Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain

Here is my lovely nephew cleaning the eaves... what a honey!
And I spoke too soon..... my pedometer gave a last gasp and died so it was a quick trip to Rebel Sports today to get a new one, and it does say "NOT WATERPROOF", Hmmmm, must remember that!
Today it has rained non stop, miserable weather. Took Izzy for a walk this morning in the pouring rain, it was fun! I love walking in the rain. Izzy can only walk about 2 - 2.5 kms at the moment, it will be great when she can go further.
Lunchtime, we went for a drive through the Manawatu Gorge, saw several neat waterfalls. We had lunch in Woodville, hot chips and seafood fritter, very yum! That shop should be visited if you are ever over that way, it is fantastic. (The Fish Spot).
When we got home, I felt so guilty about the chips I decided to go for another walk... in the pouring rain again. This time I did 5 kms, and when I got home I jumped in the sauna to warm up again. BLISS!
Now I am knackered! Am going to lie in my lazyboy chair and just blob out for a while. Stew is cooking again, homemade rissoles, spuds and coleslaw.... I am not having any..... I feel stuffed.
Till later.....

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