do.


  1. Gidday Chris. Maybe you could send him to a motel till he gets well? Better yet, leave him at home and move to a motel yourself!

  2. Hahahah love Sue's comment.

    My father goes in for a hernia (groin) on Friday and is expected to be laid up for about the same time, he lives with us in a granny flat attached to the garage and I will be running in and out of there frequently I'm guessing.

    The spare room looks awesome, aren't you clever. I must admit the first thing I thought when I seen you comment on the 'spare' room was "with all those kids, how does she have a spare room" ......LOL

    Have a great day!


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